Thursday, June 12, 2014

The New Reality

For every Universal endeavor or event, a Freewill choice process is made available for all Souls directly involved within its parameters to either consciously choose to move forward with the Energy, consciously choose to move away from the Energy, or not decide and thereby ignore the choice altogether. The Freewill process is a Universal Law that allows all Souls to learn, process, and expand his or her Spiritual Awareness at the speed of his or her own choice. There is only one event that can block the entire course of action in Freewill and that is a Universal Absolute that discontinues all decisions. This occurs whenever an event such as our current Dimensional Shift from the Fourth Dimension to the Fifth Dimension occurs.

In common religious terminology the term Dimension can be defined as “heaven.” There are now eight Dimensions within the Universe and each has at one time served as “the “Home of God.” The Eighth Dimension is now the “Home of God.” All previous seven Dimensions are now “Learning Stations” so that all Souls may learn to become like God the Father and Mother of ALL Things in all ways by experiencing and expanding with Expressions of Love. When the Energy of July 12 through August 6, 2014 arrives so will the final Freewill choices for all Souls to either consciously choose to move forward with Energy of the New Reality or not. In this particular situation, dear Ones, there will not be an option to “ignore the choice altogether.” The reason is that after August 6, 2014 the New Reality will begin its revealing!

The revealing of the New Reality will begin with the Energy of August 18, 2014. During the Freewill process from July 12 through August 6, 2014 every Soul will be given the opportunity to participate or not. The effect will not be immediate as the Souls who will consciously choose to say “No” or ignore the Choices will be given until December 28, 2014 to decide one last time. Hence as you can see, dear Ones, there will be the utmost Chaos and Confusion ever imaginable on Mother Earth beginning on August 18, 2014 for a period of two and a half years. It will not directly affect you, dear Ones, just those who base Love upon his or her worth on the security of man’s currencies. Security in the New Reality is premised on God Source and offers God’s Currency of Love to handle all matters for it is the Way of the Fifth Dimension!

The adjustment for most Souls from August 18, 2014 through March 27, 2017 will cause many to confront his or her worst fears immediately via “Instant Karma.” In doing so, they will also be in the process of learning “by experiencing and expanding with Expressions of Love.” There is no way to move into the Fifth Dimension with halfway measures, for Expressions of Love are more than just words of hope and encouragement – Expressions of Love are the Way of the New Reality! For Lightworker Souls, this Time period will be a preparation period for the role of his or her Soul. It will not be much longer until February 7, 2014 when the True Call of your Heart and Soul will place you into the position you were long designed for – leadership for the Age of Light, Love, and Harmony with God!

You may not understand this right now as situations and circumstances may not be in place for you just yet. But take into consideration that we are now at the end of Man of Destiny’s era to lead him or herself into the Fifth Dimension and what it truly means – Creating with Expressions of Love with all thoughts, deeds, and motivations. Man of Destiny Souls have been given charge for more than 10,000 years and as anyone can attest, it has not been a very successful endeavor. The New Era of Light, Love, and Harmony with God begins on August 18, 2014 and once the Freewill process is complete so will the True Call of your Heart and Soul be ready to begin!