Sunday, June 21, 2015

The New Horizon’s Pathway

If you have ever taken a road trip to a distant location by car or bus, you completely understand the itinerary of shifting into the Fifth Dimension on Mother Earth. You will see a sign from time to time reminding you that your intended destination is getting closer. Everyone riding with you is gaining in excitement and enthusiasm for whatever may come ahead. Those in the background servicing the roads, at the fueling stations, and the eateries, are nebulous to you and your party except for the business you might bring in to them. The itinerary for beginning within Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension is much closer than things would appear, dear Ones, as Mother Earth begins generating her own Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration Field on June 24, 2015. With the Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration Field building upon her, so will the presence of all the potential possibilities now lying dormant and undeveloped within your Heart’s Expression! The doorway to opening all your potential possibilities will begin on July 6, 2015, when all Souls choosing to align into the Fifth Dimension will begin entering upon the New Horizon’s Pathway!

The New Horizon’s Pathway is essentially being produced by Mother Earth’s increased magnetic field, the Earth’s magnetosphere, through the generation of her own Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration Field by increasing her daily rotational speed. The immediate physical changes she will be producing will be an expansion of the Aurora bands over her northern and southern hemispheres and an increased presence of atmospheric pressure upon her body. For you and the evolving Man of Light Souls, dear Ones, Mother Earth’s increased magnetic field will produce an expansion of your Spiritual Purpose with God in the Fifth Dimension through God’s Harmony Vibration and God Source! Man of Light Souls are not fully in Unity with God Source but will be learning from you, as they do not yet have any experience in the Fifth Dimension like you do! Aligning into the New Horizon’s Pathway will come easily and naturally for you and as you do, so will your decreasing need for man’s ways and laws unnatural to God’s Laws of Love! Mother Earth’s New Horizon’s Pathway will serve as a fast track for moving everything into the Fifth Dimension with God while her Fourth Dimension begins to diminish and wane in importance to Mother Earth, as if she were shedding her old skin!

By increasing her magnetosphere, you will begin to see some striking wonders of nature being produced by Mother Earth. Some will astound the boundaries of experience of not only the experts but neophytes as well. The most noticeable of these wonders will be the increase of the Earth’s atmospheric pressure and the prodigious super storms she will begin producing. These super storms have already been occurring intermittently in the recent years but will increase in frequency and magnitude from June 24, 2015 through May 21, 2016, when Mother Earth will be shifting into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension. The super storms will actually be a byproduct of Earth’s superheating process of her interior subsurface to induce the momentum required to increase her daily rotational speed, and to secondly, produce the expanded magnetosphere to build her Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration Field. Mother Earth’s second most noticeable wonder of nature will come in expanded Aurora bands over the boundaries of her northern and southern magnetic poles. The Aurora Borealis and the Aurora Australis will expand and become ever brighter and more florescent in scope of perception, and more interestingly, observable in areas not known for their presence! There will be many more signs yet to come, dear Ones, as Mother Earth makes it known to all Souls – she is getting closer to being fully immersed into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension!

The New Horizon’s Pathway will be Mother Earth’s gift for all Souls choosing to align with her in the Universe’s Fifth Dimension. Initially the New Horizon’s Pathway will serve as the way of preparing to align with God’s Presence through God’s Harmony Vibration and God Source. Afterwards, the New Horizon’s Pathway will become the way of fully experiencing the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe in Unity with God through God’s Harmony Vibration and God Source for all Souls upon Mother Earth! The initial wave of God’s Harmony Vibration began upon Mother Earth on May 4, 2015 and will complete on October 20, 2015. Following the initial wave of God’s Harmony Vibration there will be a brief interlude from October 21, 2015 through February 24, 2016. Before the initial wave of God’s Harmony Vibration departs there will be an opportunity for all Lightworker Souls entering upon the New Horizon’s Pathway to Activate with God’s Harmony Vibration from October 6 through October 25, 2015. Through the Activation of God’s Harmony Vibration, dear Ones, you will be making rapid progress into positions of prominence and leadership all over the world in order to ready Mother Earth for God’s Presence with God’s Harmony Vibration on February 25, 2016! Once the Energy of July 6, 2015 arrives, so will the sign that the final stretch of a long road trip has arrived, as the New Horizon’s Pathway moves into position!

Mass media will be predominantly focused upon the striking wonders of nature and the side effects Earth will be producing through the increase of her daily rotational speed. The Climate Change and Global Warming debates will continue with nothing of note being accomplished. Rather than seeing the positive in Mother Earth’s shifting into the Fifth Dimension, the general population of the world will be looking through the lens of gloom, doom, and economics rather than with God’s Lens of Perception. In doing so, they will all miss the opportunity to align with the Spirit of Love and look for the signs of Happiness and Joy for his or her Life’s Joy in Living! By not choosing to evolve from the Universal Dimensions of learning to Love into the Universal Dimensions designed for Applying the Spirit of Love in all thoughts, words, and actions, Man of Destiny Souls will remain in Mother Earth’s diminishing and waning Fourth Dimension missing out on the greatest opportunity to do what he or she has been preparing for throughout his or her Lifetimes on Earth – the opportunity to merge into the New Horizon’s Pathway and meet his or her Creator within Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension in person!