Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Acclimation

The Season of God began on August 18, 2011 and will complete on November 16, 2011. Among the Changes The Season of God has ushered in is our Entry into the Fifth Dimension and the Thousand Years of Peace! The Legion of Light will lead the way and merge with their skills and talents to begin implementing the New Horizon in which everyone upon Mother Earth will live with Truth, Love, and Joy. Though it may still appear that Man of Destiny has not budged from maintaining as “normal” a life as he had in the previous dimension, he will soon wake up and realize that the Standards of the Fifth Dimension are not the same as before!

The Thousand Years of Peace began on November 1, 2011. It initiated the Time of Acclimation in which everyone is anticipated to align himself or herself with the New Energy of the Fifth Dimension and all that they will need to Create for their Joy in Living. Many will not be ready to immediately align themselves, not because they do not want to participate, but because of previous conditioning where the only option to Create was by Creating “purchasing power.” Purchasing power is only a small fraction of our inherent ability in becoming a Co – Creator with God! No longer think in terms of enduring for your needs but instead, believe in your ability to Create with your Heart and Soul!

We are presently in a Dimension where everything functions within the Laws of Love. When Love is not present in our activities and does not bring us Joy, our activities will become like an anchor upon our Energy and exhaust us. The process of rejuvenation comes when we engage in activities that we do with Love and give us emotional Contentment and Joy! Keep this in mind on November 9, 2011 as the Universal Energies will assist us in learning, understanding, and growing with the New Standards of the New Horizon! There will be three concepts to consider as they will all develop in importance in the days to come, 1) Brotherhood Consciousness to learn about Sharing and Cooperating, 2) Becoming Love to Create your Joy in Living, and 3) Becoming a Co – Creator as your Destiny with God!

Many politicians and governmental experts and leaders will be baffled by their efforts of “putting Humpty Dumpty back together again” as they cannot understand that their efforts to fix the controlled markets of the economy will only hinder our progress in the Fifth Dimension. On November 10, 2011 the Energies will begin expanding our need to understand the new concept of Security in the New Millennium and that will be by Unifying with God Consciousness! God Consciousness is the principle that “All Things are in God for God is All Things.” When we keep this in mind and accept that “We are in God and are God,” we will know that our future will not be contingent upon the fate of a broken egg!

We are currently in the Fifth Dimension – the Dimension of Love! God’s Presence is all around us but when we choose to enter into a state of fear God will not be present with us because we are ignoring the Truth that Love is all around us! It is up to us to choose which way we will turn. On November 11, 2011 we will become more in need of disengaging from our concepts of the past and expanding into the New Horizon. There is still much to learn and understand but as long as you will seek your Joy in Living with Love you will not fail in anything! Love was, is, and will be the Key to aligning with your Heart and Soul – your Inner Self!

There will be many who have been ignoring the Signs of the Heavens, but on November 12, 2011 there will be no way to claim ignorance any longer! The issue of Joy in Living and the lack thereof in most people’s lives will come to the forefront as Humanity will be given the choice to develop into their Destiny as a Co –Creator with God or not! This choice will only be available until November 30, 2011 and will be a life turning decision for many as they will ponder upon learning to trust their Heart and Soul and detach from their past conditioning. Bear in mind that everyone’s Inner Self will be prompting him or her “to listen” as external environmental conditions will motivate everyone to thoroughly examine their lives!

There will be much to rectify and reorganize in order to bring conditions back to the place where Humanity will become a Co – Creator with God once more! The time to celebrate will come later but the Energies of November 13, 2011 will produce a Doorway in the Heavens to allow those choosing early to explore the New Way of Life upon Earth! To know and understand that Humanity is capable of Creating will be the Foundation that everyone will need to accept and Acclimate into. For now let the past dissipate and become the past so that Love and Joy will lead you into your Spiritual Prosperity!

Many will find that growth and learning in the Fifth Dimension will come with a heavy toll upon their emotional states while others will find themselves at ease in progressing through the Doorway of Spiritual Prosperity! On November 14, 2011 the Universal Energies will bring stability into the alignments of the emerging infrastructure of the Thousand Years of Peace. Look for any obstacles not premised upon the Energy of Love of the New Millennium to begin falling away and becoming like dust in a storm! Do not seek the past for that is not where you will be heading!

The Legion of Light will begin to see their Pathways of Light gain momentum as the Season of God will almost be complete on November 15, 2011. They will have much to do and much to say about the direction in which all things will be for God Himself will lead them! This day’s Energy will also begin a celebratory mood for those who will listen to their Inner Self and seek the Promise of God’s Joy in Living! Seek to learn for the Energies will provide your Heart and Soul guidance in all you will need to know if only you will listen!

The initial stages to remove what has hindered and become an obstacle in the movement into the Great Transformation have been loosened from their foundation with the Energies of November 16, 2011. There will still be one more great obstacle to consider in the next several years and that will come from those who will carry their past with them into the Fifth Dimension. Some will learn vicariously when they come to understand what Changed while others will learn with the teachings of the Legion of Light on how to process with what Changed!  Change does not come in an instantaneous transformation but is a gradual one that moves with Time as Movement of the Soul!

The Season of God will complete on November 16, 2011. The next Season of Creation is the Season of Rest, which is designed to seek rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation with joyful company. This Season of Rest will not be restful for everyone, as there will still be many more Changes to implement before the New Year will begin. Look to the beginning of December 2011 for the New Foundation of the New Millennium to be ushered into place. By January 2012 the Legion of Light will begin an unprecedented movement all around the world to bring the Joy in Living into its proper placement for living in the Fifth Dimension! Look forward and become your Destiny as a Co – Creator with God!