Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Path of the Leading Heart Part 2

The Universal Energies of Mid-March 2011 will produce a series of dimensional doorways for the period of March 9th to 18th meant to finalize the Great Transformation so that the New Millennium will arrive intact. There will also be ample Opportunities during this period for choosing the expression and application of your Path of the Leading Heart for the days to come. Let these days of the Great Transformation bring you Light and Love to lead you into the Dimension of Love!

On March 9, 2011 the Universal Energies will focus their concentrated Energy upon providing the first of a series of dimensional doorways that will lead us all into the New Millennium. The Power of these Universal Forces will have some assuming that they have been revitalized to the point that they are “god!” Let not these ones fool you for their inflated egos will eventually lead them to fall from their self-created Tower of Babel! Others will know that their source is God and that Godness is all around them and prosper!

The message of the Path of the Leading Heart is simply that where you place your Love God will acknowledge and concur to combine Love Energy so that your Soul’s task will manifest and Create the way of your Spiritual Prosperity. Now on March 10, 2011 the Universal Energies will ask us to seek Truth from our Heart to know and understand where our Heart wants to lead us. Meditate and ponder deeply for only in Truth will you be able to open the dimensional gateways that will establish your place of Truth in the New Millennium,

On March 11, 2011 the Universal Energies that Create all things will emphasize the role of the Brotherhood of Man. The Brotherhood of Man will bring all into contemplating about the role that each and everyone of us means to the other, much like a body that has unique roles that keep its goals of health and survival functioning as a unit rather than cancerous body cells destroying one another. The Brotherhood of Man will bring Sharing and Cooperating back to the forefront of our goals so that we work together rather than compete against each other! Learn to prosper with the common goal that WE ARE ALL ONE and that ONE IS GOD!

The main emphasis of these days will be Love, Truth, Brotherhood and Joy and on March 12, 2011 the Universal Energies will promote our benefactor of Joy – our Heart as the seat of our Soul. Look at this date as the key to the beginning of understanding how all of these Universal functions work in unison rather than apart. The more we will focus upon leaving selfishness and competition behind and work together the better we will all be! This will be the time to expand our boundaries of understanding to seek balance in our lives without ego in order to Create Joy within the Great Brotherhood of Man!

Joy is a misunderstood function in our lives as people think it to mean celebratory elation but the Truth to the matter is that Joy simply means contentment in all that we will do without pendulum swings in our emotional states. On March 13, 2011 the Energies will work to provide the way to lead our lives into a state of contentment and Joy. The way for Joy to become a stable part of our lives is through our Path of the Heart that will lead us into the New Millennium. These Paths of the Heart will be derived from within and not from the economic scales of survival meaning that we will be utilizing our Soul’s natural talents to lead us into a new economy of Spiritual Life instead of death! Count on these days to inspire your heart and Soul to seek Light and Love to find your path for the Joy in Living!

On March 14, 2011 the entire Universe will be uplifted with a growth spurt of Love to envelope all the Universe’s beings of Life! Use this day to your advantage by using it to relax if you can so you may absorb these rays of Love from our Cosmos. The dimensional doorways for the Great Transformation will almost be complete but this day will be enduring in intensity of Love! Unparalleled in magnitude this day will provide the greatest access to those who have been moving in the direction of the New Millennium!

The New Millennium will have reached its greatest point of emanation as all decisions and choices will have been made by the completion of March 15, 2011. Now the dimensional gateways of entry for those of the Legion of Light and Man of Destiny will proceed to open and grant the Power of becoming Co-Creators with God once more! You stand to prosper in the New Millennium to lead the movement so that all will be enveloped with Love and Light for now will be the time to begin to work as a unit within the Brotherhood of Man!

The previous dimensional doorways into the New Millennium have been closed and sealed for the time being and on March 16, 2011 the last of these will begin to appear before us. This day’s dimensional doorway will call for us to apply Love and Truth without ego to interfere in your Purpose for the New Millennium. If however, your authentic self is dominated by ego the Universal Energies will function to issue a lesson plan that will bring you into the New Millennium by forcing you to process the Truth about yourself and your needs! Many will think they can go through this process alone and neglect God but truly they will learn the Truth!

On March 17, 2011 all will begin their processes of entry into the New Millennium with the first wave of participants making their entry soon while others will need to learn more about their own Truth. Regardless all will be on schedule to begin in the New Millennium long before the commonly perceived date in December 2012! For now let Truth and Love lead you into the process of your beginning of Joy in Living for the New Millennium!

The completion of this series of dimensional doorways for the Great Transformation of the New Millennium will occur on March 18, 2011. This date will ask you to apply all the Love you are capable of into your world of influence so that your entry into the Brotherhood of Man and the New Millennium will not be delayed. It will be a choice in which many will perceive that they will be on track because the concept of “rugged individualism” thrives so much today dividing rather than absorbing everyone into a unified body functioning to succeed!

Many years from now when we will look back at the Days of the Great Transformation we will speak about these days with honor and revelry much like the previous generations spoke about their great wars of Freedom for these will be the Days of the Great Transformation that will set us all Free! Free from want, Free from fear, and Free to trust one another once more! God be with you in these days for God is Everything and Everything is God!