Sunday, January 13, 2019

The Walk of Faith

Humanity operates within a path of faith – faith that everything will work out and faith that things are progressing towards our “highest good” and faith that we are making the “right” decisions, etc.  Humanity’s experience of faith remains today as it was a century ago.  Humanity continues to experience our world upon Mother Earth with faith  – even as we did in the ancient past.  

The only thing that has changed within humanity’s evolving experience is what we have faith in.

Our faith is subject to change within the material world. This fluctuation is not due to humanity’s disposition to be indecisive – or, inconclusive.  Rather, our material world is subject to change because of Mother Earth’s own Natural Changes.  

Humanity’s ability to adapt to Mother Earth’s Changes is the Collective’s key asset. Historically, our faith has served us well in subsisting within the many environments produced by Mother Earth.  Mother Earth is now transitioning into the Universe’s Fifth Dimensional Experience.  Humanity is along for the ride.

As Mother Earth immerses Herself further into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension of Experience, all of humanity is in a process of initiating his, or her, own Walk of Faith.  Humanity’s Walk of Faith involves the shift to our Soul’s Divine Plan, thus leading us towards the emergence of our Society of Light.  Without the guidance of our Soul’s Divine Plan, all we would be doing is replicating our existing societies – as  if we were replacing our old car with a new one. 

A brand new Energy Grid is emerging within Mother Earth!  Mother Earth’s brand new Energy Grid is evolving through Her emerging new Magnetic Pole Star – Vega – in the constellation of Lyra.  Alignment to Her new Magnetic Pole is in development.  Its’ time of prominence will occur between April 2020 to and through March 2042.  Mother Earth begins initiating her physical bodily changes for the Fifth Dimension during that time. 

Has humanity evolved enough to begin a Walk of Faith towards the Spiritual Awareness to actualize a Society of Light?  Only through self-discovery will our part and our role within the entire scheme of the Universe’s grand structure be discovered.  

Just like faith, they are within us – not outside of us.  What is faith, but the self confidence and self assurance of Knowing that “Yes, everything will work out.” and Knowing that “Yes, we are progressing towards our ‘highest good’” and knowing that “Yes, we are making the right decisions.” The actual discovery of our part and role within the Universe comes through experience, awareness, and Knowing. The experience to decipher our Life’s cues, the awareness to move towards our cues’ directions and the Knowing we are at peace with who we are.

On January 15, 2019 the activation of our participation within humanity’s Unification with Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension begins and, with it, a New Realization – the actualization of our Future Self.  

Could this be me in the NOW?  Could this be me gaining the experience, awareness and Knowing of my Fifth Dimensional Self?   Yes, it is.  The need to respond to our times has arrived.  The Time to place our Soul’s Walk of Faith into motion has arrived!

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

The Unification Phase

Humanity counts time in days and minutes and hours and seconds.

We use Earth’s revolution around the Sun, approximated at 365 days – plus 6 hours – to complete what we call a “year.”   In order to accommodate the additional 6 hours and maintain Earth’s pace around the Sun, humanity inserts a “leap year” – a year with 366 days – every four years. The year is divided into 12 months and, further, into 52 weeks comprised of seven days. The smallest unit of the year is the day, which is organized by hours, minutes, and seconds.  

Humanity’s organization of time upon Earth took us away from recognizing star patterns in the skies at night to clock watching. How can setting Nature to the wayside serve to allow us to remain a part of Mother Earth, and for that matter, a part of the entire Universe?

On December 27, 2018 – in union with Mother Earth – humanity begins its next phase.  The Re-Organization of Mother Earth for the Fifth Dimension begins.  The Re-Organization of Mother Earth begins as an initiation phase through August 12, 2020, and will actually be an ongoing project as future generations enter into the New Reality with us serving as the Initiators of Humanity’s Unification phase!

Humanity now enters the Unification phase.  Modern societies will no longer serve us!  The process of humanity’s Unification will happen in the background of our societal Chaos and Confusion as the organization of time loses its significance and importance.

Humanity’s organization of time has become an economic diversion of human potential.  Lost within our endeavors to become economically proficient cogs in the societal machine is the beckoning of our Heart and Soul’s Purposes.   We became more dependent upon our societal schedule and less so upon our Hearts and Souls.  Our Human Nature has been diverted towards what we are required to spend our time paying for rather than allowing our greatest true ally and asset – our Heart and Soul – to express itself.

Mother Earth’s Re-Organization for the Fifth Dimension begins on December 27, 2018 and serves just one purpose – to activate our part in Unification with Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension!

Together, Dear Ones, we will be expanding the Universe’s Light, Love, and Harmony through the Time of the Universe – in our movement as One Soul!

Friday, December 14, 2018

One Love

When our days are filled with doubt and uncertainty, we feel helpless.  Our minds wander from fearful thought to fearful thought.  Equilibrium is lost in the fear of this mind-space. 

We can make the choice to still the mind through the practice of meditation. 

Within this space of stillness, doubt and uncertainty are introduced to clarity and peace.  Stillness promotes the Mindfulness of Peace and Oneness.  Within this space – with devotion to our practice – we see, feel, and become One with the Universe.  Within this space we enter into the Heart of the Universe’s Guidance – the Expression of All Life!

The Expression of All Life within the Universe flows All That Is towards the fulfillment of Its entire Beingness – Its Heart’s Expression!  In service to All That Is, humanity also flows to fulfill its Collective Heart’s Expression – each of us serving to integrate our Spirit into the Expression of All Life! 

Within the Collective Human Heart’s Expression, the Expression of All Life serves as the pinnacle of the entire human expression! Within our meditational state of stillness, we see, feel, and become the Universe.  We are entirely within the Heart of the Universe and find clarity, peace and Oneness. 

Humanity is finally leaving the experience of Mother Earth’s Third and Fourth Dimensions behind!  Within the space of clarity, peace and Oneness, Dear Ones, you will see it, feel it, and become the Expression of All Life as Mother Earth completes Her own expansion – evolving the Fifth Dimensional world within us all!

On December 14, 2018 Mother Earth aligns Her Heart’s Expression within the Universal Grid of Fifth Dimensional Sun-Stars – serving to align Her evolving Fifth Dimensional world and humanity’s Souls into the Universal Expression of All Life on Earth!  Humanity’s Souls – responding to honor our promises towards fulfilling our Heart’s Expression within Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimensional world – will participate in Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimensional Experience. 

On December 27, 2018 our collaborative Expression of All Life will serve through our contribution to help in Mother Earth’s Re-Organization. There is no big or small, as our contribution matters and will serve in reorganizing Mother Earth for the Fifth Dimension!

Though appearances seem otherwise, All is One – operating as One Single Unit moving towards the fulfillment of its entire Beingness – its Heart’s Expression!  The Heart’s Expression is the concentrated form of the Expression of All Life simply moving as Love concentrated into Purpose of re-unifying the Original Seed of Beingness!

In our meditational state of stillness we have the opportunity to be totally aware of the Unity and Oneness of everything within the Universe. In the world of senses, we see, hear, and feel the isolation caused by our misunderstood separation in the physical world. Our meditational state of stillness will always be our guide to Reality.  Here upon the physical plane we have a new paradigm expressing a New Reality to us.  When we recognize our combined Expressions of All Life as One Expression of All Life we will not only experience clarity, peace and Oneness, but also move to restore the Original Seed of Beingness upon Mother Earth!

This is where we are, Dear Ones.  Humanity is moving into Knowing its Oneness – an entirely new realm and new experience of the One Heart!

On December 14, 2018 we align with Mother Earth’s Heart’s Expression into the Universal Grid of Fifth Dimensional Sun-Stars.  Humanity begins – in earnest – the Reorganization of Mother Earth for the Fifth Dimension on December 27, 2018.

All is One Love!