Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Purpose of Joy

The Energy of September 2012 will be both magnificent and awe inspiring dear Lightworker, as it is designed for only one purpose – the Purpose of Joy! Though many among Man of Destiny Souls will only “see” the Energy as a hindrance to their daily routine, they will slowly come to recognize that “something” is different.  That different “something” in these days is the actual Presence of God the Father and Mother of ALL Things upon Mother Earth! Even if this may still be difficult to fathom, God’s Presence will become apparent with each passing day through the end of 2012. For some it will take even longer comprehend!

As the month of September 2012 begins there will still be “something” else to get used to. Instead of thinking that “I need security and the assets of Man to survive because it gives me more choices in my life,” begin to ask, “What do I need to do to bring Joy and Security with God into my Life?” By shifting from an external perspective to an internally driven one everyone will begin his or her own Joy in Living! There will still be many not ready to begin their own sense of Joy in their life yet!

For this reason, dear Lightworker, some of you will already be role modeling this New Perspective as rapidly as you have already embraced your Heart and advanced Soul into your Life! By September 9, 2012 everyone, Man of Destiny and Lightworker Souls, will be involved in Creating his or her Joy of Living by either internally learning or externally experiencing it! This will begin with a process of enjoining with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things in Unity! The Unity Process will be made with several sequential choices that will bring entry for everyone into a New World of Experience!

Internalizing with your Heart will not be anything new to you, dear Lightworker, but words at times seem meaningless in describing the Unity Process with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things. But as you know, dear Lightworker, it only takes a Triad of elements to bring everything into line with the concept of Unity, and these are Love, Spirit, and Truth. These three elements provide the impetus to cause motion, movement that progresses into the Spiritual Experience of Creating! And the only place that Creating will occur is through the internalizing process of your Heart and Soul meeting with God Source! The sequential choice to enter this New World of Experience will be available for four days, September 5, 6, 7, and 8, 2012!

Desire of the Heart is seen as a whimsical and futile activity in a world where physical essentials require attention to evade hunger and pain to survive. But in the Spiritual Experience of the New Millennium Creating with the Triad of Love, Spirit, and Truth will be the way to progress and become a Co-Creator with God! There will be no other way to experience this Truth except by applying and expanding your knowledge base to Create as everyone was designed to do in the New Millennium! Internalizing with your Heart will be the only way to progress and experience it!

Whatever serves you now, dear Lightworker, will be like training wheels on a child’s bicycle, honor it, and let it go! So let the reason that the Time of Reset, that will begin on August 18, 2012, introduce a New Paradigm for the New Millennium become you – to Create for the Purpose of Joy! Once you yourself, dear Lightworker, have reacquired your capacity to Create with the Triad of Love, Spirit and Truth, you will easily and more readily progress with your Project of Light introducing everyone around you to the concept that we are all Spiritual Beings in physical bodies motivated by more than the fear of experiencing hunger and pain. Instead look now to your Purpose of Joy as the motivator for your Joy in Living!