Sunday, August 18, 2013

Growth of Spiritual Nature

The month of September 2013 will begin as one that will have everyone in a state of disharmony. It will not come from any major Earth changes or even an interruption in one’s daily routine or habits, for everything that you count upon to “appear” as normal will be just that, no change in your physical environment or change in the way that “time” appears to make your daily routine seem to “flow.” Instead, the inner feeling of being “satisfied” or that everything “is as it should be,” will be replaced with a sense of disharmony as your Intuitive Self will be letting you know that your experiences are no longer living up to your “standards.” This feeling of insufficiency will not be remedied as in the past, such as “spicing up” one’s wardrobe or a relationship, remodeling the home, or even making a new nonessential purchase without worry. The reason that everyone will be feeling a sense of disharmony will be that the Energy of the New Horizon will be prevailing upon Mother Earth!

From September 2, 2013 through September 16, 2013 the sense of “disharmony” will become the new “normal” until each Soul has discovered the Truth of the New Horizon! This will not affect everyone in the same way, for there will be some in more disharmony than others but it will all depend upon one’s priorities! The main priority as it always has been, is, and always will be, is to serve God the Father and Mother of ALL Things and be one of a Pure Heart! For you, dear Ones, that God is not the main priority of your Life will not be an issue but what will be, is releasing man’s systems from ALL ways of your being! In the past your Service to Light and Love had you become indoctrinated with man’s world to assist the evolution of Man of Destiny Souls, for there was no other way to learn about their issues and problems without learning “first hand” in an incognito role with them in your Pathway of Service. But now is the Time to revert in all ways to the World of Light, Love, and Brotherhood!

Many Lightworker Souls lost their way in doing their Pathways of Service for God and became heavy-hearted, fearful, and even became like Man of Destiny, forgetting all Ways of Light and negating his or her dedication to God! When the New Horizon arrives on August 23, 2013, your service for God, dear Ones, will no longer be one to assist Man of Destiny Souls who are unwilling to learn the Ways of God! For Man of Destiny Souls will be one responsible to learn and demonstrate the Ways of God for him or herself! For in being self-responsible, Man of Destiny Souls will learn to evolve and grow with God in Spiritual Nature. Thus, demonstrating that his or her Heart and Soul will be in the process of rededicating his or her Soul to God when the opportunity of Man of Destiny’s Rededication to God arrives with the Energy of September 26, 2013! This Time comes quickly and so will the results of this decision!

As you can intuit, dear Ones, the immediate past will no longer serve your role with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things for you are a major part of the Universe’s growth and expansion! No longer will you serve in a place of negativity and self-interest, for you will be one to simply be yourself to demonstrate and role model the ways of Light, Love and Brotherhood to a world starved for learning! Once that the Energy of October 5, 2013 arrives there will be NO RESISTANCE from Man of Destiny Souls, for they will be ones to finally begin to seek growth and expansion with the Universe! There will still be some resistance, but not from fear of being with God, but from fear of the unknown!

In attaining Growth to understand one’s Spiritual Nature, Man of Destiny Souls will be taking his or her biggest step yet in the process of Evolving to become one’s of Light, Love, and Brotherhood in all ways of his or her being! In the process of attaining this major steppingstone with God and the Universe, dear Ones, your release from Pathways of Service for God to assist in Man of Destiny’s evolution through incognito roles will be over! For you are one to assist in the process of ushering in the understanding that there is no higher or lower in the New Horizon, only the Oneness and Harmony that Unity with God brings with everything in the Universe!