Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Aligning with God

The month of December 2011 will bring much Change and Transformation in the way that all Humanity will experience Life upon Earth. No longer will systems that honor debt slavery as a means to reduce another human being’s freedom be tolerated upon Mother Earth, for these systems serve Man and not God! Fear and rumors will begin to traverse the world and bring those who manipulate and control with their systems of debt to the place where their Hearts and Souls do not exist, in their ego! Their egos will be the first to go, then their pride, and that will be followed by what they deem to be their own but is not, everything belongs to God!

The Change and Transformation will occur slowly and enduringly in the eyes of Humanity but in the Eyes of God it will be in an instant as the Energy of the Great Transformation sweeps across the world to introduce understanding in the Ways of God! Look forward for the Universal Energies will be upon Mother Earth and lift her into the Pathway that she has chosen to become, the Abode of Peace and Harmony! Do not let fear overcome you in these days for Mother Earth will honor those who honor her in return!

As the month of December 2011 begins we will still be in the Acclimation Period for one final day, December 1, 2011. This day will serve as reminder to everyone that they will still have the opportunity in not only living in the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium but also to develop their lives into a state of continuous Joy and Contentment! Let there be Light and Love to guide your Heart and Soul beyond the Chaos and Confusion of the present day!

In order to purify and cleanse Mother Earth’s body and assist her in becoming the Abode of Peace and Harmony there will be an extended period of Transformational Energy beginning on December 2, 2011. The Transformational Energy will be segmented into a sequential series of Energy bursts designed to verify the readiness of everyone upon Earth. The United States Eastern Seaboard will be the first region to be verified for understanding in the Ways of God as the Legion of Light will diligently assist to supplant the systems of Man for the Ways of God! The choice will be for everyone to choose which way they will go as there will be much to consider as Man’s systems of manipulation and control will begin to quake!

The Legion of Light will no longer be passive and patient for they have all been ordained to assist Mother Earth with her task! On December 3, 2011 the Universal Energies will bring forward Mother Earth’s expanding foundation of Love to serve as the Security basis of all who will become her Caretaker in the future. Many will see projects of greed melt like candle wax next to a flame as retribution for their lack of caring in Mother Earth’s Pathway! Look away from the Chaos and Confusion for there will still be much to do in these days of Aligning with God’s Plan!

There will be a call to Man of Destiny on December 4, 2011 to assist the Legion of Light in working towards fulfilling Mother Earth’s Pathway as the Abode of Peace and Harmony. Many will not understand as they will be in awe of what they thought to be security dwindling in value and importance! The new value of measurement will be Spiritual Prosperity which is measured by the increments of one’s Love and Joy in Living! By understanding with Joy and Contentment in your Heart and Soul, you will come to find that you will treasure Time as the movement of the Soul with all its benefits of health, joyfulness, and growth in the Soul! This will be the way in which God’s Plan will restore Freedom and rescind all the damage that Man’s systems of manipulation and control have caused!

The Universal Energies of December 5, 2011 will call upon the Legion of Light to begin with their contribution for the greatest Project of Light ever undertaken! There will be Energies of Truth. Love, and Joy spreading all over the Earth as Man of Destiny will be Responsible to Awaken himself by learning and applying the knowledge he or she will gain to understand that the Change and Transformation is for Mother Earth’s benefit and not his own. When he comes to understand his role as Mother Earth’s Caretaker and not her owner he will know that True Security comes from God and not by the Creation of purchasing power!

Man of Destiny’s learning phase will be short. He will need to become Responsible and Awaken by December 17, 2011 as the Universal Energy of December 6, 2011 will increase the demand upon his Heart and Soul to merge himself into the Brotherhood Destiny he has long known about but ignored! The Legion of Light and Mother Earth will be boosted in their aim to achieve God’s Plan of Joy in Living for everyone with Unlimited Love from all the sources of the Universe! Love exists in all things and increases conscious awareness when all who will be involved in this Project of Light expand with it!

To Live with Love and Joy will be the way of Life in the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium. This is an Absolute and cannot be overturned as these days to implement God’s Plan will demonstrate in the near future. On December 7, 2011 all of the Energies aligned within the Absolute of God’s Plan will inundate Mother Earth with Love and assurance like midwives will do when a new baby is born. She will now begin to experience a New Way of Life and will be sharing all of her bountiful Creative Power with all who will enter the Brotherhood of Man and become her Caretakers! Sharing and Cooperating will be the way of achieving in the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium beginning with Mother Earth’s example!

On December 8, 2011 the demand for growth and learning for the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium will be taking its toll upon those who will resist the call for the Brotherhood Destiny required. Movement will be rapid as the Energy of Change and Transformation will leave no stone unturned! Everything will be involved and will continue to be so until all will be said and done! Take time to meditate, visualize, or even to sleep longer to complete the internal work that must be completed in order to progress yourself, for in the end you will be happy that you did! Let Light and Love lead your Heart and Soul into the Spirit of the New Millennium for that will be where your Joy in Living will be taking you!

The Universal Energies of December 9, 2011 will signal the completion of inviting everyone into full participation into the New Millennium. Now will come the Opportunity to advance into the Destiny of Brotherhood. Actively teaching and leading actions of Change and Transformation on the social as well as on an individual basis will heavily involve the Legion of Light. Many will still not know what to do with the long lost practice of Brotherhood for they will lack trust and fear for the worse! Know the Truth now: We will be in the Activation Phase of the New Millennium! You will now be progressing beyond your wildest dreams in what you can and will Create with just the Energy of Love and the Power within your Heart and Soul!

Those who will continue to look outside of their Self to seek solutions for longstanding individual as well as societal problems and not look within themselves will be missing the point of the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium. Change and Transformation will continue to be the norm as the point of the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium is simply to Live with Love and Joy to find Freedom! Everything has Changed and all will continue to Change and Transform until everyone will find their own Joy in Living! Blessed are they who come to find the Kingdom of God within themselves!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Acclimation Part 3

The Acclimation Period of the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium began on November 1, 2011 and will complete on December 2, 2011. Everyone upon Mother Earth is in the Fifth Dimension but some are still experiencing their lives with Fourth Dimension expectations. This will no longer be the case as the Universal Energies prepare to replace the Forth Dimension’s mindset with the Fifth Dimension’s New Standards and expectations! This operation will greatly diminish and eventually extract the influence of the old thought patterns in the Fifth Dimension! The time to learn to process with the Energy of Love is now!

The time period for replacing Fourth Dimension expectations with the Fifth Dimension’s New Standards and expectations will be three and a half years. No one will be able to interfere or stop God’s Promise of Joy in Living for everyone! Mother Earth has made many great adjustments and will also not allow interference from anyone as the Legion of Light will emerge as leaders, teachers, and healers of the Heart and Soul in order to complete the Plan of God’s Promise!

On November 24, 2011, Thanksgiving Day in the United States, the Universal Energies will place into motion a secondary wave of Love Energy to increase learning and understanding about the times we live in. There will be nothing to fear for Love will bring into motion the need for everyone to begin progressing towards the Brotherhood Destiny required for living in the Fifth Dimension. Sharing and Cooperating will be the way of Life, not only on Thanksgiving Day 2011, but everyday in the Fifth Dimension!

The secondary wave of Love Energy will also introduce a new precedent for Life in the Fifth Dimension as the Energy of November 25, 2011 will now require that we communicate with the Energy of Love for the express purpose of our Progress! Progress in the Fifth Dimension will depend upon our Hearts and Souls to function within the parameters of their True operation and that is as Expressions of Love! This is the Law of Expansion in the Universe for without Love everything would cease to exist and now it will be time for Humanity to expand their own Foundation for growth and learning!

Some days are quiet and inspiring. Others are stimulating and encouraging. November 26, 2011 will begin several days in which the Energy will be well used for contemplating about the current stage of your expansion into the Fifth Dimension. The Acclimation Period will continue for only six more days when it will be time to integrate your Love and Self Knowledge into your Joy in Living! The Acclimation Period will also transform our roles upon Mother Earth into becoming her Caretakers and not her “owners”!

On November 27, 2011 the Energy will remain in a quiet and inspiring mood. Use this day’s Energy to continue contemplating upon your role as Mother Earth’s Caretaker. Mother Earth’s role in our solar system will expand with her additional Energy of Love. And with the addition o our contributions as Caretaker’s, the affect will be exponential for everyone involved! The Legion of Light will be in preparation for the most unprecedented plan to be unfolded upon Mother Earth on December 2, 2011. Stay focused upon what you Love and what brings you Joy for these will be the key components to bring Freedom into all parts of the world!

The Universal Energies of November 28, 2011 will begin to concentrate and focus upon Mother Earth’s expanding foundation for the New Millennium. She will shake and rumble upon the surfaces of North and South America as her surface makes way for her core of Love Energy to expand outward and into her atmosphere! Let there be no fear for the Way of Love does not impede upon anyone who will reciprocate Mother Earth’s Love with Love in their own Heart and Joy in Living as the intent and purpose of their lives! Look forward with Lovingness for these days will be filled with fear from those who do not understand and also from those who will unwisely choose to forego upon their role as Mother Earth’s Caretaker!

There will come relief from the daily Chaos and Confusion upon the Earth when everyone will know in their Hearts and Souls how to become Love and how to express themselves with Brotherhood and Joy! On November 29, 2011 the Universal Energies will bring us to measure our Hearts and Souls with the scales of Love and Joy. Where there is contentment within your Heart and Soul there will be progress made in terms of Spiritual Prosperity. But when it seems that there is no understanding and little time to learn where the Fifth Dimension will be taking you, stop, and listen within for there will be the place of the Kingdom of God!

The final stages in preparation of the Legion of Light’s unprecedented Plan to fulfill God’s Promise of Joy in Living for everyone will be completed on November 30, 2011. There will be no more waiting and no more thinking what to do about it. It will catch those who will remain uncommitted to acknowledge the Source of ALL THINGS in the Universe and compel them to Share and Cooperate or to lose everything that they “claim” to hold so that they may learn to become a Caretaker of Mother Earth! Spiritual Prosperity will be the New Way of Life in the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium! Let those who will be ready bear witness that the Promise of God will be fulfilled within their Hearts and Souls!

The Energy of November 1, 2011 ushered in the Thousand Years of Peace. Those who perceive that the Fifth Dimension does not appear as they had hoped for will be pleasantly surprised by what will begin in December 2011. The unprecedented Plan to exterminate the massive Chaos and Confusion upon Mother Earth will be initiated by the Legion of Light! Many will begin to see the increase of Light and Love in the world as was promised it would be like in “Heaven.” The masses will still be unsure about which way to proceed, that is, until they will finally understand that Freedom is in the Heart and Soul of all who come to know that Love and Joy are the keys to Freedom!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Acclimation Part 2

We are currently in the Acclimation Period of the Fifth Dimension and the New Millennium that began on November 1, 2011. Many still do not understand that there are New Standards already in place! These Standards include the need to develop the following qualities into our daily lives: 1) Brotherhood Consciousness to learn about Sharing and Cooperating, 2) Becoming Love to Create our Joy in Living, and 3) Becoming a Co – Creator as our Destiny with God! Without even one of these Standards as a daily practice we will remain confused and baffled in the direction our lives will take in the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium!

The Acclimation Period will last until December 2, 2011 when everyone will have made their decision concerning the method in which they will learn and gain progress within their Hearts and Souls. Few will rapidly advance with the Legion of Light, who began their Projects of Light on October 5, 2011, while some will advance by learning to grow with their new found friend, their Heart and Soul – their Inner Self! Many will remain in standstill because they will follow politicians and leaders who will resist working in the Fifth Dimension as they maintain the false belief that they are still in control. This false belief will only lead them to lose everything they hold in ego, and without Love their fear of loss will fulfill itself!

On November 17, 2011 the Universal Season of Rest will begin. In the Season of Rest the goal is to seek rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation with joyful company. The Season of Rest will last from November 17, 2011 until February 16, 2012 when we will begin the next Universal Year. Much will be said about what the definition of rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation will be for everyone as many will feel restless instead of restful! Know now that your Pathway of Security in the New Millennium will only come with Love from your own Heart and Soul!

The Acclimation period is the period of learning to adjust from seeking outward for experiences of Joy to seeking inward within our Heart and Soul – our Inner Self. Many will be devastated to find that they have limited experience in examining their Inner Self as the calling of the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium will ask everyone to do. The opportunity will avail itself on November 18, 2011 when we will be given the way of learning to grow with our Heart and Soul. This will be a needed step in order to merge everyone within the Brotherhood of Man. Some will grow rapidly while others will mire themselves in indecision!

To Become Love is the Destiny of All of God’s Creations and there is no way around this Truth! On November 19, 2011 the Universal Energies will bring the opportunity for choosing the way of our learning to Become Love. This will not be easy for many who have only experienced conditional rather than Unconditional Love but look now for the Legion of Light to begin their messages of Becoming Love. The messages from the Legion of Light will be demonstrated in their many varied forms for Love is in Everything that God Creates! Love permeates all over Mother Earth in the Fifth Dimension and naturally adheres to what brings our sense of Joy in Living. Our sense of Joy in Living, however, comes from within our Hearts and Souls! Seek from within your Heart and Soul and there you will find the Kingdom of God!

During this month’s phase of Mother Earth’s course around the Sun, Humanity will begin to expand and learn! Increment by increment so that their understanding will increase to align their Hearts and Souls into the Fifth Dimension. On November 20, 2011 Mother Earth will begin to introduce everyone to her expanded Energy of Love within her and upon her surface. Her Energy has increased and expanded in the past several years and now it will be time for Humanity to expand and assume their roles as her Caretaker and not her “owner!” Humanity’s responsibility as Caretaker of Mother Earth will readily bring everyone into the Thousand Years of Peace for that will be the agreement!

So how will Humanity respond when they understand that they are held responsible as Caretaker and not “owner” of Mother Earth? On November 21, 2011 the Universal Energies will bring that to a test. Take time to meditate, visualize, or daydream if even for a moment about your future. Place it within your Heart and Soul and allow it to nurture inside of you. This is all it will take to experience and explore your future Purpose as Caretaker of Mother Earth! Love, Truth, and Joy will be with you always when you open your Heart and Soul – your Inner Self!

Within yourself you will find worlds of knowledge to access and learn from. On November 22, 2011 God, Mother Earth, and the Legion of Light will unite to assist Humanity’s New Role as Caretaker of Mother Earth. There will still be some resistance from those who do not understand that the Kingdom of God is within them. Others will be curious and stumble upon the treasure that they have within themselves. The major hurdle in aligning with the Caretaker’s Task will be social conditioning that has hindered everyone who has ever sought the Spiritual Pathway. Economics perhaps has been the greatest catalyst to bringing everyone back to “reality.” But in these days of Transformation and Change let the Spiritual Pathway become your cause and reason to live in the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium!

When the seeker looks for what is causing him or her to seek from an external perspective and examines it with their Hearts and Souls, one will enter into a process of elimination about what is not Truth. But when one seeks internally he or she will make discovery upon discovery in finding and knowing the Self! Seek and find yourself with the Energy alignments of November 23, 2011. The Foundation of Love that is within you will commingle with the Love Energy of the Fifth Dimension and begin to move you into the Pathway of Caretaker of Mother Earth and a Co – Creator with God! When everyone is aligned within this role the Brotherhood of Man will come into fruition and lead everyone into a Sharing and Caring Cooperative State of Love!

The month of November 2011 has ushered in the beginning of the Thousand Years of Peace and will soon begin to reveal itself openly. Do not take the worldwide Chaos and Confusion as a sign of continuance of the past instead see it as the Transformation in Process! Look forward to the future with Love, Truth and Joy and you will know and understand that the Great Transformation is already here!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Acclimation

The Season of God began on August 18, 2011 and will complete on November 16, 2011. Among the Changes The Season of God has ushered in is our Entry into the Fifth Dimension and the Thousand Years of Peace! The Legion of Light will lead the way and merge with their skills and talents to begin implementing the New Horizon in which everyone upon Mother Earth will live with Truth, Love, and Joy. Though it may still appear that Man of Destiny has not budged from maintaining as “normal” a life as he had in the previous dimension, he will soon wake up and realize that the Standards of the Fifth Dimension are not the same as before!

The Thousand Years of Peace began on November 1, 2011. It initiated the Time of Acclimation in which everyone is anticipated to align himself or herself with the New Energy of the Fifth Dimension and all that they will need to Create for their Joy in Living. Many will not be ready to immediately align themselves, not because they do not want to participate, but because of previous conditioning where the only option to Create was by Creating “purchasing power.” Purchasing power is only a small fraction of our inherent ability in becoming a Co – Creator with God! No longer think in terms of enduring for your needs but instead, believe in your ability to Create with your Heart and Soul!

We are presently in a Dimension where everything functions within the Laws of Love. When Love is not present in our activities and does not bring us Joy, our activities will become like an anchor upon our Energy and exhaust us. The process of rejuvenation comes when we engage in activities that we do with Love and give us emotional Contentment and Joy! Keep this in mind on November 9, 2011 as the Universal Energies will assist us in learning, understanding, and growing with the New Standards of the New Horizon! There will be three concepts to consider as they will all develop in importance in the days to come, 1) Brotherhood Consciousness to learn about Sharing and Cooperating, 2) Becoming Love to Create your Joy in Living, and 3) Becoming a Co – Creator as your Destiny with God!

Many politicians and governmental experts and leaders will be baffled by their efforts of “putting Humpty Dumpty back together again” as they cannot understand that their efforts to fix the controlled markets of the economy will only hinder our progress in the Fifth Dimension. On November 10, 2011 the Energies will begin expanding our need to understand the new concept of Security in the New Millennium and that will be by Unifying with God Consciousness! God Consciousness is the principle that “All Things are in God for God is All Things.” When we keep this in mind and accept that “We are in God and are God,” we will know that our future will not be contingent upon the fate of a broken egg!

We are currently in the Fifth Dimension – the Dimension of Love! God’s Presence is all around us but when we choose to enter into a state of fear God will not be present with us because we are ignoring the Truth that Love is all around us! It is up to us to choose which way we will turn. On November 11, 2011 we will become more in need of disengaging from our concepts of the past and expanding into the New Horizon. There is still much to learn and understand but as long as you will seek your Joy in Living with Love you will not fail in anything! Love was, is, and will be the Key to aligning with your Heart and Soul – your Inner Self!

There will be many who have been ignoring the Signs of the Heavens, but on November 12, 2011 there will be no way to claim ignorance any longer! The issue of Joy in Living and the lack thereof in most people’s lives will come to the forefront as Humanity will be given the choice to develop into their Destiny as a Co –Creator with God or not! This choice will only be available until November 30, 2011 and will be a life turning decision for many as they will ponder upon learning to trust their Heart and Soul and detach from their past conditioning. Bear in mind that everyone’s Inner Self will be prompting him or her “to listen” as external environmental conditions will motivate everyone to thoroughly examine their lives!

There will be much to rectify and reorganize in order to bring conditions back to the place where Humanity will become a Co – Creator with God once more! The time to celebrate will come later but the Energies of November 13, 2011 will produce a Doorway in the Heavens to allow those choosing early to explore the New Way of Life upon Earth! To know and understand that Humanity is capable of Creating will be the Foundation that everyone will need to accept and Acclimate into. For now let the past dissipate and become the past so that Love and Joy will lead you into your Spiritual Prosperity!

Many will find that growth and learning in the Fifth Dimension will come with a heavy toll upon their emotional states while others will find themselves at ease in progressing through the Doorway of Spiritual Prosperity! On November 14, 2011 the Universal Energies will bring stability into the alignments of the emerging infrastructure of the Thousand Years of Peace. Look for any obstacles not premised upon the Energy of Love of the New Millennium to begin falling away and becoming like dust in a storm! Do not seek the past for that is not where you will be heading!

The Legion of Light will begin to see their Pathways of Light gain momentum as the Season of God will almost be complete on November 15, 2011. They will have much to do and much to say about the direction in which all things will be for God Himself will lead them! This day’s Energy will also begin a celebratory mood for those who will listen to their Inner Self and seek the Promise of God’s Joy in Living! Seek to learn for the Energies will provide your Heart and Soul guidance in all you will need to know if only you will listen!

The initial stages to remove what has hindered and become an obstacle in the movement into the Great Transformation have been loosened from their foundation with the Energies of November 16, 2011. There will still be one more great obstacle to consider in the next several years and that will come from those who will carry their past with them into the Fifth Dimension. Some will learn vicariously when they come to understand what Changed while others will learn with the teachings of the Legion of Light on how to process with what Changed!  Change does not come in an instantaneous transformation but is a gradual one that moves with Time as Movement of the Soul!

The Season of God will complete on November 16, 2011. The next Season of Creation is the Season of Rest, which is designed to seek rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation with joyful company. This Season of Rest will not be restful for everyone, as there will still be many more Changes to implement before the New Year will begin. Look to the beginning of December 2011 for the New Foundation of the New Millennium to be ushered into place. By January 2012 the Legion of Light will begin an unprecedented movement all around the world to bring the Joy in Living into its proper placement for living in the Fifth Dimension! Look forward and become your Destiny as a Co – Creator with God!