Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Acclimation Part 2

We are currently in the Acclimation Period of the Fifth Dimension and the New Millennium that began on November 1, 2011. Many still do not understand that there are New Standards already in place! These Standards include the need to develop the following qualities into our daily lives: 1) Brotherhood Consciousness to learn about Sharing and Cooperating, 2) Becoming Love to Create our Joy in Living, and 3) Becoming a Co – Creator as our Destiny with God! Without even one of these Standards as a daily practice we will remain confused and baffled in the direction our lives will take in the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium!

The Acclimation Period will last until December 2, 2011 when everyone will have made their decision concerning the method in which they will learn and gain progress within their Hearts and Souls. Few will rapidly advance with the Legion of Light, who began their Projects of Light on October 5, 2011, while some will advance by learning to grow with their new found friend, their Heart and Soul – their Inner Self! Many will remain in standstill because they will follow politicians and leaders who will resist working in the Fifth Dimension as they maintain the false belief that they are still in control. This false belief will only lead them to lose everything they hold in ego, and without Love their fear of loss will fulfill itself!

On November 17, 2011 the Universal Season of Rest will begin. In the Season of Rest the goal is to seek rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation with joyful company. The Season of Rest will last from November 17, 2011 until February 16, 2012 when we will begin the next Universal Year. Much will be said about what the definition of rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation will be for everyone as many will feel restless instead of restful! Know now that your Pathway of Security in the New Millennium will only come with Love from your own Heart and Soul!

The Acclimation period is the period of learning to adjust from seeking outward for experiences of Joy to seeking inward within our Heart and Soul – our Inner Self. Many will be devastated to find that they have limited experience in examining their Inner Self as the calling of the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium will ask everyone to do. The opportunity will avail itself on November 18, 2011 when we will be given the way of learning to grow with our Heart and Soul. This will be a needed step in order to merge everyone within the Brotherhood of Man. Some will grow rapidly while others will mire themselves in indecision!

To Become Love is the Destiny of All of God’s Creations and there is no way around this Truth! On November 19, 2011 the Universal Energies will bring the opportunity for choosing the way of our learning to Become Love. This will not be easy for many who have only experienced conditional rather than Unconditional Love but look now for the Legion of Light to begin their messages of Becoming Love. The messages from the Legion of Light will be demonstrated in their many varied forms for Love is in Everything that God Creates! Love permeates all over Mother Earth in the Fifth Dimension and naturally adheres to what brings our sense of Joy in Living. Our sense of Joy in Living, however, comes from within our Hearts and Souls! Seek from within your Heart and Soul and there you will find the Kingdom of God!

During this month’s phase of Mother Earth’s course around the Sun, Humanity will begin to expand and learn! Increment by increment so that their understanding will increase to align their Hearts and Souls into the Fifth Dimension. On November 20, 2011 Mother Earth will begin to introduce everyone to her expanded Energy of Love within her and upon her surface. Her Energy has increased and expanded in the past several years and now it will be time for Humanity to expand and assume their roles as her Caretaker and not her “owner!” Humanity’s responsibility as Caretaker of Mother Earth will readily bring everyone into the Thousand Years of Peace for that will be the agreement!

So how will Humanity respond when they understand that they are held responsible as Caretaker and not “owner” of Mother Earth? On November 21, 2011 the Universal Energies will bring that to a test. Take time to meditate, visualize, or daydream if even for a moment about your future. Place it within your Heart and Soul and allow it to nurture inside of you. This is all it will take to experience and explore your future Purpose as Caretaker of Mother Earth! Love, Truth, and Joy will be with you always when you open your Heart and Soul – your Inner Self!

Within yourself you will find worlds of knowledge to access and learn from. On November 22, 2011 God, Mother Earth, and the Legion of Light will unite to assist Humanity’s New Role as Caretaker of Mother Earth. There will still be some resistance from those who do not understand that the Kingdom of God is within them. Others will be curious and stumble upon the treasure that they have within themselves. The major hurdle in aligning with the Caretaker’s Task will be social conditioning that has hindered everyone who has ever sought the Spiritual Pathway. Economics perhaps has been the greatest catalyst to bringing everyone back to “reality.” But in these days of Transformation and Change let the Spiritual Pathway become your cause and reason to live in the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium!

When the seeker looks for what is causing him or her to seek from an external perspective and examines it with their Hearts and Souls, one will enter into a process of elimination about what is not Truth. But when one seeks internally he or she will make discovery upon discovery in finding and knowing the Self! Seek and find yourself with the Energy alignments of November 23, 2011. The Foundation of Love that is within you will commingle with the Love Energy of the Fifth Dimension and begin to move you into the Pathway of Caretaker of Mother Earth and a Co – Creator with God! When everyone is aligned within this role the Brotherhood of Man will come into fruition and lead everyone into a Sharing and Caring Cooperative State of Love!

The month of November 2011 has ushered in the beginning of the Thousand Years of Peace and will soon begin to reveal itself openly. Do not take the worldwide Chaos and Confusion as a sign of continuance of the past instead see it as the Transformation in Process! Look forward to the future with Love, Truth and Joy and you will know and understand that the Great Transformation is already here!