Monday, February 1, 2010

The Restoration from Chaos

The month of February 2010 will be divided into two energy cycles. The first will complete the current Creation Calendar Year while the second will initiate a series of spiritual changes that will not complete until man and light are accommodated into the New Millennium. Additionally the Earth will be elevating her own pathway following the cleansing of her negative energy due to the changes she has just completed.

The Earth’s elevation into her new pathway will create a partnership to support the spiritual works of man and light for the New Millennium and by cleansing her own negativity she has expectation that man and light will follow. Her elevating pathway began January 29, 2010 and will last until February 23, 2010 shortly after the new Creation Calendar Year begins. When completed the Earth’s pathway will increase the need for man and light to create a Sharing Economy in which wealth is defined as “the destiny of carefree thought expanded through the knowledge of Love” in order to supplant the current fear driven economy.

After the middle of February there will be three dates in which the Universal Energies will surge while the Earth is making her subtle adjustments. These dates are February 2, 6, and 9, 2010. February 2nd will be a day in which man’s thoughts will need to merge with the Earth’s plan for their pending partnership while February 6th will have man and light looking to identify the areas in their lives that do not allow them to move forward in their chosen pathways. February 9th marks the apex of the Light Battle against man’s negativity and here does every man win as the negative forces begin to dwindle until the beginning of May 2010. The last date to acknowledge is February 17th as it signals the ending of the Creation Calendar’s year and holds back the Universal Energies until the next day.

The New Creation Calendar Year begins February 18, 2010 and the task to bring the Restoration from Chaos begins to take place. The first four days will bring forth a sequence of changes beginning on February 18th. This date will necessitate us to internalize to better seek and find our required changes to enter into the Flow of the Universal Energies. Doing this task will allow us to replace our current foundation of understanding for one that heightens our awareness to what we are to create in this New Creation Year.

From February 19th to February 21st the Universal Energies run high. The 19th and 20th bring in the energy to allow us to initiate our pathway for the New Millennium because we have already come to understand what we needed to do to accomplish our pathway and now we can grow into the path of our plan as it IS POSSIBLE to achieve! Recall the message posted in our July 2009 blog:

The main opportunity of July 2009 was a message to “seek knowledge to create a state of goodness in your life. Surround yourself with all that is near to God. This is the foundation to be built with Love to guide the spirit of the New Millennium into place.”

February 21st emphasizes how to achieve attainment for growth in our chosen pathway. This was brought together through our recent progressive learning in the context of our understanding and aims in finding our destiny in the New Millennium and maximizes our partnership with God and the Earth.

The remainder of February 2010 will continue with two prominent energy patterns that remain on task until almost the end of March 2010. The first begins on February 19, 2010 and seeks to establish the Brotherhood of Man in order that we sustain our growth into New Millennium. The second begins on February 24th and functions to assist those who are severe cases of negative energy and have chosen not to participate. By forcing their inner processes to examine their spiritual selves they shall be finding a new beginning from which they will create in another pathway and honor the mantra to bring the Restoration of the Earth from Chaos.