Saturday, January 31, 2015

Growth with Light, Love and Harmony

The Qualities of Light, Love, and Harmony form ALL Things in the Universe. Without any one of the three Qualities of Light, Love, and Harmony, nothing would exist in the Universe. Light is the end-product Created by combining Love, the Creation Force of ALL Things in the Universe, with the Harmony Vibration of the Universe, the Vibrating Waves of the Force produced by the pulsations of Love derived from the Creation Source of the Universe. The Harmony Vibration of the Universe assumes responsibility for two roles in the Creation process. First, it provides the connectivity waves of “shape” and “form” in ALL Things Created. Secondly, the connectivity waves assume the dimensional properties of “shape” and “form” as the Created end-product, or what it will look like in appearance. Light is Created when Love fills the “shape” and “form” of the Harmony Vibration end-product, much like water filling an empty pitcher to make the water and the pitcher appear as one solid material form of “water in a pitcher.” Light is the combined Forces of Love and the Harmony Vibration of the Universe Vibrating as One material form in ALL Things!

Growth and Expansion with the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe occurs whenever a New Dimension is Created in the Universe. There are Eight Dimensions in the Universe now and each one has served as God’s Home and as the Creation Source of the Universe. Beginning from the “Zero Point” of “The Beginning” of the Universe through the Fourth Dimension, the main emphasis is learning to become at One with the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe. The “Zero Point” through the Fourth Dimension predominantly serve as “learning centers” for Man of Destiny type of Souls within the Star and Galaxy Systems all over the Universe. The Fifth Dimension is the implementation stage for the application of all previous lessons of Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe. Learning continues in all upper Dimensions of the Universe, but with a much higher magnitude of possibilities and with a finer connectivity “thread” of Harmony Vibration to Create with one’s Love. 

Mother Earth entered into the Fifth Dimension on October 28, 2011. She is now at a point where she will be activating the Fifth Dimension’s Harmony Vibration from February 27, 2015 through April 1, 2015. You, dear Ones, will be physically leading her through the Transition process from a Fourth Dimension Harmony Vibration into her Fifth Dimension’s Harmony Vibration. You, consciously or even unconsciously at this Time, already understand the entire process and what is to come in Mother Earth’s Transition wholeheartedly! In your Time of sleep, meditation, or just “resting,” you are growing and expanding with the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe! Your sleep, mediation, and rest are serving to reacquaint you with what you already know and understand to be the Truth of ALL Things! It is all part of the Restoration of the Light Sequence you are currently involved in!

Your own Growth and Expansion with the Universe begins within you from February 3, 2015 through June 16, 2015. And as fast as you begin to restore and validate your conscious memories with what your Heart and Soul internally know to be the Truth, you will be activated to begin the implementation of your reacquired recollections of the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe beginning on February 26, 2015. In this way you will be more than ready when Mother Earth assumes her Newness in the Universe as a fully functional and capable Creator Planet of the Fifth Dimension on May 16, 2016. In a year and a half, dear Ones, there will be no remnants of the Fourth Dimension existence except the memories of Man of Destiny Souls hanging on to a past that gave little, if any, preparation for the Light. Love, and Harmony of Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension! You are in moving into a crucial stage for Super Growth with the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe!

Your Growth with the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe will continue well beyond Mother Earth’s May 16, 2016 start date as a Creator Planet for the Fifth Dimension. You will begin to feel the Energy for your Spiritual Growth as early as February 14, 2015, if not sooner, when the signal of the Universal Energies will begin to align ALL Things for Mother Earth’s Transition into Fifth Dimension! You may not see any immediate Changes occurring around you, but you will feel the Change happening! Man of Destiny Souls will only have the opportunity to stand back and watch once February 14, 2015 arrives! For it is you, dear Ones, who are designated to lead by demonstrating and role modeling what can be achieved with the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Fifth Dimension now available upon Mother Earth!