Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bearers of Light and Love Part 2

The next stage in the forthcoming Fifth Dimension and New Millennium will bring a massive increase in the Energy being sent by the Universal Energies during mid-June 2011. We will witness events of great wonder and amazement as the movement of the Legion of Light and the Light Bearers will begin! We shall see this time period as the great turning point in our history in standing up and becoming Bearers of Light and Love!

The increase of Energy will begin on June 11, 2011 when the appearance of the Star of the Absolute will begin its course of action and remain with us until June 25, 2011. The Star will function to prepare our Hearts and Souls in seeking Joy to build our lives around Love as our Foundation of Security. The increased Energy of these days will also compel us to adjust our lives for the Great Transformation and with it, to begin to learn how to live in the Presence of God!

On June 11, 2011 the Universal Energies will begin the Star of the Absolute and will compel everyone, Man of Destiny, Man of Negativity, and the Legion of Light, to seek Joy in their lives. This process will be relearning for most as they have adapted to the laws of man and have neglected their life’s purpose by seeking illusionary goals for financial security rather than Love for their Heart and Soul’s Purpose. The difference is that rewards for the Heart and Soul’s Purpose allow Unlimited Creating Powers rather than focused rewards for security needs! Ponder upon this thought and BECOME an UNLIMITED CREATOR with GOD IN YOUR HEART and SOUL’S PURPOSE!

The process of Becoming Unlimited is an inward process that will Flow naturally if you stay consistent with your thoughts and deeds of Love. The Energy of June 12, 2011 will call upon us to bring Balance into our lives so that we may commence with our needed and required actions of preparation. Relax and avoid stress at all costs, as all actions to Balance ourselves in all our actions will assist us! Least of all do not allow fear to enter your Soul for the events of the Social Revolution of the Heart will begin to transpire!

Freewill is the Gift of God and on June 13, 2011 an Opportunity for choosing will be available. The choice will be to Become an Unlimited Creator with God or not to be. Many will be aware at their Soul’s level but not on a conscious level that this choice will have major consequences in their future. Some will not understand why they may feel exhausted or overwhelmed with weakness but fear not, this is the process of the Soul reconnecting with the conscious mind to allow you to consider the choice of this day! Relax and find time to meditate for the Day of No Return will be upon us on June 15, 2011!

The Choice of the previous day will produce its consequences on June 14, 2011 as the Universal Energies will begin to Create a pathway for Man of Negativity in order to learn to become a Loving Creature of God. All others, Man of Destiny and the Legion of Light, will gain Strength and Power to explore and experience Unlimited Creating in their Heart and Soul’s Expression of Love! To let go of concepts and preconceived notions about who and what you are will be a good thing as the days of Creating for security needs will be replaced with Unlimited Creating with Love!

On June 15, 2011 the Day of No Return will be here! This day will mark the point of No Return to life as we know it today as time, social values, and Spiritual needs will transform us into our Pathways for the New Millennium! Currently man measures time by the sun’s setting and rising while God measures time by Progress in the Soul! This shall become the new benchmark for realizing our entry into the Fifth Dimension and will function to influence how we will spend our time and what values we shall set for our Spiritual Growth. The first major step into the Fifth Dimension will be complete!

Try as he might Man of Negativity will agonize and demand compliance from his cohorts to have them return his world that greed and callousness have created. In his lack of understanding the New Millennium, he will threaten and attack those who will stand against him only to prophesize his own self-destruction for whatever he shall declare will befall upon him! The Universal Energies of June 16, 2011 will begin the next phase of Creating and with it, Man of Negativity’s, lesson of Lovingness. Man of Destiny and Legion of Light proceed with Progress into the Fifth Dimension!

The amplified Energy of this period will begin to exponentially increase even more on June 17, 2011 and also bring more Choices to be made. Know that the Responsibilities these Choices will bring will benefit everyone! The Choice on this day will give you Strength to entrench your Heart and Soul in the Brotherhood of Man and increase your capacity of Love to Express your Task of Light with all your Heart and Soul! Let the Way of Light begin with YOU and allow it to shine with you like the Light you are!

On June 18, 2011 the Universal Energies will produce a second Star of the Absolute! While the first one will run from June 11th to 25th, the second one will be in place for only two days, Jun 18th and 19th, 2011. The second Star will bring hands on experience for you to process and learn to apply Love and Joy from your Heart and Soul into all you will do. This may sound simplified but when we are essentially “trained” to be like man in his world of survival of the fittest rather than Light Bearers who have worked with the Laws of God that cohere everyone into a unit of Sharing and Cooperation, YOU KNOW THE DIFFERENCE! Know these words to be True and know that you will be in the Fifth Dimension when you become an Expression of Lovingness!

If you could see the canvas of the Universal Energies and their Energy Grid on June 19, 2011 you would know that there is Truth and Love guiding our ascension into the Fifth Dimension. Truth and Love will prevail and guide everyone into the New Millennium, as the Energy Grid will increase our awareness and sensitivity to their Energies! This process and function of our needs will greatly enhance and expand our understanding about the Gateway into the New Millennium on October 28, 2011. Some will shine like candles and others will be like beacons while still others will shine like the Sun, for we have all Chosen our Paths of Light on this day!

The Energies of June 20, 2011 will remain strong and intensive as the Pathway into the Fifth Dimension will be well underway! The experiences of these coming days will be building your Foundation of Lovingness as your Security and will assist you in leading you into bringing Balance in your life so that the Joy in Living is your way of life! Answer one question – are you living in Joy? This will become the mantra in guiding ALL OF YOUR LIFE’S QUESTIONS, and if it will not lead you to Joy, you will not need it!

The Universal Energies have shifted their speed to usher in the required conditions and elements for our elevation into the Fifth Dimension during this mid-June 2011 time frame. This time frame will be relevant in all we will do until we come upon October 28, 2011 and the completion of the Fifth Dimension’s portal. In the mean time Relax and Learn to Flow with the Universal Energies that Create All Things! Let Peace and Love guide your way into the New Millennium!