Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Progress Begins in the Heart

The Renewal of the Universal Energies will begin on February 16, 2012 and will function to provide this year’s theme of Progress Begins in the Heart! Many will say that that this is true in fairy tales and for those who have time outside of the “real world.” However, think about this and all of the possibilities that will emerge from this one thought: If you have time to worry, fret, and agonize yourself about the past, present, and even your future, then you do have time to explore and find out what your Heart and Soul asks for you to do for your Joy in Living! You, dear Lightworker, already understand this thought in your own Heart and Soul but think about the vast majority of Humanity who do not even comprehend where everything is Created – within the Heart and Soul!

The Heart and Soul and its capabilities, in this year of Renewal, will be the key to expanding with growth and success for the Fifth Dimension! For it is Love in the Fifth Dimension that will release its many possibilities with the power and potential to Transform the lives of the vast majority of Humanity, who are still in darkness! The Movement of Enlightment begins with you, dear Lightworker! So do not feel overwhelmed or inundated with details, for you, dear Lightworker, are designed to teach, lead, and heal in these days of the Great Transformation as Your Source of Power is the Source of ALL POWER and that One is God!

The Energy after the Day of Renewal will rapidly quicken in pace compared to the previous three months where now, it will be time to place into context the meaning of this year’s theme – Progress Begins in the Heart! The vast majority of Humanity will remain asleep and focused upon the ever-increasing Chaos and Confusion! Do not let this upset you but rather, read and watch the media reports, if you need to, as if you were reading or watching a great drama unfolding, for this is so! This Process of Change will be the way of learning and understanding for those who do not, that the World belongs to GOD!

During the first week of the Day of Rnewal there will be ample Opportunity to expand into your Heart’s Pathway by simply applying the only quality necessary, LOVE! In the days to come there will be NO ONE doing anything that they do not Love to do, such as taking job for the need of survival that is not out of Love! This will not be right away but within the next three years when the Great Transformation completes! Let go of what is not necessary in your Life and surround yourself with like-minded company and you will quickly find that you will increasingly be meeting and greeting other Lightworkers, who like you, dear Lightworker, are ready to serve within the Legion of Light Brotherhood and contribute their gifts and talents into the Great Transformation!

In the next three months there will remain a vast majority of Humanity unprepared to open their Hearts and Souls to listen to what brings them into their Pathway of Joy in Living for the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium. Sadly this is True but you, dear Lightworkers, will be the ones to lead the way with the multifaceted understanding and gifts you possess to assist the process of ushering in God’s Promise of Joy in Living for everyone. From February’s Day of Renewal until mid-March 2012 the process of readying everyone with all of the required elements and qualities to Begin Progress in the Heart will complete! And all that will be required will be to simply add your Love!

From early March through the beginning of April 2012 there will be many to witness what they would have not thought possible in their lives as the Universal Energies will be setting into motion the needed Societal Changes that will allow everyone to Create their Pathway for their Joy in Living! Many will panic and let fear stop them on their tracks, not even noticing that they will finally be FREE to pursue the Dream of their Heart and Soul! From the end of April until the last week of June 2012, dear Lightworker, the background work will be completed and the Great Transformation will be underway! Have Heart and remain steady to the course of your Pathway, dear Lightworker, we are almost there!