Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Millennium’s Presence

On January 15, 2012 the Universal Energies will begin blending and directing all of its forces into Creating the New Millennium’s Presence upon Mother Earth! It will not be an instantaneous production, as most people would think. Rather it will be a gradual process that will take three more years to complete! This will be how long it will take to shift, transform, and integrate all of our Hearts and Souls into the Fifth Dimension Vibration!

The Transformation has already begun in our world and will continue to do so through the next three years. Do not fear, Brothers and Sisters of the Light, just know that whatever actions appear as unloving and without reason will actually become a blessing as those who will not align their Hearts and Souls into the New Millennium shall bring about their own lessons of Love. For now the time of turning Mother Earth into the Abode of Peace and Harmony will require our attention to understand the need to Transform our Vibrations for Life in the Fifth Dimension!

You who will be reading this article, Brothers and Sisters of the Light, already understand that Love exists outside of the Earth Plane. This will be an introduction to Man of Destiny so that he or she will learn to expand and advance into the Fifth Dimension with Love also! The Energies of January 15, 2012 will begin the Opportunity to choose whether or not to raise your Vibration in order to continue evolving with Mother Earth. It will also increase your capacity to learn and understand that Love will be the Foundation of everything we will think and do in the New Millennium. In due time this choice will advance everyone to experience an Unlimited Destiny that will defy all current understandings and standards that only seem to exist in a dream state!

Following this choice there will be the need to begin to gather together to form the Brotherhood of Man as a unit of Man and Light! This will be the beginning of the process of assisting everyone towards God’s Promise of Joy in Living for everyone! Do not let “obstacles” hinder your Path of Light during this three year movement for the only obstacle will be fear or indecision! Your own Path of Light is Destined to be fulfilled as you have been tested and found True to the Call of Light!

January 15, 2012 will be the second critical point in moving into the direction of Creating the New Millennium’s Presence upon Mother Earth! The first was on November 1, 2011 three days after we entered into the Fifth Dimension on October 28, 2011 with Mother Earth and our Milky Way Galaxy. November 1, 2011 opened the Doorway into our present state of Creating the New Millennium. Do not loose Heart but remain calm throughout the duration of these next three years! There will be great fear and panic among those who do not understand or who will resist moving into the New Millennium!

In the days to come, see the time period from January 15 to February 6, 2012 as one in which the Hearts of Man and Light will be weighed and measured for their quantity and quality of Love. It will be as if they were a camel about to pass through “the eye of a needle” for most, as the period of preparation is over! Those who will be ready to Live in the Energy of the New Millennium’s Presence will progress with their Heart and Soul’s Joy in Living while those who will not, will regress into a place of learning about Love! Fear not for all have been given ample time to learn, process, and understand!

This will be the beginning of the New Millennium’s Presence and those who have been willing and preparing for these days will see the Ever Present Light of the Universe begin to shine and lead them into Joy! Do not seek into the past for it is no longer there! Instead seek the world within your Heart and Soul – your Inner Self and find the way of Truth, Love, Joy and Brotherhood that lead to the REAL TRUE SECURITY upon Earth in the Fifth Dimension!