Monday, June 10, 2019

Beyond The Illusion

Recognizing where we are now in Mother Earth’s evolving Fifth Dimension may seem in many ways like seeing a mirage with our eyes and minds. Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimensional world is not now, nor will it be, experienced as an instantaneous moment of change but rather as an act of spiritual entropy.  

Humanity continues to experience a 3rd dimensional illusion that is sustained by old belief systems as demonstrated by our world’s many weaknesses and dramas.  The 3rd dimensional world is shifting from a seemingly ordered state to a state of disorder and chaos.  For now, the world’s financial system remains based upon a fiat money, rather than God’s Currency – the Currency of Love. There are persistent rumors of war and international disputes.  Daily acts of violence are “normalized”.   

Humanity’s role upon Mother Earth is now shifting and preparing us for our new role within the Universal Community of Sun-Stars – that of experiencing a Universal Self.   We can all understand how the experiences of our 3rd and 4th dimensional world are vibrationally maintained, but will we be capable of comprehending beyond those old beliefs? 

The time to begin our Reorganization beyond the disorder is now upon us.  We all have a comfort zone that must be consciously expanded in order to create a New Fifth Dimensional Comfort Zone and release the full content of our Hearts and Souls.  Third and Fourth Dimensional experiences of duality and separation were designed by the personality to allow us the freedom to express our chosen preferences freely.

Intuitively we know this to be true: A physical system is not going to gain more organization unless energy is put into it.  We realize that things will decay over time unless we actively maintain them. Spiritual entropy says that no matter how hard we try and cling to the old standards and ways  – religious, social norms, political philosophies, etc. – we cannot grow spiritually as closed systems. 

Mother Earth has already entered into a New Reality.  She is now evolving towards a new experience.  She has a new perspective for the Universe’s Fifth Dimension.  Humanity’s focus through the lenses of past 3rd and 4th dimensional experience must shift to a higher frequency – that of 5th Dimensional attributes.

Mother Earth is leading us towards a process of discovering our newly awakened gifts and talents for our entry into a New Reality!   It is all happening with or without us – the world is changing and aligning with Mother Earth’s evolving Fifth Dimension!  Our world’s current state of disorder will not change until we get involved.  It may be as simple as expressing Love and compassionate understanding towards a stranger, or a gesture of  “Good morning.” to someone. The simpler the act, the more natural we will all become in the process.

Those choosing to remain in the 3rd and 4th dimensional illusions will be just as content with where they are now.  They will continue allowing the world’s current leadership to fix and remedy the world with their own corresponding beliefs. 

The world’s current state of disorder is the physical entropic outcome of humanity’s 3rd and 4th dimensional experiences of living out of Harmony with Mother Earth and each other.  Mother Earth’s evolving Fifth Dimension is a long awaited opportunity for humanity’s “do over”.  Our “do over” is an opportunity to remove our old comfort zone and co-create our new Fifth Dimensional Comfort Zone encompassing and integrating God’s Currency, the Currency of Love.  We are leading – and being led by and towards – Universal Unity in all that we think, do, and say!  

Humanity’s move Beyond The Illusion is producing the Fifth Dimensional Reality that exists beyond the entropic reality we now experience.  We hold the key within our Hearts and Souls – the key of integrating God’s Currency of Love in all that we think, do, and say!  Mother Earth is now establishing an Energy Wave to accommodate our shift Beyond The Illusion. 

From September 7, 2019 through February 20, 2020, all physical change needed to manifest the Fifth Dimensional Reality on Earth will be initiated by humanity through Mother Earth and Her Solar System’s interactions within the Universe’s Grid of Fifth Dimensional Sun-Stars.  Thus, we co-create our Society of Light

Yes, things will get worse before they get better.  A state of entropy will be upon us – and the entire Cosmos - until mankind moves Beyond The Illusion of the old ways!

Peace and blessings - in Love and Oneness.  Namaste.

Received and written, edited and shared in co-creation - Alexandar Kosmos & Brenda Garcia.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Our Heart and Soul’s Presence

Humanity’s shared role with Mother Earth is manifested through our Soul’s ability to Co-Create our entire experience.  There are no Universal rules or laws to approve – or disapprove – of what we want to Co-Create during our experiences of physicality on Earth.  

Humanity now enters the precipice of a New Paradigm of Achievement – an era of surmounting the collective dilemmas of our Lives.  What is a “paradigm” and what does “achievement” have to do with it? 

Wikipedia defines ‘paradigm” as a pattern – or model of thought – used in our conceptual processing of the world.  To experience a paradigm shift is to experience a profound change in a fundamental belief, model, or perception of events.  In other words, “the world ain’t what we thought it was” and we must come to terms with this realization.  It rocks our world.  It Shifts our individual and collective consciousness and opens our energy to new ideas and ways of being in the world.

This process is ‘hit or miss’ as we – in our desire to resolve our issues – allow a new paradigm to be born.  Sometimes we achieve a great outcome for a single moment.  Other times we achieve even more.

Our current world is shifting and changing into an entirely New Reality.  Is everyone ready to release our past sense of achievement?  What did we “achieve and by whose standards?”  Did we achieve Joy and Happiness and Peace and Harmony? 

If we are truly aligned with our Heart and Soul’s Purpose, we will no longer be experiencing the pressing issues and dilemmas of the old reality in our manifesting New Reality.  Fewer choices will be made strictly with our minds.  In the New Reality, we are naturally attuned and in alignment with the entire Universe.  Choices and decisions are served by our Hearts and Souls.  When we do what comes naturally, we fulfill our Heart and Soul’s Purpose!

By shifting consciousness to fulfill the content of our Hearts and Souls, we promote our Soul’s Joy and Happiness and we transform our Self for a New Reality – a New Paradigm of Achievement.   Those humans satisfied with the status quo will have little need to change and transform.  There are many in this now moment letting their minds choose for them.  They know no other way.

An increasing segment of humanity IS becoming aware of a New Reality manifesting through Mother Earth’s evolving Fifth Dimension.  These humans are experiencing a sense of peace, relaxation, and Unity that comes through the achievement of the new paradigm of the Heart and Soul’s Presence!  This shift in frequency that humanity is now experiencing, was never about redistributing wealth, or replacing leadership, or forming a world government.   

This is a Shift of Consciousness that the Whole of the Cosmos is now experiencing.  For humans it is entirely about expanding our Conscious Awareness from our minds to our Hearts and Souls’ Presence!  Humanity’s entire evolution with Mother Earth is being completely supported and orchestrated by Universal Energies – predominantly the major and minor Sun-Stars that we see in our skies.  The Sun-Stars do not function in isolation.  The Sun-Stars work in tandem to support All Life. 

Humanity’s unique role is to Re-Create our Ancient Home upon Mother Earth.  Such a goal is grand and not beyond our current capabilities.  We are entering into an entirely New Reality where we are required to shift and expand our Conscious Awareness from our minds to our Heart and Soul’s Presence!

From May 2 through June 4, 2019, humanity transitions from a learning phase to an application process with Mother Earth’s evolving Fifth Dimension.  This learning phase serves to increase our ability to adapt and acclimate with Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimensional frequency.  

The application process of our adaptation with Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension will occur from June 4, 2019 through December 27, 2020.  Humanity, thus, produces an experience of relying more upon our Hearts and Souls – rather than our minds. 

What will the experience of relying upon our Hearts and Souls be like?  Will we know the difference between our minds and our Hearts and Souls?  

Here’s a hint …
Simply look for the experience of touching your Heart in all that you say and do.  Realize that you are touching the entire Cosmos through your own Heart and Soul’s Presence!

Peace and blessings in Oneness.  Namaste.

Received and written, edited and shared, in co-creation - Alexandar Kosmos & Brenda Garcia.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Adaptation and Acclimation

Where on the existing Planet Earth can we find a model of Unity?  We yearn to touch, see and experience this energy.  We want to Know Deeply that Unity is not a figment of our imagination. 

The concept of Unity originates from the remembrance of our Ancient Home ingraining every impulse from our Soul.  To Unify is to achieve one common goal – to bring our Ancient Home to Mother Earth.

As we collectively begin to remember who we are and why we chose to incarnate on Earth, mankind will begin moving into motion to Unify – merging like atoms unifying to create matter.   Unification does not randomly move into motion through an outside Force.  Unification requires an attracting Force resonating from conscious thought to Unify and merge into Oneness in order to express our Soul’s Purpose.

We are One – individually and within a collective, that together coalesces the physical body with the Soul – that attribute that makes us One with God/Goddess All That Is.  God/Goddess All That Is is not one.  God/Goddess All That Is is not many.  God/Goddess All That Is transcends those ideas.

We don’t need to believe or do exactly the same things, or even replicate our thoughts like clones of each other.  Humanity is now moving well beyond the global stage of our evolution, as we recognize humanity resides in many nations and lands all over the world with the power to readily communicate with anyone at a moment’s notice – anytime and anywhere. 

The question of the day is “What will the next step be?”   To remain within the same station of our global evolution will produce stagnation.  To move to fulfill our need for Unity is to achieve Oneness with God/Goddess All That Is.  

Where will the motivation for everyone to commit to Unity Consciousness come from – within or without?   History serves to remind us what our predecessors decided to do in confronting their own issues and dilemmas of the past.  Will humanity choose to replicate those same decisions and continue to repeat the past?  Will humanity simply “kick the can down the road”, leaving the issues and dilemmas to our children?  

Mother Earth’s evolving Fifth Dimensional evolution is completely different than any previous experience humanity has encountered in the past.  Mother Earth and Her Solar System are entering into the Universal Community. The Universal Community is in Oneness with all peaceful entities.  If humanity continues on its course as a divided race of people within the vast Universal Community, humanity will not only be completely limited in its capacity to comprehend the ways of the Universe, but will also be limited in the experience to make decisions for prospering within the Universal Community.  Humanity’s limited history as a unified race of people upon Mother Earth is in need of great of development.

The opportunity to fulfill humanity’s development towards Unity is occurring now through humanity’s role to adapt and acclimate within Mother Earth’s evolving Fifth Dimension.  Humanity’s motivation to Unify and BE in Oneness with the Universe must begin within the individual conscious thought of each unique and individual entity. 

For humanity to be forced into unifying together will simply augment the three biggest issues and dilemmas prevailing over humanity’s current world: 

1) Climate Change (What we have done to our home), 
2) Capitalism (What we have done to each other), and 
3) The diminishment of reliance upon our Hearts and Souls (what we have sacrificed – our Soul’s growth). 

The use of physical force has never produced willful participation in anyone. The question of humanity’s total Unity is a waiting game of patience.  Not everyone is certain or concerned that either of the three prevailing issues of our days (Climate Change, Capitalism, or the lack of our Soul’s growth) can be immediately resolved or even attempted to be resolved within our lifetime. 

Mother Earth has a schedule to maintain with the Universe.  She will not be waiting patiently.  Mother Earth completed Her own Fifth Dimensional Transition on March 27, 2017.   It is now humanity’s turn to enable our own abilities to transition with Mother Earth into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension.  How it will be done and what will the next few years reveal are still in question.  Will humanity – in all its diversity – unite to Unify?   Will humanity address Climate Change, or the disparities caused by Capitalism?  What about recognizing the fulfillment of our Soul’s True Purpose instead of generalizing its use as prescribed by religious organizations? 

From May 2 through June 4, 2019 humanity will begin transitioning from a learning phase to an application process with Mother Earth’s evolving Fifth Dimension. The learning phase has served to increase our ability to rise up to meet Mother Earth’s higher frequency, and to adapt and to acclimate with Her Fifth Dimensional consciousness.  

The application process of our adaptation with Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension will occur from June 4, 2019 to December 27, 2020.  Those already processing with an increasingly perceptive Fifth Dimensional Awareness will actually do quite fine with the expanding insights of our Hearts and Souls.  The application process of our growth with Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension will serve to manifest not only an increased awareness to Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension, but also an increased trust to respond appropriately to the intentions of our Hearts and Souls. 

This will require patience!  Humanity’s process of learning to distinguish reality from Reality will take time, experience and discernment!  In time All will recognize Time for what it truly is – the movement of the Soul, gain the experience to recognize the difference between what is real in reality and the Real within Reality, and the discernment to Know the difference between what can be achieved with Mother Earth’s Third/Fourth Dimensions and the expansiveness through unification within the Universe’s Fifth Dimension! 

Some things in these coming days will come fairly easily and naturally to our Being-ness.  Other things will need to be acquired through the elements of time, experience, and discernment.  And patience!  

Slowly and surely Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension is manifesting for humanity’s learning, usage and wisdom. Surely we can remember our Ancient Home?

Peace and blessings in Love and Oneness.  Namaste. 

Received and written, edited and shared, in co-creation - Alexandar Kosmos & Brenda Garcia.