Thursday, March 29, 2012

Open to Change

If there will be one thing to concentrate upon in the month of April 2012 it will be this, dear Lightworker, – bring into your Heart the Joy you need and release it into the Universe by April 17, 2012! For this is the way the Universal Energies will acknowledge your Heart’s request! But if you hold it too long, dear Lightworker, you will find that you will have to wait until the following year to resubmit your request for Joy. The main reason, dear Lightworker, is that the month of April 2012 will give you the momentum of the Universal Energies’ thrust for what will come later in this year!

April 2012 will begin with the Opportunity for everyone, Man of Destiny and Light, to learn and gain deeper understanding than their conscious mind has previously been allowed to probe. This will function to give everyone extra insight into the perplexing issues that hinder their Joy of Living. Do not let this become a burden, dear Lightworker, for you are already on your way to gaining Joy by simply staying in tune with your Heart, but it will be up to you to teach those to come, how the incredible Power of Creation functions within the Love Chamber of the Heart!

When many only function “to do as they are told,” they simply look outward in Creating their needs and wants. But when they shall begin to gain insight from within their Hearts for the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium, rapid Changes will begin to occur! This will be the Change that will serve to distinguish the Evolving Lightworker of the Fifth Dimension from the Man of Destiny who will be waiting for his turn to serve in the Light and Love of God! Never be fearful for your expansion and development for the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium have long been in waiting and now is the time!

Seldom does an opportunity for so much growth appear on the horizon, so take advantage of the inspiration from your Heart and Soul by April 3, 2012! The gateway that will open on April 3, 2012 will allow you to propel with the Energy of Immunity, as if you, dear Lightworker, could not be deterred or misdirected with any hindrance, obstruction, or barrier, and it is so! All Projects of Light will be readied by April 18, 2012, therefore, so will you be, dear Lightworker! May 15, 2012 will show you to be entirely ready and in place for the inevitable Change on the Horizon!

The Horizon that will begin at the end of April 2012 and into the latter days of June 2012 will reinforce your work and diligence! Many have worked to undo and limit your effectiveness in bringing your Project of Light to manifestation in the past, but do not subside in your efforts to illuminate the World with your Light and Love to lead the world from darkness! Allow those who do not understand to learn and know for themselves that the World is different now! April 2012 will be the key manifestation point for initiating all Lightworker activity!

When May 15, 2012 arrives upon our doorstep, many will realize that their efforts to continue their lives as if everything were still the same, will be for naught, while you, dear Lightworker will be very much prepared and ready! Being Open to Change for the better and allowing those who will come to you later learn to apply the new standards of living upon Mother Earth – the Spiritual Standards of Living to Create a world with Love, Peace, and Harmony, will be a goodness! Expect it for we are now in the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium!