Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Time of God Part 2

The middle portion of February 2011 will bring closure in the current Universal Year to begin the New Universal Year on February 17, 2011. Will you be ready for the Great Transformation already underway? The time will be right for implementing and undertaking new projects of Love in your heart’s path for the New Millennium soon but for now we will need to complete our projects of the previous year.

Open your heart and mind to the Universal Energies on February 10, 2011 and acknowledge concern for your fellow Man. Look upon world events to monitor your interest as vicariously you will feel and know what may come to the lands you live if Change does not take place consciously. Let your leaders know and feel your pain and struggle, as the New Leadership of Light will be making strides to propel themselves to the forefront to lead us into the New Horizon.

Seek your place in the New Horizon with the Brotherhood of Man and learn to become what your heart will place before you on February 11, 2011. The Love you shall place from your heart and into all of your endeavors for the coming Universal New Year will be what only dreams could have brought forth. Dare to dream and let that dream lead your heart into the Time of God! If worry and struggle come to you, fear not for the Great Transformation will bring you back into the place of your heart to heal!

The Beginning will be near but on February 12th make strides to bring your beginning for the Time of God into your Pathway. All efforts will fail unless the key to your endeavors includes all of the Love in your heart. Man of Destiny let the beginning of your commitment to life in the New Millennium include your greatest hopes, dreams, and aspirations for if it is in your Soul’s best interest it shall be so!

Continue to focus upon your greatest hopes, dreams, and aspirations on February 13, 2011, as the Universal Energies will grant form to your Soul’s task and its needs for self-growth. Let the greatest inspiration of who you can become lead your heart into growth with wisdom and sagacity for the generations to come! The days of pain and struggle will be over when you let go of fear to become the greatest person you can become!

If there shall be a time to give closure to the past it shall be on February 14th as these days before the Universal New Year will come to be soothing for all except those who will hang on to the old reality. Look now for signs of the New Horizon appearing in your life as the days for those who will lead us into the Great Transformation will make it ready for those who will follow the way of Light and Love!

The days to garner and harness the Power that you are will be available on February 15, 2011 by the Universal Energies. The Power you are will lead you with Love and Understanding for that is who you truly are, Love and Understanding that is God within you! Take charge Man of Destiny and follow your heart with all its Love and inspiration to lead you into the New Millennium!

The great day of Rest will be here on February 16, 2011. It shall be a day to look back and reflect upon all that you have been through in the Year of Change for now the real work of our tasks and endeavors of God will be upon us! See this day as a gift for well done efforts of the Soul and as a day of good cheer for your fellow man. The Days of the Brotherhood of Man will be here and the more we will look after everyone the better we will all be!

The Doorway of the Great Transformation will be here at last on February 17, 2011 as the Universal Energies will decree to you to Create your Path of Love and Joy! By now you will know that the world is in a state of flux not because of the need for punishment but because the Great Father of All will be delivering upon His Promise of Peace and Prosperity for one and all! Let this day be the New Beginning for all that you will do not for the sake of the body but for your Soul’s work!

The foundation for Creating your Path of Love and Joy will require Love from all of your heart and Soul on February 18, 2011. Though you may think that this would be an impossible task because of bodily needs, ask yourself which came first the body or the Soul? The Soul is your connection through the Spiritual Realm that unites us all into a living and breathing vibrating world. You Create through your Soul from the Creative Forces of the Universal Energies that form the entire world around you!

The first days of the New Universal Year will bring forth your Soul’s Pathway. If you should desire to let others demonstrate the effect of the New Horizon stay tuned and watch on February 19th the world around you through your media sources. News will immediately travel far and wide about Change through the Powers of the Great Transformation. Wake up and do not let yourself fall behind for a Great New World awaits everyone upon Earth!

The Great Transformation on Earth is underway and will come with the expectation that all you will think and do will be from the essence of your heart and Soul. Love and Light will be the key to every endeavor we will begin and implement in our lives. Now will be the time to LIVE in the Reality of all your hopes, dreams, and aspirations, so go with all your gusto!