Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Future of Man and Light

In the Eyes of God, the Souls of Man of Destiny and the Lightworker are the same – equivalent in every way of design with corresponding attributes in quality, degree, and magnitude of Light, Love, and Harmony as the Creator Himself/Herself. There are only two slight differences in the two Soul types of Man of Destiny and the Lightworker. The two differences are the environment from which each is Created, raised, and nurtured into Spiritual Wisdom, and the use of individual Freewill. The Lightworker Soul was raised and nurtured in the Universe’s spectrum of distant Star Systems, Galaxies, and Nebula, while Man of Destiny Souls are nurtured within the influence of a Creator Planet and its Solar System, much like Mother Earth fulfills the role within our Solar System. The environmental factor influences the use of Freewill in both Soul types. Lightworker Souls are entirely surrounded by other Lightworker Souls within the entire Universe and God, and are nurtured in a social environment free of competition, comparison, judgment, and fear. Hence the Lightworker Soul’s learning environment teaches one that the individual Freewill procedure is a process of choosing to exclusively evolve into one’s Spiritual Purpose with God.

The learning environment of Man of Destiny Souls is subject to the conditions that a prevailing social structure believes to be the most important factors to sustain and maintain the quality and survival of the population as a whole. In these structures, it is the beliefs and influence of the social structure’s designated leadership or “cultural caretakers” to be the fundamental cultural facilitators who maintain and promote the sustainability of cultural beliefs. The largely elastic and malleable structure of cultural beliefs provides Man of Destiny Souls a limited trajectory, at best, in learning about his or her Spiritual Nature. At times, some Souls evolve into his or her Spiritual Purpose with God, largely depending upon that culture’s emphasis of pursuing one’s possible Spiritual Nature within a subcultural context over a cultural emphasis of fear and survival. The foremost issue in Man of Destiny’s evolutionary process within the Primary Dimensions is the Primary Dimensions’ emphasis – learning to Create with Love! Learning to Create with Love is not an edict to directly move one into one’s Spiritual Purpose with God but a process of learning about one’s self with Love. In the Primary Dimensions, the First through Fourth Dimensions, God is an “observing” participant and is there as an Essence of God’s full Presence Energy! You, dear Ones, are God’s physical and Spiritual representatives in the learning processes of all Man of Destiny Souls throughout the Universe!

In learning to Create with Love, the Freewill of Man of Destiny Souls allows for abnormalities and anomalies to occur in comparison to the environment in which you were raised and nurtured with God’s Eternal Presence. Man of Destiny has Freewill to choose to be with God in pursuit of Love and even the ability to choose to become “a god” to Create what he or she would declare to be his or her love through the use of power and control as an ego-driven Reptilian Soul. On May 15, 2015 a dramatic shift will begin in each and every social structure upon Mother Earth – for the Universe will begin to blend Mother Earth’s evolving Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration with the Harmony of God! The Harmony of God is the Harmony Vibration Frequency needed to sustain and support the Vibrational Frequency of God’s Presence. By blending the Harmony of God with Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration into Oneness, there will be a noticeable difference upon Mother Earth along with the response of all Souls! Though it will be more directly felt and noticed by you than Man of Destiny Souls, dear Ones, a new element in Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension Transition will be introduced!

The Energy of May 15, 2015 will mark the halfway point between April 15, 2015 and June 14, 2015 in the sequence of all Lightworker Souls to be Sanctified by God for his or her role in and after Mother Earth completes her Transition into the Fifth Dimension of the Universe. Man of Destiny Souls will also be on the threshold of a brand new way to experience the Energy of Mother Earth. This will occur on June 15, 2015 when the Future of Man and Light arrives and ACTIVATES with an enhancement for the experience of Man of Destiny Souls and Lightworker Souls together with God. The biggest enhancement will come in transforming the learning environment of Mother Earth for Man of Destiny by revamping and overhauling the entire social experience of Man and Light! The revamping and overhauling sequence will not be done by one single Man of Destiny Soul, but through the efforts of the entire Legion of Light! The sequence of transforming the entire learning environment will not occur in one night or even in one year, dear Ones, for Man of Destiny Souls will first need to utilize his or her Freewill to participate with you leading the way!

The Harmony of God and Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration will be blending and merging together from May 15, 2015 through October 8, 2015. The “blending” affect will serve like an “inoculation” of things to come for Man of Destiny Souls. Those who will respond to the “inoculation” will begin a process for preparing to become a Man of Light Soul – one who is like the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe ready to begin the sequence for Unity with God! Man of Destiny’s process will be to evolve into a Man of Light Soul and move out of the Fourth Dimension and into the Fifth Dimension with you and God! There will not be signs posted to herd all Man of Destiny Souls into the direction of the Fifth Dimension but there will be many catastrophic events demonstrating that the Fourth Dimension is collapsing and waning – for the time of learning to Create with Love without one’s Spiritual Purpose with God will be over!   

From October 9, 2015 through March 6, 2016 Man of Destiny Souls still in Mother Earth’s waning Fourth Dimension will be watching and living hell on Earth. The choice will always be open for every single Man of Destiny Soul to transition into Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension with you and God Creating a social environment free of competition, comparison, judgment, and fear. On March 7, 2016 the Harmony of God will be permanently blended within Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration, thus introducing a new experience of being in the Presence of God upon Mother Earth for you, dear Ones, and every single Man of Light Soul. By then the Man of Destiny Souls who have chosen to disregard and ignore the call to transition into Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension with you and God, will be ignored and unnoticed for that is what will happen to all Souls who declare his or her love is best used for the power and control of the masses. And this will be the Future of Man and Light – in Oneness and in Unity with God in the Fifth Dimension upon Mother Earth!