Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Infinite Possibilities

April 2011 will feature the release of the Energy of Infinite Possibilities upon Earth and though there will continue to be friction due to Earth Changes and Man of Destiny trying to hold control the New Millennium will stay on course! For until the middle of April 2011 think not about the current state of flux upon the Earth but rather think about the things in your Heart and Soul that will bring you Joy!

The month of April 2011 will begin with the Universal Energies of April 1, 2011 asking us to seek calmness before the storm about to start. Choices will be made and they will not have the Hand of God to lead them. Instead look now for Man of Destiny to operate in a status quo mode while the Legion of Light will await their next assignment. Brotherhood and Joy are the promise of God and will not be held from those who will continue to seek it!

What will be most sought in these days will be the Spirit of Truth and Love! On April 2nd the Universal Energies will provide the Energies of Exploration for our Hearts and Souls as the new commodities of value. Your worth to your Heart and Soul will soon become the assets of Truth to guide you and Love to share in exchange for profit in your Soul’s work for others. How absurd that would sound in the days long gone when you would either choose a Spiritual Path or an economic pathway that would promote Spiritual impoverishment rather than the coming New Millennium and all it will bring in!

The greatest hindrance to gaining the Spirit of Truth and Love will be the way of ego. Seek Balance instead of the way of ego, as ego will continuously try to keep you in fear and survival mode so that the Universal Energies of April 3, 2011 will be negated. The Energies of this day will function to establish the Foundation of the Leading Heart’s Expression for the New Millennium and will continue in this direction unless negated through ego’s fear and interfering way of Truth and Love!

Potential is what could be and not what is. If Reality supported our Creations in the context of the most superlative form of the Reality of the New Millennium, it would have already appeared but unfortunately we are deceived by ego into thinking with limited beliefs in our concepts. On April 4, 2011 the Energies will lend support to increasing our awareness into new possibilities if only we will trust our thoughts and ideas of Change! Let go and allow yourself to expand and grow, Man of Destiny and Legion of Light!

Grow and increase with the Energy of April 5, 2011, as the Universal Energies will emphasize the Way of Joy! Become aware of this new Energy designed to establish a precedent for us to measure Contentment and Joy. If you allow this Energy to permeate within you, you will be experiencing the Fifth Dimension in all of its Glory! Immerse yourself and become a CO-CREATOR WITH GOD and Live in the Light and Love!

On April 6, 2011 the Universal Energies will be bringing an Opportunity of Choice in the Way of Light and Love. The Universal Gateway will be open to allow the experience of the Fifth Dimension to proceed in your life and experience in the New Millennium. Open up and feel the Power in your thoughts and ideas for your future as you will be given access to The Unlimited Realm of ideas! See this to be the Way you will experience and act upon the Energy of the New Millennium so that the promised Spiritual Prosperity will manifest in everyway you shall choose!

Will everyone understand the message of Brotherhood and Joy by April 7, 2011? Sad to say but world events will shape the message of Brotherhood by the need to support others by circumstances rather than by voluntary actions by those in places of high commerce. However, the experience of Sharing and Cooperating will be functioning though not on the expected level of the New Millennium though some will be pouring their Hearts and Souls into the groundwork needed to build the infrastructure of the New Millennium.

Man of Destiny will have a bountiful experience of Sharing and Cooperating with the Legion of Light on April 8, 2011 as the Universal Energies will provide a bridge to gap the difference of understanding and processing. Look now to the Legion of Light to offer the way of Peace but be rebuked for working with leaders of Man of Destiny as they will function with their lack of understanding with a need to lead by egos rather than their Hearts! The Bridge of Understanding will only be offered for this day and April 9th when the choice of voluntary action will be made available for a last time until there will be NO CHOICE!

Our Universe is expanding and growing and for this reason, everyone and everything will experience Growth and Expansion of their own. The Universal Energies of April 9, 2011 will usher in the Foundation of the Leading Heart into place for the forming Brotherhood of Man. Collect and gather your thoughts and actions to allow them to assist you in working with the God Change already in process and do not let your worldly experiences lead astray from the Truth of what will be the New Millennium!

What your experience will be in the accelerating Energy towards the New Millennium will be decided by you through your access to the Four Corners of the New Millennium - Truth, Love, Brotherhood and Joy! Work with these Spiritual Gifts of the Heart and on April 10, 2011 you will be able to maneuver yourself beyond the ensuing Chaos and Confusion of these days of the Great Transition. Everywhere you will turn and seek your fellow Man you will engage in conversations with God. Practice Love and Practice until your Heart will be comfortable with a Change that has been in process since time began!

The month of April 2011 has begun. This critical month in the process of the Foundation of the New Millennium will set all the precedents that we will begin with before the end October 2011! Live in Light and Love now to gain your foothold and balance for the days to come when your Path of the Leading Heart will not only lead you but BECOME YOU as a Creature of Light and Love with Unlimited Possibilities in the New Millennium!