Monday, January 10, 2011

Changing of the Guard Part 2

The momentum of the year 2011 has already begun and for the remainder of January 2011 the Universal Energies will continue to provide an influx of Energy to Transform our entire way of thinking and acting for the New Millennium. Though the effect will be subtle at first it has already begun and will be an ongoing process until everyone is involved and participating with the Laws of God rather than Man’s Laws. Now will be the timing of our Choice to enter the Dimension of Love or not.

On January 11, 2011 the Universal Energies will begin to offer an Opportunity to choose to enter the New Millennium’s Dimension of Love. This Opportunity will last through January 12th and will set the precedent of all our future experiences. Most will partake and learn how to “go with the Flow,” and to relax after years of stressful living as if in an addiction, It will take some time as some will not have the conceptual vernacular to understand what it shall mean to be without fear to motivate them.

January 12th will continue the choice for entry into the New Millennium’s Dimension of Love. The most basic rule upon the Earth Plane is the rule of Freewill. This rule will mandate us to expand our experiences with whatever our Soul desires whether we perceive it as good or bad depending upon what it is we will need to learn. Now however the Earth and our solar system have chosen to shift the experience upon Earth towards learning to understand the meaning of Love and working as a unified team in Brotherhood. This change will also bring the lesson of Trust to the forefront.

The Legion of Light will begin to form ranks on January 13, 2011 according to his/her assigned task of Light and Love to benefit Man of Destiny’s beginning in the New Millennium. Some Lightworkers will come from obscure and diverse backgrounds. These placements were made for the sake of Earthly experience for those who will bring in the Hand of God upon Earth do not have the experience of negativity or fear in their hearts so do not be swift to judge the person next to you for they may be an Angel in disguise!

We will still be in the Universal Season of Rest on January 14, 2011 as in the background the Legion of Light and Man of Destiny will prepare themselves for their calling and activation in the coming Universal Season of Creation’s beginning which will be on February 17, 2011. In the mean time spontaneous laughter and camaraderie will fill the call for making and forming relationships for the Brotherhood of Man. Likemindedness will attract likemindedness in these days as the formation of the Brotherhood of Man will kindle new relations for the purpose of becoming solution minded rather than whiners and complainers for the Changing of the Guard will also call for a Change in Power!

The basis of all that will begin the Changing of the Guard will be that Truth will be available to one and all. No longer will those in Power have the ability to state an untruth without a swift reprimand from those whose task it will be to check them. On January 15th the time for Man of Destiny to step forward will be upon him as he will no longer be allowed to shirk his duties and responsibilities to himself so that he may become a True Man of Destiny with accountability and responsibility for his Soul’s task. Listen carefully to your heart’s voice within and respond to the call it is asking you to undertake!

The planet assigned to Activating our hearts and intentions, Mars, will be in the sign of Aquarius on January 16, 2011. This will signal that preparation for the call to Brotherhood will engage us into activities with others as a response to common needs and ways of support. Kind words will go a long way today as will instructing another in the ways of Lovingness which will help them for a lifetime.

The Universal Energies will bring into motion Man of Destiny’s foundation for developing a Loving attitude in all endeavors he will undertake in his future on January 17, 2011. This will come as great encouragement for the Legion of Light who will have to wait while God’s Hand in Man’s life begins to take shape for the New Millennium. Have faith Legion of Light for the wait will be worth it! Take time to prepare for your new task in the New Millennium.

The Energies of January 18, 2011 will be displaying the symbols of success for Man of Destiny as he will now be able to utilize his Foundation of Love in his pathway. This will be a success for older Souls but those of Man who have much to learn or have forsaken their own Soul’s work will need to process thoughts of Love to remember that God cannot enter into the negativity of their world but can only be sought through Love. Legion of Light this process will be a welcome sign for the New Millennium’s Prosperity will be in God’s timing!

The availability of Man of Destiny’s pathway for the New Millennium will be contingent upon his ability to Love himself as well as others beginning on January 19, 2011. This shall come to mean that whatever endeavor he will choose for his pathway it must be through the Spirit of the Brotherhood of Man and for his Soul’s progress. Should he choose not to live with an attitude of Lovingness in the Brotherhood of Man he will be subjected to a lesson in which he will learn that Love is the only abode of God!

January 20, 2011 will be the last date in which the Sun will be in the sign of Capricorn. It will also be one of the final days that Man of Destiny will be allowed to choose his own Pathway and Purpose in the New Millennium. Consider this choice carefully Man of Destiny as the Legion of Light awaits your choosing for their own Pathways to prosper for the Sun will be in the sign of Brotherhood, Aquarius, on January 21, 2011.

On January 21, 2011 the Sun will be in the sign of Brotherhood, Aquarius. The Legion of Light will now begin to assemble into triads at first and then groups of seven and then into multiple triads times seven until the entire Network of Light is established upon Earth. They will role model to Man of Destiny the main issues of Brotherhood, Sharing and Cooperating, and Lovingness. Be ready for the Earth Plane to glisten with Love and Light!

The Energy of Trasforamtion will be with us through the end of January 2011 and on into early February 2011 for soon the Universal Calendar of Creation will begin and the Changing of the Guard will be complete. Now will be the time to learn and prosper with Love and Light while the Legion of Light readies themselves for honoring God and the Universal Energies with the ability to Create all things in Lovingness!