Sunday, September 29, 2013

Just Imagination!

Using your imagination is one of the simplest things you can do. It does not matter what state of Mind you are in or even what emotional mood you may be in, it just happens whenever you choose to proceed into its domain. And like the Universe, your imagination attaches no moral judgment or reasoning whatsoever, it just happens as if on demand to bring you whatever you would like to experience. There is unconditional rationale for this, dear Ones, and it is simply that your imagination is as Unlimited as the Universe for like the Universe, your imagination is the source from which all experiences you wish to Create with Love emerge through you in the Fifth Dimension!

The way of connecting your imagination with the Universe is through your Third Eye Chakra. The Third Eye Chakra is one of the Seven member Chakra system that serves to expand your conscious awareness into the higher dimensions from your Heart and Soul to the Universe. In the process of expanding your conscious awareness with the Universe, dear Ones, you will also be enhancing your Creative abilities to the highest level possible and thus maximizing your Creative Skills when the Time of the New Millennium activates on March 4, 2014. Beginning with the Energy of October 29, 2013 you will find that your Love and imagination will become the greatest assets you will have as everyone designated as a Co-Creator in Unity with God will be increasing in conscious awareness with God and the Universe!

There will be an increase of activity all over the Universe due to the growth and expansion of the Universe that began on February 2, 2013 when the Eighth Dimension was Created by God the Father and Mother of ALL Things! Mother Earth will not be immune from the movement of the growth and expansion. For you, dear Ones, it will be a Time of returning to your dominion of the Universe with God! For Man of Destiny Souls, who have never experienced the intensity of Love with God and the Universe unlike you, it will be an exasperating experience for him or her! Man of Destiny will begin the process of learning what being in Unity with God and the Universe is all about with the Energy of October 29, 2013 when imagination and intuition through the Third Eye Chakra will be a new and unknown experience for most Man of Destiny Souls.

Man of Destiny will initially respond with an intense fear due to the opening of his or her Third Eye Chakra but as Time progresses they will be renewed with faith and trust in God through the Legion of Light’s leadership on a worldwide scale! Man of Destiny’s renewed faith and trust in God will also serve to initiate and activate the opportunity he or she will all have to Unify with God from January 23 through February 7, 2014! Some Man of Destiny Souls already understand the Seven member Chakra system, most do not. But in order to become a Co-Creator in Unity with God one will need to bring ALL SEVEN Chakras to full function in order to Create with the Universe!

In the days to come, dear Ones, many Lightworker Souls will be in the process of reacquiring his or her own Universal Creator Skills. It will not be easy for every Soul, as it will require the development of one’s imagination, intuition, and the application of one’s Love to accomplish this task. In some cases the inspiration that will come through the opening of one’s Third Eye Chakra will lead to multilevel Creating with God and the Universe. In these cases it will not come from being dearer in proximity with God, for there is no such thing, but from the release of all that no longer serves anyone living with Truth and Love in the Fifth Dimension! In this way, dear Ones, you will lead by example with all the Light, Love, and Brotherhood you are truly capable of exhibiting for the New Millennium that Activates on March 4, 2014!