Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Transition

The second week of September 2011 will begin The Transition of Mind, Body, and Soul into the New Thought Process required for the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium. There will be many who have not applied themselves to learn what will be required but in trying to make sense of everything involved in The Transition they will remain hopeful that things will return to “normal.” However there will be no such thing! Instead expect our world to enter a cleansing period before the Earth becomes a more peaceful, loving, and Spiritual home!

On September 8th and 9th the molding of our future will be cast. On September 8, 2011 there will be an Opportunity to look beyond the here and now and into your future. Will your expression of Love be taking you into the Unlimited World of the Fifth Dimension or will you seek to live as if accumulated assets are the true measurement of security in your future? The world economy will be in a freefall as it is not based upon the Principles of Brotherhood – Sharing and Cooperating with one another. This Opportunity will rapidly appear into you life by October 8, 2011!

The Universal Energy of September 9, 2011 will bring into motion the second mold for our future. This date will bring into manifestation our unique plans for applying our Love and will be the most critical element in our Life’s direction and future. Love will become the Foundation of all we will need and do as from this date forward there will no longer be Choices available for the Seal of God will be upon everyone who will claim they are the People of God!

During The Transition period the world will be very Chaotic and Confusing for everyone, even some within the Legion of Light! Many will not understand but keep wishing for a “normal” life once more, as the Energy of September 10, 2011 will begin demonstrating that the World belongs to God! Those who persist will begin to find Spiritual insight and gain wisdom while others will display their ego driven plans of retribution and destruction against those they shall feel are against their plans! Much Light and Love will be needed in these days!

The entryway into the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium will almost be here but before access may be gained there will be an elimination of all that will not be necessary for Life within it. On September 11, 2011 there will begin much loss in terms of material assets for those who seek to control the world’s commodities for how will it be possible to retain what is now God’s! Lives will become shattered and lost over what many will believe they “own”! This will no longer be possible for the World belongs to God!

The Path of Brotherhood and Joy will merge together with the Energies of September 12, 2011. No longer will the Spiritual Realm be sacrificed and neglected for a life based on economically derived decisions for the Spiritual Realm rules over the body! Love will be the key element of all that will come into existence in the Fifth Dimension and will open the way to a New Beginning for Life upon Earth! The way within will be easy if you will focus upon your future and concentrate upon what you Love!

The period of time from September 5th to 25th, 2011 will be the most difficult of all during The Transition period. There will no longer be the Choice to bypass decisions concerning the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium as everyone, ready or not, will be ushered towards the Portal of October 28, 2011. On September 13, 2011 the Universal Energies will open the doorway of learning for the Fifth Dimension. Some will start to reexamine their lives and find that they no longer need the things they thought they might need for the future. Others will cling to what they cherish and watch what they believe to be theirs vanish! The Legion of Light will be leading those who seek the places of Light and Love with further learning!

The Path into the Fifth Dimension has been Created and will need for us to remain focused upon our new future as Chaos and Confusion will endure. The Universal Energies of September 14, 2011 will take many to places they have only imagined and build confidence that they will be heading in the direction of their Heart and Soul. Those who will see with their Hearts and not their eyes will prosper and endure while those who persist in scheming to revive their own interests will lose their grip and fall! Carry the Light and Love you have within you and apply them into everything and everyone you come across for this will be the Sign of Oneness during this time period!

How will the Fifth Dimension be different from our current world you may ask? The first sign that everyone will notice on November 1, 2011 will be the Earth’s new alignment within our Universe, as our Milky Way Galaxy will have ascended into the New Dimension of Love. This new orientation will produce an environment for living and sustaining life with Love and Joy and will help to increase human longevity as we become loving and trusting with each other. Brotherhood Consciousness will be the reason for this for we will have all learned to live in Oneness with our Creator!