Sunday, September 15, 2013

Wherever You May Be

Wherever you may be on October 14, 2013, dear Ones, you will begin to notice the newness of an unspoiled and pristine Energy that is now readily available. The Energy will be concentrated while also being multileveled. Concentrated in order to do and accomplish all things of the Soul and multilayered to extend your reach into the Universe’s vast material resources for all of your Creative Endeavors! This will be an unprecedented stage in Mother Earth’s Evolution for every Soul upon Mother Earth, in fact, the entire Universe, will either be in Unity with God or in the process of becoming unified in Unity with God! This will not leave much room for wanton thinking or wishing. Rather it will be as if every Soul in the Universe were participating as an instrument of Harmony and resonating with the tune of his or her Soul in Harmony with the unified vibration of the entire Universe!

There will be many Man of Destiny Souls whose Heart and Soul will “sing” off key and out of synchronicity with the Harmony of the Universe. Some will withdraw into silence due to the collateral interference he or she may cause in the future endeavors of the Soul. For you, dear Ones, your innate attunement with the Universe and being in Unity with God will greatly assist you during this Time of Fear for the masses! Man of Destiny Souls will look upon the occurring events as the Apocalypse, and it is so! However, it is not the end but the beginning of God the Father and Mother of ALL Things moving ALL Things forward to fulfill His/Her Promise to make all things new!

The newness of All Things in the Universe will be surprising for everyone in one way or another. For all things not secured with a Foundation of Love during this Time of Fear will simply begin to fade away and diminish in importance for they will be useless for attaining Growth and Expansion of the Soul! The surprise for all Souls already knowing and understanding with a Foundation of Love will find rapid growth and expansion with the Universe through the Empowerment of Creation! Thus contributing to the growth and expansion with the Universe upon Mother Earth! For the many who will be out of synchronicity with the Harmony of the Universe, this Time period will be for learning and understanding how to establish a Foundation of Love in order to become Co-Creators in Unity with God from October 14, 2013 until the last available day during this phase, February 7, 2014.

The Energy of October 14, 2013 will also coincide with the initiating Energy for the Ordaining of the Heart’s Expression. The Heart’s Expression is a bestowed status upon one who has become a Creator of the Heart, one who’s Heart Chakra has attained Multileveled Empowerment of Creating with the Universe through his or her Pure Heart of Love! The Ordaining of the Heart’s Expression will complete on November 6, 2013 and will introduce the world to a new level of Creators upon Mother Earth. There will not be many ready for this status yet but there will be many who will follow to become Creators of the Heart as they work to process the Changes that the Newness of ALL Things in the Universe brings forward!

In initiating what will be termed as the Apocalypse, many will be looking at the infrastructure of all that they have come to know falling apart and thus, bringing fear. But as you will come to see, dear Ones, it is not the end but the beginning of the fulfillment of God’s Seven Promises in the Book of Revelation (Chapter 21, verses 1 – 5). Hold these Promises near to you and know that Joy in Living for everyone will become a Reality in the New Horizon that began on August 23, 2013! Wherever you are on October 14, 2013 you will realize that Love is all you need!