Saturday, July 27, 2013

Nonexistent Duality

What is Real and what is “real” depends upon one’s Life experience. The “real,” on one hand, can be measured, quantified, and experienced through the physical senses of seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling. This is the everyday physical world we experience in life and count upon to provide our bodily needs and expectations. The Real, on the other hand, is Life experienced through the seven Chakras, where our capacity to Create through the Heart Chakra exists. The result of these two contrasting experiences produces what is commonly termed as “dualism.” That is, we draw experiences from both worlds from time to time but rarely together. For the vast majority of human beings on Earth the tendency is to attract the common experience of the “real” from the Third Dimension. We are now in the Fifth Dimension, however, and the only experience available is that of the Real.

Experiencing the Real is not a process of eliminating the physical senses or even “dropping out” of society to sit upon a mountaintop. Rather the Real produces growth and expansion with the Universe to Create with Love. Love is the main conduit in and of the Universe. And with our own capacity to give and receive Love, we begin to initiate our Co-Creator status with the Universe and God! Beginning on August 18, 2013 we will be called upon to Create growth and expansion in the Real, for this is the only way our experiences of Spiritual growth and expansion will work with the Fifth Dimension. Many do not understand like you, dear Ones, for they follow the old adage, “out of sight is out of mind,” not realizing that the Creator World is an evolutionary steppingstone for using the vortex centers of our bodies, the Chakras, to “upgrade” our primary physical senses in our Spiritual Pathways with the Universe!

The evolutionary steppingstone we are about to enter began on May 9, 2013. It finally completes on August 20, 2013 where every detail large and small will be realized and will send the internal signal to all who have prepared that it will be Time to enter into a New Reality! From August 20, 2013 until February 11, 2016 the world of Man and Light will appear much like runners preparing for a race on a staggered starting line. The distance to the “finish line” is the same, but the difference in appearance stems from the amount of Spiritual Experience one has in using one’s “upgraded” senses of the Chakras to Create rather than depending upon the physical senses to produce one’s Joy in Living. And as many have well experienced, dear Ones, the physical senses can easily deceive and distort everyone’s perceptions and insights to the Truth!

There will not be any movement or progress into the fullness of the Fifth Dimension until one decides to begin to understand the difference between the learning stage of the Third Dimension and the application stage of the Fifth Dimension. Many will remain at the “starting blocks” not knowing what to do or even knowing what to expect. But this is where you will step in, dear Ones, demonstrating and role modeling what Creating with Love is all about! And as you evolve and progress into the fullness of the Fifth Dimension, so will you also bring in Light and Love into the awareness of the Collective Consciousness!

To understand the Real is beginning to understand the Universe! For much like you, the Universe is a body in motion towards achieving growth and expansion. By redirecting our attention and focusing into the Real we will not only be transitioning with the Universe but also beginning to Create by reciprocating Love with the Universe and bringing an end to the misperception of duality! For there is no duality, only the Harmony of the Universe and the Oneness that exists in ALL Things!