Thursday, December 18, 2014

Onward into 2015!

On December 8, 2014 a New Harmony Vibration began upon Mother Earth, one that is designed to enhance the functionality of Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension. There are many incompatible ideas, concepts, and attitudes remaining from the Fourth Dimension that will no longer serve anyone, especially Man of Destiny Souls. In order to continue in the Fifth Dimension’s learning process Man of Destiny Souls will be given the choice to progress into his or her next stage of evolution: to become a part of Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension or not. This choice for Man of Destiny Souls will endure from December 27 to December 29, 2014 and thereafter, will never be offered again on Mother Earth!

In choosing to progress into the functionality of Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension, Man of Destiny Souls will be in a process of learning and evolving to become Man of Light Souls. It is the natural course of evolution from learning about the Power of Love in the Fourth and lower Dimensions of the Universe to evolving and actually applying the Power of Love to Create your Joy in Living in the Fifth Dimension. There will be many Man of Destiny Souls making stagnant progress, one step forward two steps back for quite a while but the important thing is that they are willingly to learn to be a part of Mother Earth’s evolution. Some will even take a while just to understand what is even happening upon Mother Earth at this Time!

There will be those Man of Destiny Souls who for a long time chose to ignore his or her Spiritual Nature. These Man of Destiny Souls are better known as the Reptilian Souls for the primary usage of his or her survival and instinctual portion of his or her brain’s core stem. In Truth, ignoring one’s Spiritual Nature is allowed in the learning stages of the lower dimensions of the Universe but not in the Fifth Dimension of the Universe or above. The Man of Destiny Souls who ignore his or her Spiritual Nature, the Reptilian Souls, will face a real dilemma during the decision dates of December 27 through December 29, 2014. If he or she decides to remain in Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension it will mean an about face in the physical reality he or she has ever known. The same can also be said about most other Man of Destiny Souls but there is a difference. The difference is that the Man of Destiny Souls who internally want to progress and become Man of Light Souls will also want to know God, not be god!

The Reptilian Souls will also face a second dilemma: the Harmony Vibration of Mother Earth’s Fourth Dimension will begin returning to its Source beginning on December 29, 2014. Already lacking the Spiritual Knowledge to thrive in the Fifth Dimension the Reptilian Souls will try to hang on to the world he or she knows to control and manipulate for his or her advantage! All accumulated “assets” gained for self-aggrandizement and ego through greed, manipulation, and control will begin to collapse and disintegrate like sand castles on a dry and windy day at the beach. The Reptilian Souls will not have a clue what is happening and will cause a Great Panic throughout the economic world by springtime 2015. 

With little, if any, understanding in Mother Earth’s direction, the Reptilian Souls’ economic debacle will actually be doing Mother Earth a favor. It will bring conclusion to the manipulated purchasing power that has forced many Souls away from his or her Spiritual Purpose and into a quagmire of “lost souls.” Very few will see the economic situation as a ‘favor” but Mother Earth is on a schedule with the Universe and will not stop her agenda waiting as if she were a lifeboat looking for stray passengers amidst the oceans. There will be many more Changes to come but once the stage of economic enslavement concludes, a new beginning for all Souls upon Mother Earth will begin! See the closure of manipulated purchasing power to be around June 2015 when Man of Destiny Souls will begin seeking his or her direction towards Truly becoming a Co-Creator in Unity with God!

The forthcoming economic debacle will only indirectly affect you, dear Ones, for you will be Creating with the Universe! Additionally, this will not end the usage of the world’s currencies for making purchases, as Man of Destiny Souls will not be ready! Rather it will be the end of a manipulated economic system serving to benefit a few Reptilian Souls. To ensure that justice and fairness become the standard rule rather than an anomaly upon Mother Earth, dear Ones, you along with the Legion of Light will be maneuvering into the place of Mother Earth’s stewardship very shortly. Your Power of Love in Unity with God will be assisting to introduce a New Reality and experience for all future Souls to come upon Earth! On June 15, 2015 God’s Sanctification for what you have come to do will be upon you, as you become a standing member of the most powerful nation upon Mother Earth, the Legion of Light!