Thursday, January 20, 2011

Changing of the Guard Part 3

The main theme for the month of January 2011 has been the process of Transformation in all that we will think and do. This will not be an easy process by any means but will be necessary for our growth in all things for entry into the New Millennium. The remaining days of January 2011 will continue the Changing of the Guard with more emphasis upon Spiritual Growth in understanding the New Way of Life. Some are still resistant to this Change and some even feel that they are not affected by the Universal Energies push to include them as they move their lives in lateral moves to progress themselves.

Which way will you go Man of Destiny? The Universal Energies call you once more on January 22, 2011 as the Energy will become much more intensive in its crucial request for your entry into the New Millennium! There will be more weather patterns of precipitation upon the Earth as she attempts to cleanse herself of Man’s negative ways but you are learning the Way of Brotherhood Man of Destiny as you help and assist your fellow Man with the Earth’s inundations! Continue to Share and Cooperate and the Earth will release you from your reluctance to Change for the New Millennium!

The planet of Prosperity and Expansion of Thoughts, Jupiter, will be back in the sign of Aries on January 23, 2011 after a four-month journey in the sign of Pisces. The four-month journey has made us redefine our definition of the New Prosperity by expanding our concepts of what is Illusion and Reality and we will have until February 9, 2011 to implement what we have learned. Let this not be a burden to you Legion of Light for Man of Destiny will still be stirring to keep things as they are but they will not have long and neither shall be your wait Legion of Light!

The key in the Time of God will be and always was to Live in Joy with Love but somehow the message was misconstrued and adapted to serve Ego instead of our Souls. On January 24, 2011 the Universal Energies will remind us of what Living in Joy is all about with the Energies display of Love meant for adjusting to the New Energy of Lovingness and for our Foundation in the New Millennium. There will still be those without this Foundation and they will be expend their Energy trying to hang on to the past and thereby negate their own future.

The time on your hand Man of Destiny is precious for not only yourself but also those around you. Your time will be best spent considering your future rather than the past on January 25th as you will have the opportunity now to begin to exercise your right to Share and Cooperate with those who are not only your brothers in blood but kindred in the Spirit learning and adapting to the new rules! The new rules require that you live with Love and Truth in your heart to enter the Dimension of Love. The old world is passing away and the New Horizon awaits you!

If you could design your life exactly how you would like now will be the time as the Universal Energies configure themselves to share the message of a New Horizon coming to the forefront on January 26, 2011. There will be some days that may feel longer than this day but redesigning your life will allow your imagination to run free! The key once again will be Love. The Legion of Light will be getting closer to unifying and bringing with them a message of Brotherhood and Love for all to emulate and become.

Entertain the thoughts of Joy in your life and bring them closer to Reality on January 27, 2011. Joy is an inner feeling of contentment stemming from satisfaction with your effort to be in the Rhythm of Life. It is not as rare as you may think but will become more readily available as the Veil of the Illusion will be exposed for what it is – A FALSE LIE – as Truth of all things will be revealed to everyone! God is Love and not fear and greed expounded for a false sense of security in the future for now God’s Light and Love will be the goal to seek! 

The countdown to the New Universal Year will be at 20 days on January 28, 2011, as the Universal Year will begin on February 17, 2011. January 28th will introduce an Energy Vortex to become what Man of Destiny may desire it to be. The Energy Vortex has been withheld from him until he will seek his Spiritual Progress. What will it take for him to Change and refocus his life? More negative media to remind him of what he lacks in his life? More propaganda from the government to remind him of his daily condition? No, the Energy Vortex will wait for Man of Destiny to focus upon his Spiritual Self!

On January 29, 2011 the Universal Energies will bring those who placed their Love and Spiritual Self into the Energy Vortex to find Progress in their Pathway for the New Millennium. The New Millennium will not yet be a year old until March 21, 2011 but the call for bringing your life into the New Horizon will soon be here. Now will be the time to imagine where your future will take you so that you may conceive the Spiritual Prosperity for your time in Service to God!

The month of January 2011 has sent many dreams, thoughts, and visions for our minds to process. The trend will continue from January 30th until February 5, 2011 when the Changing of the Guard will be completed. Keep a journal and keep track of some of the dream sequences that will have you flying or being a superhero or even gathering with unlikely people. These will all be symbolic events to allow your mind to process what and where your likely direction in the Way of the Spirit will take you. Enjoy the process of your Spiritual Growth, Legion of Light and Man of Destiny!

The Universal Energies of January 31, 2011 will be setting up events for the Universal Year to come on February 17, 2011. These events are currently in process and will send many to truly seek their Spiritual Processes. Even in these days you will see political clout being traded as if there is no Transformation in the Changing of the Guard but be assured that we will all be in the New Millennium. January 31st will hint to those who access their Joy in these days and allow themselves to be led by it will prosper the greatest in the Days to Come!

February 2011 will begin the Universal New Year on February 17, 2011 and will function to establish the foundation of the New Millennium. The rules in Creating our lives have already been Changed where we will have to place the emphasis of our Soul’s task first in our lives. This Change will shift the problematic living standard of placing our bodies before our Souls and bring us all into line with the new standard. Truth and Love will need to also be at the beginning of any endeavor we will undertake. Now seek the Joy in Living with God Standards for your life in the New Millennium!