Friday, December 7, 2012

Activating with God Source Part 2

The New Millennium began on December 3, 2012. The next stage in the process to bring about the New Millennium’s core premise of Peace on Earth will begin on January 14, 2013. The Energy of January 14, 2013 through February 4, 2013 will begin activating the process of Unity with God so that those like you, dear Lightworker, become empowered with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things as a Co-Creator upon our Mother Earth! But before the Unity with God process begins there will be an initial period of time dedicated to learning what will be needed for Unity with God.

Learning for Unity with God begins from January 1, 2013 through January 10, 2013. There will be no ritual process or even a formalized ceremony to acknowledge that you are Unified with God. But there is the requirement to fulfill your Heart and Soul’s Pathway on Earth. “What is my Pathway on Earth,” you may ask? It is intrinsically aligned with your Heart and Soul and is what brings Joy and Happiness into your Heart with what you Love. Many will continue looking outside of him or herself, but even through a process of negation, “This is not it,” “This does not make me happy,” they will still be led to where they will eventually need to be.

Learning for Unity with God is an internal process and cannot be discovered outside of one’s self. And as you will notice at the beginning of January 2013, dear Lightworker, many circumstances and opportunities will make themselves available to bring the internal process of Learning for Unity. The access channel for Learning for Unity is through God Source, which is the direct Universal communication source that forms between one’s Heart and Soul and the Universe to express God’s Love and Joy through the Soul. Once one has gained trust and credibility with God Source experience, opportunities in ones Life will serve to direct one into becoming Empowered through God the Father and Mother of ALL Things!

There will be two days during the first week of January 2013 in which the opportunity to gain great experience with God Source will become available, January 2 and 3, 2013. In the next two following days, January 4 and 5, 2013, the Activation process towards Unity with God will begin for those ready with God Source! As you can tell, dear Lightworker, the entire process is through the Internal Self and experienced alone by reciprocating God’s Love. And with the supporting cast of your fellow members of the Legion of Light, there will much to do and accomplish with your part in leading Mother Earth’s Transition into the New Millennium!

Though this stage of the New Millennium’s process may sound quite intimidating, this will be the last sequential step towards activating your Co-Creator role with God, dear Lighworker. Co-Creating with God will not only involve placing Love for your Heart and Soul’s purpose to Create your Pathway of Service but also, aligning yourself with God Source for direction. What this will do for you, dear Lightworker, will be to allow you to “Harmonize” with God to bring you direct instruction from God pertaining to your Service of Light!

This will not be a time of fear but a time of High Spirits and Rejoicing for those who are aware and know the Truth about what will be occurring! And it will all begin when everyone begins to learn and experience Unity with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things! God Source will serve to lead you where you will need to be and with whom you will need to connect but it all begins with you, dear Lightworker, Activating with God Source to become who you truly are – God’s representative on Mother Earth!