Sunday, June 6, 2010

Truth as the Beacon Part 2

The emphasis of the Universal Energies in June 2010 will continue in a pattern indicating that we will be growing and expanding our souls’ new roles in the New Millennium. To accomplish our next steps we will be called upon to enter into the Partnership in the Brotherhood of Man. This phase began on June 11th and completes on June 21, 2010. Coinciding with the acknowledgment of our participation as a Partner is the beginning of the Truth Beacon, which shall be our guide into the New Millennium.

In the beginning of June 2010 the new standards of Love and Truth replaced the old security based needs standards that caused all mankind to separate himself from one another and divide into rivaling families, clans, and nations. This will no longer be accepted, as you will witness politicians and leaders of commerce diminish in their roles by demonstrating their version of truth and becoming evidence that the New Standards are in place.  While the old guard remove themselves through their own undoing a new movement of leadership with the Brotherhood in their hearts and souls will progress forward to lead our nation into the New Millennium.

June 16 and 17, 2010 will emphasize our need to commingle our energy within the Universal Energies’ movement to enter as a true Partner in the Brotherhood of Man. June 16th will allow us to absorb the surge of this benefiting energy while June 17th will function to release our karmic pasts to allow us to progress into our New Purpose. June 18, 2010 will produce a plan designed to let Truth ring throughout the land and let us proceed with the motto of “to thine self be true!”

June 18th will also begin a Final Battle between the forces of Light and Darkness as those who are insistent that the rules on Earth have not changed from the old security based needs standards to the new standards of Love and Truth will openly move to retain their hold upon All Man. See this drama to unfold from June 18th through mid-July 2010 when all the economic markets will have been cornered and manipulated so that those who have almost achieved their control will now only have each other to turn against.

June 19th will see an Opportunity of Choice to be given for All Man to become Man of Destiny as a Partner within the Brotherhood of Man. Choosing this pathway will ensure that your Destiny in the New Millennium will manifest while the Legion of Light battles to alleviate the Chaos and Darkness upon the Earth. June 20th will be the Eve of Manifestations as the Universal Energies shift to a lower gear to reveal the voices of the opposing sides of Light and Darkness.

June 21st will be a Day of Manifestations. Not only does the Truth Beacon reveal its prominence upon the Earth but three other signs of New Millennium’s beginning also make their appearance. These are the manifestation of New Millennium’s Pathway and Purpose, Man of Destiny’s beginning in the New Millennium, and Man of Destiny’s Partnership in the Brotherhood of Man! These are significant steps in the process of Creation as we are almost halfway to seeing our entire Reality shift towards everything that has been prophesized from the days of old so keep on dreaming and creating what you would do for the rest of your life.

The Form of Destiny has now been set and on June 22nd we will be inspired to set our hearts and souls upon the ideas we love to hold near to us. Whether they are long lost dreams and wishes, or ideas that were never placed into action, make them live once more for we are almost there! June 23rd will give the momentum for those long lost aspirations with a new beginning for Unlimited Growth while June 24th will have us holding those aspirations with Love from the God Source to move these projects from our souls into their inevitable manifestation for now we will become like Foundations of Love to move with the Flow of the Universal Energies.

June 25 and 26, 2010 will bring in a progressed Opportunity of Choice for Man of Destiny. The choice for Man of Destiny on both of these dates will serve to remind us of the Joy our thoughts can bring if we become a Foundation of Love and move forward with all the dimensional facets that those thoughts entail. June 26th will produce a Lunar Eclipse that will not interfere in the Legion of Light’s ensuing battle against the Dark Forces of Man. Instead the force of the Eclipse shall function to diminish the power of the Darkness and further loosen their hold upon Man of Destiny!

June 27th will serve to strengthen our thoughts towards the processing of their manifestation in our world. June 28th may bring some doubts with these thoughts but as long as you remain true to your new intentions and purpose you will not loose track of your goals and continue in the Flow of the Universal Energies. June 29th will turn those doubts into Love so that once again we may take hold of what matters most within us. As the month of June 2010 ends, June 30th will see that our task of Re-Creating our world from Chaos to the New Millennium was much easier than we anticipated because we took control of our thoughts and focused them in unison.

We have only begun our Season of Growth on May 20, 2010 and are now witnessing the events of the inevitable being of the New Millennium.  Soon when the Season of Harvest begins on August 19, 2010 we shall finally be seeing that our minds have been creating towards becoming Co-Creators with God once more but in the mean time July 2010 will need us to pay attention to our thoughts so that fear and guilt do not set in to hold us back!