Friday, June 14, 2013

Expanding with the Universe

The Universe is a series of Energy Stations that serve to transmit and receive Emanations of Love through the Universe’s Energy Grid of Stars. This functions to expand and bring constant growth throughout the Universe in an infinitely expanding process. Similarly our Solar System functions in the same manner but rather than the Stars transmitting and receiving Emanations of Love, the process is accomplished through our Sun, Moon, and planets. Our Sun is also the transmitter and receiver of Emanations of Love within the Universe’s Energy Grid of Stars. The human body is likewise a replication of the Universe in that it is designed to transmit and receive Emanations of Love through the Heart Chakra, much like our Sun’s role with the Universe, for Creation is a process of expanding and growing with Love throughout the Universe!

Until February 2, 2013 our Solar System was not enjoined with the Universe. Instead it was in dimensional evolution to bring Man of Destiny Souls into preparation for working with the Universe’s vast Energy Grid of Stars, where everything is Created with Love. And as the month of July 2013 begins so will the Test of Love begin to see how much Man of Destiny Souls have prepared in their transition to work with the Universe! From July 2, 2013 through August 3, 2013 the Test of Love will endure to allow only the essence and qualities of Love to manifest within Mother Earth and its place in the Universe!

For those like you, dear Ones, the Test of Love will not hinder, obstruct, or even delay your movement with the Universe as you Create with the Harmony and Rhythm of the Universe once more! Choices during the first week of July 2013 will function to bring you closer and closer yet to realizing that you are a Co-Creator in Unity with God! And when the Energy of July 16, 2013 through August 10, 2013 rolls around, you will find yourself more than ready to Create with the momentum of the Universe! This Time period, as you will see, will also serve as the separation of Souls into three categories: 1) those who will lead and role model Creating with Love, 2) those here to learn and understand how to Create with Love, and 3) those learning to release fear in order to begin to understand the inherent quality that Love provides in the Universe!

The last category will have the most to learn during this three year time period for fear is not part of the Universe for fear is a contradictory vibration to the Vibration of Love! By recognizing and understanding this Truth, one will begin to realize that he or she is a Spiritual Being rather than a physical being of unfulfilled needs and wants. Further, by dispelling fear and moving into the Vibration of Love, one’s quest to activate as a Co-Creator in Unity with God can finally begin! For the only way in which one will be able to work with the Universe and in Unity with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things is with Love and Harmony that only Spirit can bring!

Love and Harmony in ALL Things that you bring into your Life from these days forward will serve to Empower you as a Creator for as the days of July 2013 progress through October 2013, you will begin to see to the delight of your Soul, dear Ones, the Creations that your own Emanations of Love have produced! The Time of Expanded Creation will begin on July 16, 2013 through August 10, 2013 when the Energy Grid upon Earth will be filled with all that the Energy Grid of the Stars has to offer! You, dear Ones, will only have to contemplate about what brings you Joy and then allow Love to lead you into the vast wealth of the Universe!