Saturday, August 7, 2010

The New Awareness Part 2

The middle days of August 2010 will continue the implementation of a New Awareness into our conscious thoughts. These new conscious thoughts began with the Universal Energies’ release of the Phoenix Energy into our hearts and souls in May 2010. Now we will begin to utilize these thoughts with care and responsibility to implement our Path of Destiny for the Joy of Living in the New Millennium.

The Universal Energies of August 11, 2010 will begin the next Battle of Light against the Dark Forces of Man. See this date to stir the passions of the Rhetoric of Negativity by letting their lack of understanding in the Change taking place lead them like speeding messengers on horseback to spread malicious and threatening messages of impending doom. Though they may think that the threat comes from outside of their sphere of influence it is their own inner turmoil that enrages them into reacting! The Days of Spiritual Change are here and are calling upon each of us to activate our Soul’s evolvement!

On August 12th the Flow of the Universal Energies will set the course for All Man’s Progress towards the Beginning of Spiritual Change. Guide your heart and soul into the Realm of the Unlimited and see and hear and feel the Reality of the New Dimension in which you will begin your Path of Destiny. The more you resist and hold on to the past the less likely you will achieve your Life of Joy! Move forward with the Path of Light and gain your Destined Spiritual Prosperity!

August 13, 2010 will bring out the seeds of further unrest for the Realm of Negativity for they shall no longer be allowed to control the Bounty of the Earth! It will be in these days that what Mother Earth has willingly shared with All Humanity only to be controlled by the few will She stop Her sharing. Hear this Man of Negativity you will mark this date as one in which you shall blame the Legion of Light and the New Millennium for your undoing as if you are the VICTIM! Look around you Man of Negativity and be warned that your insatiable ways will only lead you towards your own ruin!

The Energies of August 14th will bring in the Manifestation of the Path of Destiny for the Legion of Light and the Man of Destiny, who are already within their tasks. Let this process bring Growth and let it Become the Way of your Truth and Love in these days of Ultimate Change! And there will be more Chaos and Confusion for the Realm of Negativity! They shall choose to continue their plan to gain control over All Humanity as if All Man is their property and subject to their wills of greed. The only gain they shall make will be to remove themselves further from their own Spiritual Truth!

Chaos and Confusion will befit Man of Negativity, as he will begin to spin out of control from his place of false security on August 15, 2010. Man of Negativity will not see that his controlling choices will not bear fruit but will remain within the darkness of his soul. There his choices will develop to consume him from inside for what he creates will commingle with his soul and make him angrier! All Man remove yourself from the pathway that Man of Negativity creates with his false witness and silver tongue. Enter into your Path of Destiny, All Man, and become a Man of Destiny and access the Unlimited Ways of Growth and Thought to Create your place of Truth and Love within the Brotherhood of Man as the Legion of Light Creates the New Beginning.

The Season of Harvest approaches but there is still time All Man to progress yourself into your Path of Destiny for the Universal Energies of August 16, 2010 will bear a gift for All Humanity! The Spiritual Gifts that will ensure your Spiritual Prosperity will be at hand! Think and feel from the urging of your Soul and there you will find the connection and the way of your Spiritual Gifts! Seize the moment but shield yourselves from the Realm of Negativity! The Realm of Negativity will repeatedly attempt to influence their way of control. They will speak with reason and then appeal to emotion and fail. They shall then try to control with their only asset and that is the monetary value that will rapidly lose its own appeal except to those who serve it as their god!

On August 17th the Flow of the Universal Energies will bring to light the Beginning of All Humanity’s movement into the proper direction of their choosing for here will be the Truth and the Way of each Soul’s Spiritual Prosperity. Take the time to inventory yourself and look to see whether the Flow of Love receives as well as gives to others in equal parts. We have begun a Spiritual Journey that will take us beyond all expectations for Life on Earth.  There will not be the need to pray to heaven and life in the thereafter for we will Truthfully be in the Process of Creating Heaven on Earth!

The Universal Energies will rest on August 18, 2010 and will allow the paths of some emerging All Man to enjoin the company of Man of Destiny and the Legion of Light in the establishment of the Foundation of Truth and Love. The Realm of Negativity will not rest, as they will attempt to sweeten their daily rhetoric for the enslavement of All Humanity through financial constraints and will offer the need of their power as the ONLY solution to the Chaos and Confusion they have caused! Man of Destiny and Legion of Light rest this day and wake up tomorrow as a New Being of Light!

The Season of Harvest will begin on August 19, 2010. We will now be in the third of four phases in the Rhythm of Creation. The first phase is equal to springtime when we begin the Season of Creation to implement our Spiritual Plans. The second phase is like summertime as the Season of Growth and will give us guidance and direction in our Spiritual Plans. The Season of Harvest is likened to the season of autumn when we will see and benefit from the implementation of our Spiritual Plans and the final phase is the Season of Rest and Joy that can be best described with the Joy that the holidays bring at wintertime when we make time to enjoy each others company in a state of relaxation. Time in the Phases of Creating with the Universal Energies is the Rhythm of Joy and not a countdown to death!

August 19, 2010 will mark the beginning of All Humanity’s Need for Spiritual Change. It will be these days that will have each and every Soul examine their capacity to Love and give Love and remain on course with Truth. Pay attention to your thoughts for these are tied to the Essence of your Creations as each thought is a kernel of truth based upon your belief system. If the belief is that there is no way to move forward and Create the Change we are Responsible for in this time period then we are All Man but if we believe and KNOW that Change is Eminent, and it is, we shall all become Man of Destiny. Make this change for there will be much more Change beyond our senses to come!

Concentrate and collect your thoughts! The Illusion of Fear and Doom brought on by the heretical words of the Realm of Negativity will prevail because they will scream the loudest. Empower yourself with thoughts of Love and Truth to prevent the slander they will preach to keep you where they think you belong, beneath them enslaved to the shackles of your own fear of survival. August 20th is a wonderful day in which to access the Unlimited! It will allow you to enter your domain of wisdom to restructure your thoughts of Goodness and Worthiness towards your Path of Destiny. Stay the course and you will prevail for soon EVERYONE will NEED to seek his Destiny in the New Millennium and there will be no way out except by REBIRTH!

The Spirit of Cooperation will be the strongest need on the social level while strengthening thoughts of Love and Truth are the need of the personal level for the remaining time until mid September 2010. Make time for yourself for the strength and courage to remain on task during these days of Change. We are only at the beginning stages but prepare now for the Ultimate Change of our lives, which will come long before December 21, 2012! Know this now and let yourself become immersed into the New Economy forming by the Legion of Light and Man of Destiny! Gain your Spiritual Prosperity now and move ahead with God Purpose!