Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Hand of God

Creating with Love is an internal process and has unceasingly been available for all Souls in the Universe since the beginning of the individualization of each Soul from God. There are Eight Dimensions within the Universe and each serves as a stage of learning, first by God and then by all Souls who follow. The First through the Fourth Dimensions of the Universe are the Primary Dimensions of the Universe and serve as the “training ground” for all Man of Destiny Souls so that they may learn and experience Creating with Love firsthand. The Fifth through the Eighth Dimensions are the Application Dimensions of the Universe and are not a “training ground” per se for Man of Destiny, but are the Dimensions where all words, thoughts, and deeds are enacted upon with Love. Every single Dimension of the Universe was at one time the Dwelling of God and served as the placement of God’s Throne, the Foundation of Love, from which all Creation derives from. In essence, each Dimension of the Universe has accommodated God’s Foundation of Love and would be much better known in layman’s terms as the Biblical reference to “Heaven.”

Mother Earth’s transition from the Fourth Dimension to the Fifth Dimension is therefore, Mother Earth’s transition from God’s Fourth Heaven to God’s Fifth Heaven. From the First through the Fourth Dimension God’s Presence is in Essence only, much like the fragrance of a flower in a room, but without the physical presence of the flower itself. In the Fifth through the Eighth Dimensions, God is entirely Present and Proactive! God’s Presence is not only like the flower’s fragrance in a room itself but fully manifested in all ways by the characteristics of fragrance, appearance, and generative qualities. This is the difference that you and all other Souls, Lightworker Souls as well as Man of Destiny Souls, will not only come to know and realize, dear Ones, but also come to directly experience firsthand! Mother Earth’s transition into the Fifth Dimension will be taking a momentous Energy step on April 24, 2015 – the step to begin the Spiritual Pathway of her Fifth Dimension transition sequence.

The transition Mother Earth will achieve through her “Ascension” from the Fourth Dimension to the Fifth Dimension will occur in a “Tonal” adjustment of her Harmony Vibration Frequency. The “Tonal” adjustment for Mother Earth’s “Ascension,” from the Fourth Dimension to the Fifth Dimension is a process likened to acclimating to the finer pitch of a musical instrument’s treble strings after “listening” exclusively to bass strings. The difference in pitch produced in Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension adjustment will perform wonders in Creating with Love for you and all Lightworker Souls, dear Ones, and eventually, all Man of Destiny Souls when they too have accordingly completed an adjustment of his or her Harmony Vibrational Frequency with Mother Earth. Since Man of Destiny Souls predominantly function within his or her Five Physical Senses of sight, hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching, rather than the Seven Member Chakra System, the awareness of what is occurring upon Mother Earth will largely escape his or her immediate arena of perception. For you, however, your high level of Spiritual empathetic perceptions gained through your fully functioning Chakra System will enlighten you into the awareness that you are in the Presence of God!

Mother Earth’s beginning stage into the Spiritual Pathway of her Fifth Dimension Transition will initiate her three Sequential Stages of Transformation. The Spiritual Pathway is the first stage in the Sequential Stages of Transformation, while the Manifestation Stage is the second and the third is the Growth and Expansion Stage. The Manifestation Stage is when Mother Earth will be making her physical adaptations with her new Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration, which will occur upon her body from 2020 through 2042. This should not be a major concern for now, dear Ones, as any Soul upon Mother Earth during these coming years will have foreknowledge about the physical Changes Mother Earth will be contemplating unlike now where a 20 second earthquake warning is considered a major achievement! From April 27, 2015 until May 15, 2015 Mother Earth’s Spiritual Pathway for the Fifth Dimension will gain a great boost through the Universal Energy’s “Hand of God” to assist you and any other Soul needing assistance during Mother Earth’s Transition. “The Hand of God” is an Energy Frequency that is generated by God’s own Harmony Vibration and will ultimately serve to support God’s Presence upon Mother Earth!

On May 15, 2015 the Energy of God’s Harmony Vibration will begin inflowing to commingle with Mother Earth’s evolving Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration. God’s Harmony Vibration will be initially commingling with Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension Harmony from May 15, 2015 through October 8, 2015, then reappear once more on March 7, 2016 when God’s Harmony Vibration will become permanently attached to Mother Earth and all of her future endeavors within God’s Universe! The importance of knowing these dates and events will be to know the Truth now and not be caught unaware in Man of Destiny Souls’ process of evolving to progress into the Fifth Dimension with God and Mother Earth. Mother Earth will no longer be supplementing and providing support for the Fourth Dimension Harmony Vibration upon her body. Therefore, her Fourth Dimension Harmony Vibration will cease to exist and usher in the most negative events ever experienced on Earth since the days of the Biblical Flood! Man of Destiny Souls will have the power to leave the experience of the Fourth Dimension – when he or she Chooses to become engaged as a Soul seeking to contribute Light and Love within Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension!

You and the Legion of Light, dear Ones, will be leading the preparation of Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension for the advent of Man of Destiny’s experience in the Fifth Dimension. You will not experience any negative repercussions, consequences, or remnant debris from the collapsing Fourth Dimension Harmony Vibration whatsoever! So do not instill fear or be hesitant in applying the Spirit of Love in all you think, do, and speak for “The Hand of God” will be with you at every step and turning point of your way! In these days of Transition there will be much inexperience and unfamiliarity in what to expect by Man of Destiny Souls but have Heart, dear Ones, and just reach into your Heart and Soul to remember the Love within you! And know that “The Hand of God” will be here to meet you halfway, way before any fear overcomes you! All you will have to do, dear Ones, is simply reach out to “The Hand of God” with a call from your Heart and Soul, and know all is well with God!