Saturday, April 18, 2015

Love is a Destination

On May 16, 2016 there will be a New Earth rising and a New Horizon available for all Souls to Create with Love. The vast majority of Souls on Earth will not be aware that the New Earth is emerging for every Soul’s Fifth Dimension Experience, even after the Energy of May 16, 2016 has passed. There will not be a major pole shift realigning Earth’s polar regions or a barrage of meteorites bombarding Mother Earth. The Energy of May 16, 2016 will not even be noteworthy or made extraordinary by the landing of alien spacecraft to “correct” the misunderstandings of all human beings on Earth. The evidence that Mother Earth is becoming a Creator Planet for the Fifth Dimension, dear Ones, is being demonstrated through our recent inconsistent and extreme weather patterns. All one will have to do is simply step outside and sample the outdoors from his or her own location for evidence of one’s own version of extreme weather. It’s commonly being referred to as “Climate Change” or “Global Warming.” While governments impose new taxes and argue about the existence of “Climate Change” or “Global Warming” with claims based upon environmental concerns versus the economic interests of industrial giants, Mother Earth’s climatic extremes and inconsistencies will continue in momentum for a little while longer.

The Energy of May 1, 2015 will be demonstrating Mother Earth moving into the last year of her final cycle in becoming a New Earth. She began her final cycle in 1967 and moved into her last Manifestation Phase in 1994. Global Surface Temperature Statistics since 1967, and even more so since 1994, have shown Mother Earth’s incrementally increasing surface temperatures to be rising even more rapid recently. The increase of her surface temperature originates from her interior subsurface, much like a human’s internal process of consciousness internally originates any and all external manifestations. Like you, dear Ones, Mother Earth is an Ensouled Being guided by the Spiritual Energy of the Universal Energies. Unlike in your Life’s experiences, she does not have the social pressures of media, culture, and well meaning “advisors” to incessantly invade and influence her away from her Spiritual Purpose with God –  Mother Earth is the manifestation of her Higher Self. She has Choice in all matters pertaining to her opportunities of growth and evolution much like you do but is steadfast in maintaining her schedule with the Universe. At this point of Time, she is Activating and Aligning herself into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension as a Creator Planet for the Fifth Dimension!

From May 4, 2015 through July 19, 2015 the Universal Energies, with Mother Earth’s role as an evolving Creator Planet, will be presenting you with the guidance for manifesting your Spiritual Destiny as a Co-Creator in Unity with God. The Energy of this stage will correspond step by step with Mother Earth’s Activation and Alignment as a Creator Planet within the Universe’s Fifth Dimension. Mother Earth’s increasing capabilities will also serve to increase your awareness and perception to discovering your own new Spiritual skills and tools for Creating all your endeavors of Love! Your ungraded Creative Abilities with Love will come rapidly and especially prosper from June 24, 2015 through May 22, 2016 when Mother Earth will begin generating her own Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration Frequency Field in order to assimilate, blend, and merge her Harmony Vibration as an exact replication of the Universe’s Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration! For you, dear Ones, this will be a humungous step towards restoring your Spiritual Powers to the full capacity you have always known, for you know and understand that Love is a Destination within your Heart and Soul!

Man of Destiny Souls during Mother Earth’s sequence of generating her own Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration Field will increasingly lose touch with any semblance of his or her reality! They will maneuver like ships tossing and turning directionless in a massive torrential storm at sea! With no sight of the sun or moon to guide his or her movement towards land and without a Spiritual Compass to find the entryway of Mother Earth’s New Horizon in the Fifth Dimension, they will move largely out of fear! In those days to come, the logic of going from one’s habitual reference point A to reference point B will become distorted and irrational. Habitual reference point A will lead to a “new location” arbitrarily called Point C, Point X or even Point Z! There will be no sense of reality for Man of Destiny Souls during Mother Earth’s phase to replace her Fourth Dimension Harmony Vibration with her newly generating Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration! Chaos and Confusion will become the norm in the vacuum state of the waning and diminishing Fourth Dimension Harmony Vibration world!

Man of Destiny Souls serving as world leaders in these days to come will sound like repugnant schoolyard bullies bragging about their latest schoolyard exploits and fanciful wishes of his or her own hyperbole. In the ears of those aware and perceiving with the Truth of his or her Heart and Soul in the Fifth Dimension like you, dear Ones, they will be seen and heard exactly as they are – mischievous bullying schoolyard children. To those who have not yet adapted into Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension, they will sound like prophetic “Jesus-like figures” speaking ever so clearly and logically about the “exact” ways and measures needed to save his or her country from a feared enemy or economic ruin! The Way of Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe will be showing you your Way, dear Ones, for your alignment and preparation within Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration has already designated you for leadership on February 7, 2015. Man of Destiny Souls will not see the need for your leadership yet, for they will still have much to learn and much to assimilate in order to understand and comprehend that everything in the Universe is evolving! In the days to come, it will be to each and every unique and individual Soul to become like the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe exactly like Mother Earth is presently demonstrating!

Love is a Destination within your Heart and Soul, dear Ones! The Destination your Heart and Soul will be leading you towards in the days to come will be Mother Earth’s newly generating Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration from June 24, 2015 through May 22, 2016. In the month of May 2015 the entire field of Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension will continue to be in a state of flux in levels of magnitude, concentration, and strength. Not entirely because of the “stirring” element caused by Mother Earth’s daily rotation but because of the uneven distribution level of awareness and perception of Mother Earth’s evolving Fifth Dimension Harmony. Initially it will primarily be Lightworker Souls immersed in the Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration waiting for Man of Destiny Souls to assimilate and merge into the Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration, but not for too long as there will not be much Time left. The reality of Earth’s rising surface temperatures exists but not for the reasons that those perpetuating the facts about “Climate Change” or “Global Warming” are claiming. Rather, the increase in Mother Earth’s surface temperatures is evidence of her evolution in becoming a New Earth – a Creator Planet designed to respond in every modality of Light, Love, and Harmony to reproduce every single phase, quality and attribute of the Fifth Dimension!