Sunday, August 4, 2013

The New Horizon

Beginning on August 23, 2013 there will be a weekly series of opportunities to utilize our gift of Freewill. This period of Time will continue through October 17, 2013 and will initially fall on every Friday and Saturday through September 14, 2013 (August 23 – 24, August 30 – 31, September 6 – 7, and September 13 – 14, 2013). At each of these two day intervals the opportunity to progress one more step closer into the full manifestation of the New Reality as Co-Creators in Unity with God will activate the New Horizon within you! The New Horizon will begin upon Mother Earth on August 23, 2013 and as each of these choices develops, so will the realization that the Truth of the New Horizon upon Earth has begun!

On August 20, 2013, when the entire process of Energy Movement completes to usher in the Great Transformation, we will be as if we were to have a “blank canvas” awaiting us to turn into a masterpiece of Life, full of Love and full of Joy! When the first opportunity to use our Freewill in the New Horizon appears on August 23, 2013, you will be able to turn the ideas and visions of where and what you have been wanting to do, dear Ones, from Emanations of Love into full manifestations upon the “canvas” of your New Reality! As each of these particular weekend’s succeeding opportunities occur, you will see the vivid details of your ideas and visions gaining in clarity and precision to what you have been longing for in your Heart and Soul, for you will be mastering the Art of Creation with Love!

Love is the Primary Force in the Universe. It is given freely, openly, and generously throughout the Universe and does not decline or diminish in strength or Force for Love Creates ALL Things! Through your choice of participating in the New Horizon you will be given ample opportunities to expand and grow in a State of Light, Love, and Brotherhood! And with your immersion into a State of Light, Love, and Brotherhood you, dear Ones, will also begin to sample the opportunity of Unlimitedness! Suffice it to say you will not even notice that you are one to be “ahead of the curve” for you will be in the natural State of Unlimitedness that will be coming to the forefront with the Energy of January 14, 2014! For this will be when the Path of Unlimitedness comes forward in order for you to become an “Image of God!”

Freewill choices will make the difference in the days to come! Many think that Freewill is given to do anything one will choose to do, irrelevant of consequences to self or others. This will not be the case in the New Horizon that appears on August 23, 2013. The opportunities that are available at each sequence from August 23 through October 17, 2013 are designed to gain “traction” into the New Horizon in Unity with God! The precedent that this extended series of choices will eventually do is to segregate those who willingly will be with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things in the New Horizon from those whose thoughts and ways remain in third dimensional ideation! There will only be one Freewill opportunity in the sequence from August 23 through October 17, 2013 that will not apply for those already committed to progressing as a Co-Creator in Unity with God, and that one will come on September 26 – 27, 2013.

The opportunity to avail itself on September 26 – 27, 2013 will bring the activation of becoming a Spiritual Being in all ways! You already understand this Truth, dear Ones, so it is not for you to belabor upon this! For the opportunities from August 23 through September 17, 2013 will have already demonstrated who and what you already are – a Spiritual Being of Light, Love, and Brotherhood! For the multitude of others, these two days will serve as the decision day as the Day of Recommitment with God! The remaining opportunities from October 3 through October 17, 2013 will be to make individual choices by Freewill to remain in the Fifth Dimension or not, for there will not be any resemblance to the Third Dimension by thought, deed, or action from this Time forward! Instead, it will be Time to progress and expand into the Fifth Dimension God in ALL Things!

The premise for our use of Freewill has been to choose to learn with God or not to learn with God. This is by design to learn through the World of Dimensions, where each unique Dimension is designed to advance the opportunity to evolve through learning, experiencing, and deciding one’s own pathway towards becoming and forming their Hearts and Souls into the “Image of God!” It is not an easy pathway by any means, as all you will have to recall is the “fallen ones” to understand and remember the density that the Third Dimension carries! But this will not be the case for you, dear Ones, for you will have already chosen to be in a place of Love and Security with God once more beginning on August 23, 2013!