Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Love as the Foundation of All, Part 3

We are currently living in one of the most exciting times in the history of our solar system and our universe. There will be times when Chaos and Confusion will dominate over a state of calmness like the waxing and waning of the Moon but as things begin to settle down, the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium will prevail. For now, the Power to implement and begin your entry into the Fifth Dimension will come by fortifying your life with Love as your Foundation in All you will think and do!

There will be some who will think that they will be Raptured and literally be lifted into the clouds on May 21, 2011 but this will not be so. Instead they will have to wait until after October 28, 2011 to ascend into the Fifth Dimension where they will be Present with God and all His Promises! For on May 21, 2011 the Universal Energies will bring forth within us the Power to utilize Unlimited Love! This gift will allow us to Create our Pathways for the New Millennium and bring us all in line with the required Love for living in the Presence of God! Take the Opportunity of this day’s Energy and become a Co-Creator with God!

The Opportunity to process and express ourselves with Unlimited Love will lead us through a triad of Gateways for Fifth Dimension on May 22, 2011. These Gateways will increase our knowledge in 1) contemplating our possibilities, 2) in applying Truth within our possibilities, and 3) in allowing us to understand our possibilities for the New Millennium! Open yourself up to these New Possibilities and you begin to KNOW that your Destiny will allow you to work within the Brotherhood of Man!

A second triad of Gateways for the Fifth Dimension will open for our continued contemplation on May 23, 2011. Seek your Heart and Soul’s Expression on this day and you will find that the Brotherhood of Man will grant you Eternal Peace and Security! Choose it and you will come to understand 1) the Truth of Living in Joy, 2) the Truth that you are a Divine Expression of God, and 3) the Truth that you are Unlimited with Love! The Opportunity will be yours to express your Destiny to its fullest, Man of Destiny and Lightworker within the Legion of Light!

The influx of Gateways will be over on May 24, 2011 but will provide another Opportunity to assist your Pathway with Unlimited Love for the Fifth Dimension and to be in the Presence of God. The Unlimited Love within us will function to align ourselves into becoming Expressions of Love to Experience Love as we have only known in our dreams. Man of Destiny and Legion of Light, all of your burdens and continued suffering will soon be over as you transform yourself into the Light and Love that you truly are!

Man of Negativity will allow all of these Opportunities to be Present with God bypass him in order to develop his plans to control and try to enslave the world through financial, energy, and food market manipulations. He has forgotten or deceived himself from knowing that Light and Love surround him! On May 25, 2011 the Universal Energies will prepare to demonstrate to him that the Power of God and His Forces of Light will be in charge of the Earth! Know that Love and Joy are the right of every living being upon Earth and will be the way of Fifth Dimension! Man of Negativity will not hinder these rights for there will be repercussions for him if he shall not let loose of the thread of his imagined control!

The Law of Attraction does not discriminate between the feelings we hold behind the thoughts we use to Create. It simply responds and Creates the thoughts that we choose to hold and become! On May 26, 2011 the Universal Energies will send us a lesson of Love to learn how we Create for ourselves. There will be many astounded and amazed by their newfound Power to Create with Love while others will be dismayed by the lack they continue to feel, see, and Create! This day will bring Truth and Love to serve as a benefit to assist us all in entering into the Fifth Dimension and the New Millennium. If your thoughts and feelings are in Balance, so will your life be. Keep steady for the Chaos and Confusion that will arise from day to day or from time to time will depend upon your state of Balance in all you will think and do!

The key to May 27, 2011 will be to foster and raise your level of understanding about Truth and Love. These two starting points will lead you back to where you hold your childlike Joy and camaraderie and will allow you to see as child who does not carry prejudice, bias, fear or worry. Meditate and visualize these days of Living in Joy without worry and allow them to flourish in the core of your Heart and Soul! This will demonstrate to you how life will be in the Fifth Dimension and the New Millennium! Relax and know that all is well and in place for your choosing!

When you operate on the Eternal Level of Truth and Love you will become aware that there is no evil or “sin” in any avenue of expression upon Earth. The experience will simply lead you to understanding and learning. Where there is only conditional Love and the conditional Truth we will remain in a cycle of learning and keep retriggering retribution cycles against our Heart and Soul. Look now for the Universal Energies of May 28, 2011 to provide the level of Love and Truth we hold of ourselves, for the Law of Attraction does not and will not discriminate against our wishes or choices of action. Choose wisely and you will prosper and become an entity of Eternal Truth and Love!

The learning curve for everyone will now become steeper for the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium and will not become a place to practice negative actions! May 29, 2011 will have us assimilate and implement our gift of Unlimited Love into practice for when the end of 2011 will be here, there will be Universal Energies in which we will have to align with and become! Man of Destiny and Legion of Light you have the insight and objective of the days to come, choose your Destiny wisely and become a Co-Creator with God as you were meant to be!

God and His Universal Energies will always allow us Free Will to seek and find our way of learning to become physical beings of Light and Love. The Energies of May 30, 2011 will give us another Opportunity to experience and explore the Way of Living in Joy! People and things may have to be removed from your life but remember that the learning curve will be steeper for we will soon be in the Fifth Dimension and all it will require of us. Seek Joy for this will be the way to start the process to rebuild and rekindle your Heart and Soul!

The month of May 2011 will end with two more Opportunities for our choosing on May 31, 2011. The first will be a continued choice for experiencing and exploring the Way of Living in Joy while the second will be for the reason that we are entering into the Fifth Dimension – our Heart and Soul’s Expressions of Love! The Truth in our Hearts and Souls have been crying to release the conditions of man’s world for the Truth and Love in God’s world and now it will be here with the Presence of God and His Forces of Light! Now will be the time to carefully consider the direction and course of our Solar System and our lives within it. The choice and responsibility will be ours to choose and become!

The month of June 2011 will become a month of releasing and liberating ourselves from what is not Eternal Love and Truth and will begin the process of transforming our lives into the corresponding Energy Form needed for the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium. Though many will not realize the benefit of this Transformation much like the Israelites in the 40 year Exodus from Egypt, they will soon come to learn to prosper and Live in Joy by creating a Foundation of Love in all they will think and do!