Saturday, May 7, 2011

Love as the Foundation of All, Part 2

The rapidly approaching date of the Fifth Dimension is just around the corner. The date in which its Energy and Transformative Powers will be available will be October 28, 2011. As we move closer to this date look around you and see, hear, and feel the Change all around the world! These days of the Great Transformation will require that we each take Responsibility for our own state of readiness so that we will be ready to work with God in the New Millennium!

Love as our Foundation will be a requirement for living in the Fifth Dimension as will Truth, Truth about our Soul’s Path and Purpose and Truth about the world in which we will live in. Though we may feel that our goals and purpose for the current world’s standards will be adequate enough, they will not even come close to God’s Standards for the New Millennium! Many will not be ready for this Shift in Consciousness but will be willing after they realize that they were deceived into believing that they would have until December 2012! They will now begin to experience the long forgotten goal of creating Peace and Prosperity for everyone with everybody’s abilities and cooperation after October 28, 2011!

On May 11, 2011 the Universal Energies will begin the process of filtering Man of Destiny’s and the Legion of Light’s intentions for the Fifth Dimension and pending New Millennium. Will we have our Hearts and Souls aligned with our highest good with God or will we desire to live in the residue of the current dimension’s state of fear and greed and all other avarices? The choice will be yours to make. Let Light and Love be your guides and allow the process of revealing your Path of Truth to begin!

There will be much to release in order to prepare for the advent of the Fifth Dimension. Lighten your burden of stress and worry Man of Destiny and prepare for your Pathway of Light and Love to express your Heart and Soul’s content! May 12, 2011 will be the day to express concern for your Soul’s progress for whatever you release with Loving feelings will advance your future sevenfold! Do not concentrate upon the lack you will feel, as this will bring the Law of Attraction to work against you. Instead be Joyful for the days to come when the battle between Man of Negativity and the Forces of God and will begin!

Look to the west when the sunset shall come and be assured that the morning’s dawn will come. Just the same the Fifth Dimension and the New Millennium shall come and on May 13, 2011 the Universal Energies will prepare us with impressions of ways to make our priorities for those days to come. Love as our Foundation will be the place to begin for if there is anything you will not like or makes you feel uncomfortable, release it and replace it with what you do Love! This will be the easiest step as many will start but few will endure!

Why try if few will endure you may ask but the reason is simple: many today cannot even commit to a simple dietary change or addiction recovery. And here is the Truth – IT TAKES SEVEN MONTHS TO CREATE ANY THOUGHT INTO ITS MATERIAL FORM! The Energy of May 14, 2011 therefore will manifest on December 14, 2011 and this Energy will see that we all will need to be ready for the pending battle between Man of Negativity and the Forces of God! The Fifth Dimension and New Millennium is not about money, power or fame but a place in which Love and Truth will rule with the Brotherhood of Man so that all will live in Prosperity and Joy. In the mean time many will endure suffering and hardship by the hand of Man of Negativity who will claim his victory until he will finally be brought to his place of rest!

The shift of emphasis will begin with the Energy of May 15, 2011. Now will be time for Man of Destiny to segregate himself from the influence of Man of Negativity. This will not be easy by any means as we will all need confidence and endurance! With endurance in our Hearts and confidence from our Souls we will all begin to hear the call around the Earth to unify and stand with the Legion of Light as we will all adorn ourselves with armor of Love and shields of Light! Man of Negativity has placed many of his own in high places all around the world but they will not be able to prevail against the Brotherhood of Man’s weapons of Truth!

Light and Love will be the Way of the New Millennium! On May 16, 2011 the Energies will provide an Opportunity for the Legion of Light and Man of Destiny to choose and begin their Pathways with God. Man of Destiny’s choice will allow him to begin the Path of his Heart’s Expression while the Legion of Light will choose their Pathway with God to best express their Soul’s talents. The danger here will be that Man of Negativity, as a Man of Destiny, will choose his Heart’s Expression to continue in his pathway to control the Earth over God and His Plan of inclusion for everyone. Let Man of Negativity see the way of Light and Love to help him see his Pathway in God’s Plan of Joy!

These days will also begin to see world leaders out of sync with the plan that the Universal Energies will be providing. May 17, 2011 will see many looking more deeply at their options for they will realize that these few can no longer control the masses. Their days will be over and now it will be time to follow your Heart and Soul’s desires to Create and implement your Foundation of Love for the Joy of Living. The Fifth Dimension will be the portal from which we will launch our new beginning as a New Star of Action begins to take precedence over our earthly desires for attaining material goods to support Man of Negativity!

And so ends the Season of Sowing that began on February 17, 2011. The past few months since that date have begun the plan of our Hearts and Souls with the Energy of the Universal Energies. May 18, 2011 will be a day to rest and relax for the Season of Growth will bring in the time for seeing our Creations sprout and grow for their harvest in September 2011. Enjoy this day and take time to reflect upon what you have begun to Create for your future possibilities!

Man of Destiny the Season of Growth will be upon us on May 19, 2011. This Season of Creation will allow you to stand up and be counted for Light and Love will be available for your asking. Do you feel and understand what this statement will mean in all of your future endeavors upon Earth? No longer will you have to look to another to lead you for God will be in your Heart to grant you the knowing of what is Truth and falsehood. Take this Opportunity and BECOME IT for you have struggled too long in your evolution of growth towards becoming a Lightworker! The Legion of Light will heartily welcome you with their Light and Love from God!

For many generations the Legion of Light has appeared upon Earth to do the work and teaching of God’s Ways. And for many generations Man of Destiny has diluted and distorted the work and teachings of the Legion of Light to his own standards of living. This shall no longer work Man of Destiny for the Universal Energies of May 20, 2011 will bring your Path and Purpose for the New Millennium. Now you will understand for yourself Love and Truth from God and his Messengers of Light. This shall lead you to trust your fellow man and bring you into coherence with the standards of the Brotherhood of Man, which sustains itself by Sharing and Cooperating with one another instead of standards of “me and mine”! Take this message into your Heart and Soul, Man of Destiny, and learn to live as you were meant to be – Living in Joy with Light and Love!

The Fifth Dimension will be the Gateway of the New Millennium and shall be upon us on October 28, 2011. After October 28, 2011 the way of entry will be to become an active participant with the Brotherhood of Man and to actively seek the Joy of Living to manifest all of your Spiritual Prosperity. The way these gifts will be opened will be with Love as the Foundation in all you will think and do and Truth as the key to knowing who you are. Seek and find your gifts now and know that your quest for life in the New Millennium will become a Reality!