Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Creator World

Mother Earth’s evolutionary advancement into the Fifth Dimension started on October 28, 2011. It wasn’t even a noteworthy event in which everything was turned upside down for anyone to see. In fact it was a non-event for everyone on Earth. Instead Mother Earth’s evolutionary progress into the Fifth Dimension was a quiet and subtle process that began by replacing the Harmony Vibration of the Fourth Dimension with the New Harmony Vibration of the Fifth Dimension. The process of replacing the old Harmony Vibration will be complete on December 8, 2014 when the Creator World opens for all Souls!

The Truest Essence of experiencing the Universe’s Fifth Dimension will begin upon Mother Earth on December 8, 2014 when the Creator World reveals itself from December 8, 2014 through March 5, 2015. An ancient skill and experience will begin to open up to you once more, dear Ones – Creation from your Heart and Soul! You will not experience any major difficulties through the process of regaining your ancient skills except maybe in shaking off the residue of man’s systems that has tainted even the best of us. For Man of Destiny Souls it will be a Time of watching, learning, and listening!

Man of Destiny Souls for the most part will not listen or even pay attention during the process of the Creator World’s evolution. Rather they will become increasingly panicky in seeing how things will not function in any predictable manner anymore! The Creator World, dear Ones, will usher in a New Era upon Mother Earth, one that will signal for all Souls to begin the process of becoming Co-Creators in Unity with God and the Universe! What Man of Destiny Souls, and even some Lightworker Souls at first, will not understand is how the New Harmony Vibration of the Fifth Dimension is distinguished from the Fourth Dimension’s Harmony. The chief difference and quality between the two is like night and day – the durability of the Harmony Vibration of the Fifth Dimension is designed to be Eternal like all the Harmony Vibrations of the upper Dimensions of the Universe, unlike the malleability of the Harmony designed for the learning stages of the lower Dimensions.

Mother Earth’s Creator World will mark the end of Man of Destiny Soul’s learning stage and signal for all Souls to begin the practical implementation of Love in all ways. In every deliberation of thought, being, and acting, the Fifth Dimension requires Love as one’s initial motivation. Without Love in every thought, way of being, or action, everything that worked before in the Fourth Dimension will be seemingly impossible. This will be an emphatic lesson for Man of Destiny as he or she learns in the next few years by trial and error about the workings of the Fifth Dimension, as he or she accomplishes one wonderful deed of Love then stumbles and falls with another thought or action without Love. The teaching role and demonstrating will become your role, dear Ones, not by direct involvement with Man Of Destiny Souls but by simply exemplifying and demonstrating the requirements of the Fifth Dimension.

In the long run, there will be many upon many Social Changes that will be needed to introduce the functionality of the Fifth Dimension’s Harmony Vibration to everyone. Man of Destiny will not be an able participant and for the most part take two more years to really “get with it.” The biggest boost from the initial Energy will come in two distinct periods. The first will come at the end of December 2014 while the second will occur in April 2015. The end of December 2014 period will remove all unwilling Man of Destiny Souls from any position of influence and prominence. Thus limiting whatever power and authority they may have to undermine Mother Earth’s Harmony Vibration at work. The second period will nullify all uncooperative institutions that may remain by the Man of Destiny Souls in confusion about which direction Mother Earth is dictating to all Souls upon her. It will still take about two more years to generate such a task of Light, Love, and Harmony that the aggregate whole of the Legion of Light can bring into being!  

You with the aggregate whole of the Legion of Light, dear Ones, will become the initiators and demonstrators of the Fifth Dimension and what is needed to amplify the primary understandings of Man of Destiny about Mother Earth’s Creator World! Between December 8, 2014 and February 7, 2015 your leadership in this role will begin to fully manifest as you begin to grow and expand in Unity with God and the Universe! There will be nothing to fear and no one to stand and block you, except for you yourself! In Unity with God and the Universe, your assistance in Mother Earth’s Transformation will result in the full experience of the Fifth Dimension for all Souls. If you have any doubt or disbelief right now, it will easily dissipate and vanish once you begin Creating with Love, for you are already thoroughly in tune with the Harmony of the Fifth Dimension!