Friday, July 6, 2018

The New Tomorrow

New Day Nova Gaia

No matter how arduous, confusing, or incomprehensible our lives may seem, all pathways on Earth lead directly into the Universal Pathway of Light, Love, and Harmony. 

Light is Light.  Love is Love.  Harmony is Harmony.  

The True experience of our Soul connecting within the Universal Pathway of Light, Love and Harmony will always achieve an expression of our Soul’s Joy.  Our Soul’s Joy is a mutual experience of both giving and receiving for the pure Love of giving and receiving - with no strings attached.  

The Soul gives and receives Love in a mutual and reciprocal exchange with the Universe.  Every experience on Earth – everything that we hear, see, touch, smell and taste consists of the Light, Love and Harmony of the Universe! 

Humanity tends to forget that we are all Spiritual Beings having our human experience while living in a material reality within physical bodies.  The Soul’s intention is to re-member how to express our Soul’s Spiritual Purpose - thereby connecting our Soul into the entirety of the Universe.

We are all functioning within various levels of spiritual knowledge as we seek to find our way into the Universal Pathway of Light, Love and Harmony on Earth. The majority of humanity looks outside of themselves for all of their answers.  They have forgotten that they have a strong, eternal and unbreakable connection to the Universal Pathway of Light, Love and Harmony.

Light is Light.  Love is Love.  Harmony is Harmony.  That being true, there is only ONE Pathway on Earth – the Universal Pathway of Light, Love and Harmony!

Yesterday carried us into a today that will lead us into tomorrow. The Universal Pathway of Light, Love and Harmony is not located right “here” or over “there” or even “beyond us”.  It is entirely contained within our Hearts and Souls!

Mother Earth is now shifting and turning Her body into a new direction – Her own NEW Universal Pathway of Light, Love and Harmony aligned through Vega in the Constellation of Lyra.   Slowly, but surely, She continues shifting and turning Her internal magnetic cores.  Slowly, but surely, humanity will also realize that the yesterday that carried us into today is not producing the same tomorrow.  A New Tomorrow is on the horizon.

Light is Light.  Love is Love.  Harmony is Harmony.

On July 10, 2018 the New Tomorrow begins to emerge - not outside of us, but within us all! The stirrings from our Soul’s Divine Plan have been emerging within us through the linkage of our Soul’s memories. 

The human physical mind can only interpret what it can hear, see, touch, smell and taste. Our Hearts and Souls, however, are designed to perceive the Universal Pathway of Light, Love and Harmony upon Mother Earth where everything is connected to the entirety of the Universe.

IF we remember to acknowledge that Light is Light, Love is Love and Harmony is Harmony, we will perceive the entirety of Mother Earth’s magnetic shifting and turning as a transformation of everything as it truly is – Light, Love, and Harmony! 

Not through a sequence of magic, but through a process of shifting and turning of our own – the shifting of leadership from the physical body’s mind to our Hearts and Souls. 

On July 10, 2018 a New Tomorrow begins to emerge! 

With our guidance achieved through our Hearts and Souls, our New Tomorrow will begin to steady and balance between what is needed and what no longer serves us to align us within Mother Earth’s Balancing Point on August 22, 2018 - when there will be enough individuals on the planet utilizing Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimensional Vibratory Frequency – to  surmount the efforts of humanity’s attempt to keep Mother Earth’s former Fourth Dimension “alive.” 

Light is Light.  Love is Love.  Harmony is Harmony.   Everything on Earth is returning to its original state of being. The Universal Pathway of Light, Love, and Harmony awaits us and will liberate whatever hinders and delays the Soul’s Spiritual Purpose. 

There is only ONE Pathway on Earth – the Universal Pathway of Light, Love, and Harmony! 

As our New Tomorrow emerges on Earth, humanity will all be on its way to emerging as the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe and becoming a Power of Oneness serving to fulfill and complete our Soul’s Spiritual Purpose on Earth – with Light, Love and Harmony to Create JOY!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Choice

Chris Saunders.jpg

What do we believe our purpose on Earth to be? 

Are we here merely to maintain the social order that we were born into in order to serve as replacement bodies for our ancestors born before us? 

Do our beliefs about our purpose on Earth include a consideration for the environment that we exist within through Mother Earth? 

Religious systems teach that humanity is more than the physical body and that we have an internally derived purpose through the One Spirit called God.

Many have not carefully examined their own beliefs.  It is unlikely that they will do so in the very near future. Could it be that most do not want to acknowledge the process of Change in our world, where the only constant is Change itself?

“Safe thinking” accommodates our expectation that the future will be the same tomorrow as it is today.  Most humans follow the protocols of the past in order to ensure a foreseeable outcome for the future. This is the thinking process that minimizes risks in life by denying their existence.

By denying Mother Earth’s active role in mankind’s purpose on earth – as if our purpose on earth were established by individual willpower rather than a shared endeavor – humanity 
assumes that the landscape of our environment will always remain the same. 

This is the heart of our current predicament, Dear Ones.  We are accompanying Mother Earth as She journeys into a new and shared experience of Fifth Dimensional Time, Space and Motion!

We can go it alone in seeking our purpose on Earth.  Many have.  Many do.  There comes a point when we realize that we are not quite as independent as we would like to believe we are.  Humanity needs the contributions of others to achieve our intended purpose. 

The majority of humanity has been taught that their purpose on earth is best fulfilled by his/her economic purpose.  Purchasing power – through a “job title” – is one’s economic purpose. Our Soul’s Spiritual Purpose is fulfilled through the experience of connecting our Soul into the entirety of the Universe! 

As we progress further into the future, many will ponder upon their purpose on Earth.  Rather than pursuing a long-term solution for adapting into our Changing world, most will only consider solutions that serve to maintain the status quo within our current social structure.  

These are new times, Dear Ones, requiring us to ponder “outside the box”. Our preparation for Life within Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension and The Calling to our Soul to fulfill our Soul’s Spiritual Purpose is almost complete!  A new paradigm of Time, Space and Motion is now in effect through Mother Earth’s evolution into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension! 

The Soul is permanently connected into the entirety of the Universe.  The Soul requires our Conscious Awareness to access the entirety of the Universe.  Without the Soul’s Conscious Awareness – and permission – humanity will remain physical beings in a herd waiting to be led from one pasture to another.  

Now is our Time to gain the experience and protocol of making decisions from our Heart and Soul!

Since April 13, 2018 humanity has been engaged in a period of Spiritual Growth.  This period of Time will serve to integrate and enhance the experience of our Hearts and Souls in Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension!  Everything is already in process – though many are not aware of the merging Collective pathway with Mother Earth’s own pathway.   

Who is in charge?  Who is determining our direction within Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension? 

No one is actually in charge.  No one is determining our direction for us.  We are each entirely responsible for our own direction.  We are each entirely responsible for determining our own pathway within Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension. 

How can we choose our own pathway when we have not yet discovered our purpose on Earth? 
The Choice – the Choice to reveal our true purpose on Earth!  Herein lies the dilemma many will hope to postpone.

The future is unclear to most of humanity today.  They believe that “If today is the same as yesterday, so then, is the future”.  Thus, there are no worries and no problems. We just continue in our economic purpose as if we were still reliving yesterday. 

Change is the only constant in our physical world. Many people will see the next economic downturn as a cyclic event and not truly what it is – an indicator of Mother Earth’s Fourth Dimensional Vibratory Frequency coming to an end in December 2018! 

What do we believe our purpose is on Earth? 

These are the days of The Choice.  This is the moment for the individual to choose to reveal his/her true purpose with Mother Earth.  Each choice will affect each and every living Life form on Earth.  Humanity is the only Life form on the planet enabled to choose to bypass and/or ignore the Choice.  Bypassing and ignoring the Choice is a choice! 

The results of The Choice will not be instantly revealed.  

As humanity moves closer to the completion of its use of Mother Earth’s Fourth Dimensional Vibratory Frequency on December 27, 2018, we will also be marking the end of individual endeavors of willpower to accomplish and manifest on Earth.  Our pathways within Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension are a shared endeavor of Time, Space, and Motion.  There will be no other way! 

From April 13 through July 9, 2018 we are and will all be within a Time frame designed to enhance the experience of our Hearts and Souls for our application in Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension. 

If you could see the Choice – hear its presence or even touch it – you would likely believe it’s actually here.  But you can’t and you won’t.  You can only feel it and be made aware of it through your Heart and Soul! 

We are HERE and NOW, Dear Ones.  Only the endeavors and experiences of the Heart and Soul matter – not just for you – but for the entire Collective Whole of Mother Earth and the Life forms She supports upon her body! 

We are HERE NOW. There will be no turning back.  We are not leaving Mother Earth to find another planet and another purpose elsewhere.  Humanity is here on Earth as Co-Creators of Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimensional world through The Choice to facilitate our true purpose with Mother Earth!

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Merging into Our New Reality

The Calling to each and every Soul on Earth emerged upon us on December 1, 2017 and will not diminish its presence until December 14, 2018, when we will all have decided whether or not we will respond to it. In the past, our choices and decisions were rarely as direct and succinct as the choice before us – the choice to decide whether or not we are going to merge our Soul’s Spiritual Purpose into Mother Earth’s future within the Universe’s Fifth Dimension. Although most of humanity has seemingly been within a perpetual cycle of Learning – Learning Love is All Things – throughout their experiences of Mother Earth’s Third/Fourth Dimensions, many will have to decide, once and for all, if they are truly capable of advancing beyond a primordial mode of existence. To assume that each and every human being on Earth will instantly summon the full content of his or her Heart and Soul beyond the lesson of Love would be a great misunderstanding and an even greater expression of expectation for everyone. Since April 13, 2018 we have all been provided with a period of Time serving to expand our Soul’s Spiritual Growth – to develop our ability to trust, to ascertain Truth with certainty, and to gain confidence with our Heart and Soul’s timely guidance. Our Soul’s Spiritual Growth period is relatively short, from April 13 to July 9, 2018, but it’s simply that everyone committing their role with Mother Earth will have much to do soon, dear Ones, for we are Merging into a New Reality!

Our Merging into a New Reality is already occurring and will become much more prevalent in our near future with Mother Earth. Most of the experiences we now encounter within our New Reality are commonly occurring in solitude and sometimes, even in some social situations. We are a great minority within the realm of humanity but with every change and transformation we each achieve towards the expression of the full content of our Soul’s Spiritual Purpose, the more the entire world around us changes and transforms through incremental increases in the presence of the Fifth Dimension’s Light Waves around us! Mother Earth is now transitioning to reveal the vibrational strength of the Universe’s Fifth Dimension and beginning to facilitate our Merging into a New Reality! We may now feel as if we are acting alone within our isolated locations on Earth, but we are not! Each and every Soul choosing to enable the full content of his or her Soul’s Spiritual Purpose is actually serving to increase and expand the Universe’s Fifth Dimensional Vibrational Frequency on Earth. Our growth and expansion is servicing our Unity Factor – the Unity Factor we now share with every liked hearted human being involved in utilizing Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension Vibratory Frequency! We will still encounter spaces of Mother Earth’s Fourth Dimension Vibratory Frequency until December 27, 2018, when Mother Earth’s Fourth Dimension extinguishes in potency except in the memories of humanity!

When we no longer question the “how, what, why, and where” of our reality, reality becomes a mere form of habit or tradition, a thing “handed down.” Our Fifth Dimension Experience will be entirely contingent upon the guidance provided by our Heart and Soul, especially when we begin our Re-Organization period with Mother Earth on December 28, 2018, thus leading us towards the initiation of our Society of Light from September 2019 through February 2020. Why does our response to the Calling matter? The segregation between Mother Earth’s Fourth and Fifth Dimensions is expanding as a Reality Split of Dimensions! We are enabled with an innate ability to experience Life without Time, Space, and Motion, albeit without our physical bodies but with our Spiritual bodies – our Light Bodies! Initially, it will be our Light Bodies that will serve as the “vehicle” of Merging into our New Reality! Our Soul’s Spiritual Nature Creates ALL THINGS, as our Soul’s ability to Create originates within our innate ability to commingle and blend the Light, Love, and Harmony provided by the Universe to use upon Mother Earth. The Calling to decide whether we will merge our Soul’s Spiritual Purpose into Mother Earth’s future within the Universe’s Fifth Dimension is here now. Its Presence is not apparent to all of humanity and most will likely not even give it credence, even if the compelling signs and signals of its Presence are becoming even more obvious!

What can be more obvious than our current state of economic turmoil, unpredictable weather patterns, compounded by a prevalent lack of harmonious international relationships? Humanity’s answers are not located in past responses but within our Soul’s Spiritual Purpose – within the Soul of each and every human being! Mother Earth’s “Balancing Point” will occur on August 22, 2018, when the balance of Mother Earth’s former Fourth Dimension Vibration Frequency will be diminished enough to be equalized and surpassed by humanity’s use of her new Fifth Dimension Vibration Frequency. If we were placed upon Mother Earth only to serve an economic purpose rather than a Spiritual Purpose, humanity would be classified as AI, artificial intelligence serving as subordinates and superiors in support of a hierarchal structure. Each and every human being on Earth is endowed with a Spiritual Purpose and is now being called to respond to the Calling of his or her Soul’s Spiritual Purpose. This is an event unlike any other we have witnessed in the past, dear Ones! This is an event that involves our Soul’s Spiritual Purpose and unifying it with every like hearted human being involved in utilizing Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension Vibratory Frequency! We are now moving towards a world emphasizing the Conscious Awareness of the Light. Love, and Harmony of the Universe in accomplishing everything we contemplate, say, and do on Earth! For we are Merging into a New Reality based on the strength of our Unity and Oneness!