Saturday, January 3, 2015

The New Joy of Living

The Energy of January 7, 2015 will mark exactly one month, dear Ones, before you and the aggregate whole of the Legion of Light begin to serve in leadership of Mother Earth’s Transition into the Fifth Dimension. It will not come with any kind of certificate, diploma, or an “official document” showing your credentials with God. It will not even bring any type of accolades for you except from your Brothers and Sisters of Light, who will be cheering you on! Rather, you will be demonstrating the Light and Love in your Heart and Soul in Unity with God! In doing so, you will become an activator and initiator for a new phase of Life with Light and Love in Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension! 

Eventually Man of Destiny Souls will join you in the Future of Man and Light, once they have each individually activated as Man of Light Souls in Unity with God!  The long term goal for all Souls in Mother Earth’s future is to attain the “in Unity with God” status. There will be no diversion or deviation from it! Having already achieved the “in Unity with God” status, dear Ones, you will be well on your way into Creating the Future of Man and Light! Your leadership for the Fifth Dimension will be introducing a new definition for Joy of Living – Joy of Living as the highest expression of one’s Heart and Soul! You may already be accomplishing this, but rather than using purchasing power to achieve it, you will be Creating your Joy of Living! This will be an easy transition for you, as your Soul’s Chakras will be doing all the work for you!

The transition from purchasing power to Creation Power is an unavoidable process of the Fifth Dimension. Creation Power involves the work of your body’s Chakra System aligning as Energy Vortexes in unison with the Universal Energies. Your Love is the “Prime Mover” and initializing Universal Force in all your Fifth Dimension Creations. By not using Love in what you are doing, the Fifth Dimension’s properties of Creation would be no different than the Fourth Dimension. It would be as if you were in circumstances that you did not Love, such as a job or a situation you no longer Love. Simply tolerating circumstances until something or someone better comes along will not work any more for no Soul is here to learn to tolerate anything or anyone, every Soul is in the Fifth Dimension learning to Create with Love in all thoughts, ways, and actions! By doing only what you Love, dear Ones, your Chakra System will naturally align your Soul with the purity of the Fifth Dimension and move itself away from the collapsing Fourth Dimension!

The difficulty will not be for you, but for Man of Destiny Souls, who will be living as if nothing has changed and even oblivious that a New Horizon is prompting all Souls to “change with the times.” Your pathway in the New Horizon will allow you to move into Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension easily and readily, dear Ones, for the Fifth Dimension’s environment of Love is your natural state of being! By May 18, 2015 your acclimation and adaptation into the New Horizon will be complete. It will not be so for Man of Destiny Souls, as the world around him or her will be collapsing and disintegrating as if his or her home were on the bull’s eye of a hurricane or tornado. Once Man of Destiny Souls can move beyond a state of anguish, disbelief, and anger, the healing process will lead him or her into acceptance and finally, the decision to rebuild him or herself for the Fifth Dimension. This will only be accomplished by returning back to the natural core of Love within his or her Heart and Soul!

There will be many needless events triggered by Man of Destiny’s confusion. Most of these events will occur because of Man of Destiny Souls’ lack of Truth for understanding what is happening. There will be finger pointing to blame what they will reason is the cause. They will blame Lightworkers as much as each other and create unnecessary chaos, only to further deepen the intensifying quagmire of falsehoods and lies. These chaotic events will begin on February 7, 2014, dear Ones, and now you can see why your leadership will be so essential for a world moving as if it were without a rudder. These events will not hinder your path in any way, shape, or form, dear Ones, so stay in your Truth and understand that circumstances may fall in your way. So do not worry for you are being led by God the Father and Mother of ALL Things, and no harm will come to you!

The New Joy of Living, as the highest expression of one’s Heart and Soul, will be significantly assisted by a future social structure that will facilitate and expand the simplicity of Life by which all Souls will benefit. First however, you and your state of being are the priority, dear Ones. You are endowed with Spiritual Wisdom beyond this Time and Space. Your Love knows more than you can now consciously declare. So just remember that in Unity with God you will have access to the long sought after Spiritual Knowledge you may have felt denied, for it is now Time to return with God and demonstrate to Man of Destiny Souls the True meaning of Joy of Living in Unity with God once and for all!