Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Acclimation Part 3

The Acclimation Period of the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium began on November 1, 2011 and will complete on December 2, 2011. Everyone upon Mother Earth is in the Fifth Dimension but some are still experiencing their lives with Fourth Dimension expectations. This will no longer be the case as the Universal Energies prepare to replace the Forth Dimension’s mindset with the Fifth Dimension’s New Standards and expectations! This operation will greatly diminish and eventually extract the influence of the old thought patterns in the Fifth Dimension! The time to learn to process with the Energy of Love is now!

The time period for replacing Fourth Dimension expectations with the Fifth Dimension’s New Standards and expectations will be three and a half years. No one will be able to interfere or stop God’s Promise of Joy in Living for everyone! Mother Earth has made many great adjustments and will also not allow interference from anyone as the Legion of Light will emerge as leaders, teachers, and healers of the Heart and Soul in order to complete the Plan of God’s Promise!

On November 24, 2011, Thanksgiving Day in the United States, the Universal Energies will place into motion a secondary wave of Love Energy to increase learning and understanding about the times we live in. There will be nothing to fear for Love will bring into motion the need for everyone to begin progressing towards the Brotherhood Destiny required for living in the Fifth Dimension. Sharing and Cooperating will be the way of Life, not only on Thanksgiving Day 2011, but everyday in the Fifth Dimension!

The secondary wave of Love Energy will also introduce a new precedent for Life in the Fifth Dimension as the Energy of November 25, 2011 will now require that we communicate with the Energy of Love for the express purpose of our Progress! Progress in the Fifth Dimension will depend upon our Hearts and Souls to function within the parameters of their True operation and that is as Expressions of Love! This is the Law of Expansion in the Universe for without Love everything would cease to exist and now it will be time for Humanity to expand their own Foundation for growth and learning!

Some days are quiet and inspiring. Others are stimulating and encouraging. November 26, 2011 will begin several days in which the Energy will be well used for contemplating about the current stage of your expansion into the Fifth Dimension. The Acclimation Period will continue for only six more days when it will be time to integrate your Love and Self Knowledge into your Joy in Living! The Acclimation Period will also transform our roles upon Mother Earth into becoming her Caretakers and not her “owners”!

On November 27, 2011 the Energy will remain in a quiet and inspiring mood. Use this day’s Energy to continue contemplating upon your role as Mother Earth’s Caretaker. Mother Earth’s role in our solar system will expand with her additional Energy of Love. And with the addition o our contributions as Caretaker’s, the affect will be exponential for everyone involved! The Legion of Light will be in preparation for the most unprecedented plan to be unfolded upon Mother Earth on December 2, 2011. Stay focused upon what you Love and what brings you Joy for these will be the key components to bring Freedom into all parts of the world!

The Universal Energies of November 28, 2011 will begin to concentrate and focus upon Mother Earth’s expanding foundation for the New Millennium. She will shake and rumble upon the surfaces of North and South America as her surface makes way for her core of Love Energy to expand outward and into her atmosphere! Let there be no fear for the Way of Love does not impede upon anyone who will reciprocate Mother Earth’s Love with Love in their own Heart and Joy in Living as the intent and purpose of their lives! Look forward with Lovingness for these days will be filled with fear from those who do not understand and also from those who will unwisely choose to forego upon their role as Mother Earth’s Caretaker!

There will come relief from the daily Chaos and Confusion upon the Earth when everyone will know in their Hearts and Souls how to become Love and how to express themselves with Brotherhood and Joy! On November 29, 2011 the Universal Energies will bring us to measure our Hearts and Souls with the scales of Love and Joy. Where there is contentment within your Heart and Soul there will be progress made in terms of Spiritual Prosperity. But when it seems that there is no understanding and little time to learn where the Fifth Dimension will be taking you, stop, and listen within for there will be the place of the Kingdom of God!

The final stages in preparation of the Legion of Light’s unprecedented Plan to fulfill God’s Promise of Joy in Living for everyone will be completed on November 30, 2011. There will be no more waiting and no more thinking what to do about it. It will catch those who will remain uncommitted to acknowledge the Source of ALL THINGS in the Universe and compel them to Share and Cooperate or to lose everything that they “claim” to hold so that they may learn to become a Caretaker of Mother Earth! Spiritual Prosperity will be the New Way of Life in the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium! Let those who will be ready bear witness that the Promise of God will be fulfilled within their Hearts and Souls!

The Energy of November 1, 2011 ushered in the Thousand Years of Peace. Those who perceive that the Fifth Dimension does not appear as they had hoped for will be pleasantly surprised by what will begin in December 2011. The unprecedented Plan to exterminate the massive Chaos and Confusion upon Mother Earth will be initiated by the Legion of Light! Many will begin to see the increase of Light and Love in the world as was promised it would be like in “Heaven.” The masses will still be unsure about which way to proceed, that is, until they will finally understand that Freedom is in the Heart and Soul of all who come to know that Love and Joy are the keys to Freedom!