Sunday, November 10, 2013

Consciousness of the Universe

We have all had the experience of being at the right place at the right time at least once in our Life – where everything seemed to go better than planned or maybe even beyond our wildest expectations. This “coincidence” is not a perchance meeting of time and place, but an experience of Harmony! Harmony – where all things around you are in a state of Oneness – is the experience of the Universe and beginning on December 5, 2013, dear Ones, you will begin to find the “coincidence” of an internal and external experience – being at the right place at right time – occurring more frequently and consistently than ever before! The reason is that your Lightworker Soul has already met all preliminary and prerequisite conditions for Harmonizing with the Universe beforehand and is once again ready to do so!

The Universal Energies of December 2013 will begin slowly until December 5, 2013 arrives. Then the internal signal to begin in earnestness will be easily ascertained, verified, and enacted upon by the aggregate whole of the Legion of Light! For Man of Destiny Souls it will be much like he or she were attempting to run a marathon race without the practice or proper training for the strength, endurance, or stamina required for such a race. Some will begin to prosper with the Consciousness of the Universe while others will develop the determination and fortitude to begin to understand the New Consciousness! There will also be a third group of Man of Destiny Souls that will falter and stumble never to get up again! These Souls will choose to nullify the value of Spiritual Knowledge and thereby remain as basic Souls, deciding that there is no need to advance his or her Spiritual Self into the Higher Vibration of the New Millennium! In fact, no one will even notice they are gone!

By Harmonizing with the Consciousness of the Universe, dear Ones, you will find that there will be many wonderful Changes occurring. For you it will be an especially easy transition becoming your Eternal Self once more, the Soul you are with the Universe! Your Eternal Self will serve as a great asset for you as you begin to lead, role model, and demonstrate how the Consciousness of the Universe functions, just by being yourself! Letting completely go of all the current collective consciousness standards will be a task for some Souls for the economy of man’s currencies will still persist for three more years! But for those who come to understand the meaning of the dictum “The Freedom to Create!” there will be much Spiritual Prosperity through Joy and Happiness!

Many Lightworker Souls have been in a state of readiness or preparation for the past twenty years. But because social beliefs and conditions were not yet ready for your ultimate work of Light and Love, dear Ones, you managed to do well in learning to cope in your Time of Preparation. External conditions upon Earth will finally arrive to reveal the superstructure of the New Millennium on December 19, 2013. This will not be the fully developed version that will activate on March 4, 2014 when every single Soul will be participating in the Consciousness of the Universe, but will mark your final activation point with the New Millennium Energy! December 19, 2013 will also serve to introduce the Power and Emergence of the Legion of Light to the world!

Look forward, dear Ones, for your Time within the Consciousness of the Universe with God is right around the corner! No longer will you need to be idling in a Time of Preparation as what you have come to do will be here at last! But first there will be the need to reacquaint yourself with the experience of Harmony – where all things around you are in a state of Oneness – so that your movement with the New Millennium Energy of December 19, 2013 for you will be a place without need or want! For in your Oneness with God and the Universe ALL Things that ever was, is, and will be, are in YOU!