Monday, January 30, 2012

Come Together

The Energy of February 2012 will continue revealing the New Millennium’s Presence upon Mother Earth as what shall not be in a State of Lovingness will begin to topple and eventually collapse! All that will be needed from you, dear Lightworker, is to encourage those around you with Light and Love, for the time to Come Together into the Brotherhood of Man will be upon us soon. The Brotherhood of Man will serve to usher in the conditions by which there will be a state of Sharing and Cooperating so that everyone will benefit in their Life’s Path of Joy in Living!

February 2012’s Energy will begin like a gentle rainfall as the status quo of “conditions of conflict” continues throughout the Earth. Unlike other times many are aware that Change is eminent and True to their Hearts, it is so! Choices will now need to be made according to the Law of Love, where there are just three conditions: Love one another; make no judgment; and acknowledge that God is Everything! Ponder upon this Truth within your Heart and Soul and you will begin to Create your Heart and Soul’s Expression of Love!

Timing will be critical as there is within the Powers of the Universal Energies the revealing of the New Millennium’s Presence upon Earth. The significance is that there will be a need to seek in earnestness, your Pathway of Joy even though conditions will not appear that they are ready. This will be where you, dear Lightworker, will begin to Create the Change! Teach the children of God to Love and Live under the Prevailing Light of God on a daily basis. This will initiate the Movement to Create the foundation in which everyone will prosper and become Light and Love once more!

On February 4, 2012 there will be a noticeable difference in the quality of the Energy as God’s Presence will be felt upon Mother Earth! This will necessitate an elevation of your understanding on what measures will need to be taken before the Universal Energies align to renew themselves on February 16, 2012. This time period will be a time of stillness for reinvigorating yourself, dear Lightworker! For the beginning of the end and the beginning of the beginning will need to count upon you, to be ready and able to maximize your Powers of Light and Love with the emergence of the New Millennium’s Presence!

Whatever extra time you can make between these two dates, February 4 to February 16, 2012, to mediate, sleep, and speak directly with your Higher Self, do so, for this will assist you in preparing for the days to come! For when the Universal Energies realign once more, things will progress rapidly and without your need to worry about your Pathway in the New Millennium! In these days to come the most important thing will be to do your own realignment with the New Energy. And in doing so you will serve the needs of the Movement so that others may, in their own way, turn to God for their own guidance!

The Brotherhood of Man will Come Together and align to ensure that egalitarian measures will be the standard rather than an exception in Man’s divisive way for competing in a “rigged” race! This has served no one and one need only look at the way of commerce and politics. The leaders become the ones with one hand already in the bank! You, dear Lightworker, will be initiating the Movement into which there will be no one seeking to marginalize another’s process of evolving in his or her Soul’s work! Recall the three conditions in the Law of Love! If there is a better Soul than yours to initiate God’s Plan, dear Lightworker, it would be God doing it all instead of you!

Look forward to the days that come but remain True to your Heart and Soul’s direction and there you will find, your share of Spiritual Prosperity through your own Joy in Living! Share this Promise with everyone you know! Teach the Law of Love so that they too will be capable in sharing the goodness that is the Promise of God’s Plan for Joy in Living for everyone! It will not be an overnight event as everything will need to develop through the sequence of Time and Energy – the Movement of the Soul – to become God’s Light and Love once more!