Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Catalyst

There is a saying that states, “the more things change, the more they stay the same.” Meaning that despite the appearance of change, real change does not become entrenched into the social structure long enough to produce longevity and endurance, but for only a generational time span at best. The historical validity of this saying can be verified throughout history and seems to be revealing a historical Truth from what we know about the ways things work. When the second week of April 2014 arrives, dear Ones, you will becoming more aware that many unexplainable news related events are occurring. The difference between past events and these “new events” however is that there will be a new set of standards operating to allow the Eternal Energy of the Universe to facilitate the entry of the World of Light, Love, and Harmony upon Mother Earth!

The Universe – the World of Light, Love, and Harmony is a place of Eternal Growth and Eternal Expansion. In our immediate stage of the process, Mother Earth and the entire Milky Way Galaxy will be Unifying into the domain of the Universe for the next three years. The last stage of the Unification Process upon Earth occurred on December 16, 2013 when Man of Destiny Souls assumed the evolutionary responsibility to evolve into a Being of Light and Love to become Caretakers of Mother Earth. The only way that this responsibility will ever occur for Man of Destiny Souls will be to choose to learn the Ways of the Universe, and it will not be an easy task to achieve. Given the credibility that “the more things change, the more they stay the same,” the more Man of Destiny’s standard response will be from fear, doubt and skepticism. This is not for you to worry about, dear Ones, but only for you to become aware with what will be happening around you!

Change is a process of Growth and Expansion and is a byproduct of the Universal Dynamics of Light, Love, and Harmony. Mother Earth’s current stage of Growth and Expansion with the Universe will no longer support opposition or resistance to the Change and Transformation that will come. At this stage it will be the collective whole of inexperienced Man of Destiny Souls who will be resisting the Universe’s Eternal qualities of Change, for Man of Destiny’s resistance and opposition is from inexperience with a place where All Things Eternally Grow and Expand with Light, Love, and Harmony! Man of Destiny’s introduction to Creating with Light, Love and Harmony of the Universe will come from you, dear Ones, for all the Legion of Light is currently waiting for is the Voice of God to say, “IT IS TIME TO BEGIN!”

The Catalyst, as this Time will be called, will be seen and felt by Man of Destiny Souls as the Time of Judgment, but this is far from being the Truth! There is no Judgment taking place rather it will be a Time when the Standards of the Universe require the reciprocation of God’s Love in order to contribute as a Co-Creator with the Eternal Growth and Expansion of the Universe with God! This is the only way the Eternal Process of Growth and Expansion of the Universe can ever even occur, with every Soul contributing and spreading Light, Love, and Harmony TOGETHER! You will understand everything when the Time of the Catalyst arrives, dear Ones, for your entire plan is within your Heart and Soul!

When the Energy of The Catalyst arrives on April 16, 2014, dear Ones, and from that date onward, you will no longer be in a place of questioning what you are to do or where you should be! For it will be Time for you and the aggregate whole of the Legion of Light to fasten your seat belts for the long anticipated Liftoff! You can already feel the anticipation and it will not be for much longer. So for now, Be in the place of your Heart and Soul to let your Love flow into your process of Creating with the Universe once more! Change, as you know, is an Eternal process of Growth and Expansion and is a byproduct of the Universal Dynamics of Light, Love, and Harmony with you, so just be yourself!