Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Reset Part 2

What will externally feel like a very slow moving merry-go-round during the final week of August 2012 will actually be the Energy providing the impetus for everyone to reexamine his or her Life for the days to come. The most common questions will be “How can I improve my assets?” “What can I do to improve stability in my life?” “How can I get a better paying job?” Few however, will actually address his or her internal drive to be Joyful and Happy in all that they will do. As much of a dilemma as this will sound to you, dear Lightworker, it will be the most common issue within Man of Destiny and even some Lightworker Souls, until they finally realize and understand that his or her internal world Creates the external world!

The Time of Reset that began on August 18, 2012 will be the driving force to bring everyone, Man of Destiny and Lightworker, to begin a reexamination process in order to become Joyful and Happy within his or her Life. And in doing so, everyone will be shifting even further away from the current economy’s driving force – the psychological need to purchase and replace commodities that sustain the profit driven economy – and shift to a more utilitarian and practical lifestyle that will eventually extenuate his or her Joy and Happiness!

Living in Joy and Happiness will only come with internal self examination and will eventually bring everyone to touch with God Source! At this point of time, dear Lightworker, it will just be a goodness to allow everyone to begin his or her Journey of Discovery in a way that is the path of least resistance. While this may sound uneventful, consider that the Time of Reset will be a time for rediscovering and gaining Spiritual Experience with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things! In the meantime, dear Lightworker, you will be witnessing a strengthening of your Project of Light in the New Horizon!

In due time there will be many to be initiated through Spiritual Experience in the New Horizon. Some will be more eager than others but when the Energy of August 28, 2012 arrives, dear Lightworker, you will begin to notice the ease with which you will bring and Create whatever you will need to bring your own Joy and Happiness! On August 31, 2012 you will become endowed with the Power of God to become His/Her Co-Creator once more! It will be with the Energy of October 2012 that you, dear Lightworker, and all who will accompany God the Father and Mother of ALL Things that Co-Creator status will be Ordained upon everyone! You, dear Lightworker, will just happen to be the first of many because you already know and understand the World of Spiritual Experience!

These last days of August 2012 will also coincide with the long awaited “Time of Disclosure”! Love and Truth work hand in hand and one without the other will only bring disillusion, mistrust and compromise of standards as you have witnessed in previous years. Now with the Energy of August 29, 2012 the “Time of Disclosure” will begin. Many of your fellow members of the Legion of Light, dear Lightworker, will be in positions of “trust” amongst those who will not be participating in the World to Come and will reveal the Truth of what they know! Others with the power to bring justice will do so with the revealing of Truth! Do not let fear to enter your Heart, dear Lightworker, rather know and understand that the Time of the Separation of Souls has begun! For now Mother Earth begins turning toward becoming the Abode of Peace and Harmony for New Millennium!