Sunday, November 17, 2013


From December 5, 2013 onward you will know that everything occurring is Real in every sense of the meaning you can derive in the term “New Horizon,” dear Ones! There are three reasons in this Truth. First you are a Co-Creator in Unity with God and beginning to demonstrate this detail to yourself. Second your Soul is, in effect, in the process of revealing your Eternal Self of the Universe! The third event that will demonstrate that you are in the “New Horizon” will be the Activation of the aggregate whole of the Legion of Light into the New Millennium on December 19, 2013! This will be an entirely separate event from the March 4, 2014 date of Activation for every Soul, as you will become among the first Souls to align into the Energy of the New Millennium!

This will not directly change anything for Man of Destiny Souls but it will for you! For Man of Destiny Souls collectively decided that they were not “ready” to make the evolutionary shift to align his or her Spiritual Pathway in Unity with God! Needless to say the days from December 5, 2013 through December 18, 2013 will be paramount to your own Spiritual Destiny. This will not mean that you must do something differently out of concern for Man of Destiny Souls, rather, it will be the Time to seek your own alignment into the Energy of the New Millennium Activation. This Energy will be emitting a much higher vibratory frequency than has been normally experienced upon Mother Earth, and for two days, December 8 and 9, 2013, this High Frequency Energy will be available to allow those who are prepared like you, dear Ones, to receive and begin to engage within it!

You may be asking why such a change of plan would occur. The answer is simply that you and all of your previous experience with the Universe will serve you well in assisting Mother Earth into the New Horizon through your acclimation into the places of leadership and prominence on Earth! The original plan was to have Man and Light come together as a cooperative unit within the New Millennium Activation on March 4, 2014, but this is not to be. The plan now will see you witness your brothers and sisters of the Light emerge from his or her hidden places of anonymity and seclusion. For you will no longer be in wait, dear Ones, your Time of Arrival will begin on December 19, 2013!

Previous dates during the past twenty years have suggested the possibility of beginning the New Millennium prior to March 4, 2014, but they have come and passed away. It was the Collective Consciousness and all that Man of Destiny Souls collectively believe to be the Truth that stymied these previous dates of probability. If you were to look at a brief history of the past twenty years you would see the pattern of how the Collective Consciousness comes to accept a new idea and moves to implement it. Looking at the idea of today’s “smartphones,” you will see that some twenty years ago the personal computer was introduced to bring acceptance to the idea that you can do more from your home with access to the new information provided by the internet. Ten years ago the idea of social connectivity through a phone line and email introduced everyone to websites like AOL, My Space, and Facebook. Today you have access to the entire knowledge bank of the world with a smartphone in your pocket or purse.

In much the same way that people make decisions about the latest social trends to decide if they will participate or not, so will the New Millennium Activation bring every Soul to decide whether to act or not. But it will not take twenty years to realize what will be occurring for Man of Destiny. See these decisions to take only two years for the majority of Man of Destiny Souls to decide to begin his or her participation! This will largely come through you, dear Ones, for as you begin the process of penetrating the Collective Consciousness through the osmosis effect of what you can do with the Light and Love in your Heart and Soul, so will the recognition of Light and Love. Thus, it will be your efforts and activities of inspiration with Light and Love that will lead to Man of Destiny’s acceptance into what is Real in the New Horizon!

While the New Millennium Activation on December 19, 2013 will be occurring for the aggregate whole of the Legion of Light, Man of Destiny Souls will also have his or her own day of celebration. This will come on December 16, 2013 when the evolutionary step to assume the responsibility of evolving into a being of Light and Love will begin! And in this way will Man of Destiny Souls become ones to inherit Mother Earth as Caretakers for the sacred body of Mother Earth and not destroy her through the misuse of the ancient skill of Creating with Light and Love! You are in the place of leadership now, dear Ones!