Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Beginning!

Since May 9, 1992, the Universal Energies have been preparing Mother Earth and our Milky Way Galaxy for their entry into the Fifth Dimension. Likewise all Souls upon Mother Earth were also being called upon to prepare for the forthcoming Great Transition. This resulted in many Souls beginning to Awaken in response to this Energy’s influence all around the world. On February 14, 2013, the Universal Energies will be signaling that the Beginning for all Souls to cross the threshold into the New Millennium will be here! Ready or not, every Soul will either be in the process of Awakening or jumping directly into the New Reality!

For some it will be as if Time were standing still in their efforts to Create and it is so! For Truthfully Time is a Spiritual Movement towards advancing the Soul in learning the Way of Spiritual Purpose! Time measured this way, rather than counting intervals of days and nights to measure the movement of the Sun and the Moon, is the Movement of the Soul to Create with the Energy that the Sun, Moon, and planets provide. The Time that we will now begin, dear Lightworker, will bring great advancements and the long term comprehension required for understanding what being a Co-Creator in Unity with God is all about!

In the mean time, dear Lightworker, you will have much to do and little to prepare as the internal signal that you will begin feeling from God Source will lead you to where you will need to be. These places of the Heart and Soul will take you wherever Truth and Justice will resonate within the masses as they become restless beyond the point of toleration with the “business as usual” corporations and governments! The cause will not only address the issues of world hunger, poverty, and destitute conditions but also promote the causes of the Soul – Peace, Love, and Brotherhood, in the name of Joy in Living. And with the Co-Creator in Unity with God factor uniting everyone, nothing will be impossible!

On February 22, 2013 motion will begin by decree of the Universal Energies that the Movement of Truth, Justice, and Freedom will Begin! Small at first, then worldwide and led by you, dear Lightworker, with the Legion of Light! Unlike the worldwide Occupy movements, where some were helpful when their jobs did not need them, everyone will begin to understand the system that controls all things is the origin of deceit, injustice, and slavery! By March 16, 2013 the momentum of the Movement will mark the Turning Point! For those within the system that controls will know that this is cause for their own concern

Debt forgiveness, through legal instruments such as the NESARA law, will become more than an internet rumor as banks and governments condoning control and manipulation of the system will find that they will have no choice for they are ones to be “standing still” in Time and unable to Create in the Fifth Dimension! For you, dear Lightworker, and those that you will lead as Co-Creators in Unity with God, will be bringing forth God’s Presence in all that you will say and do! Do not allow these things that come before you bring you fear, for you are in the Presence of God the Father and Mother of ALL Things! The World to Come is no longer a state of the future but is here at last as the Beginning of everyone’s Joy in Living comes forward!