Saturday, January 24, 2015

Restoration of the Light

Recent population estimates of our Earth state that there are approximately 7.125 billion humans on Earth. If you were to subtract the approximate number of 200,000 Lightworker Souls from the recent human population estimate, there would be 7,124,800,000 Man of Destiny Souls on Earth. Lightworker Souls represent a meager 0.000028 % of Mother Earth’s current population. For Lightworker Souls to represent 1% of the entire human population there would have to be about 71,250,000 Lightworkers on Earth, but there are not. The approximation of 200,000 Lightworker Souls represents the aggregate whole of the Legion of Light on Mother Earth. This will be the estimated number of Souls leading Mother Earth’s Transition into the Fifth Dimension beginning on February 7, 2015.

Lightworker Souls are not concentrated in any one metropolitan area or even within one nation in the world. Rather they are scattered amongst the masses, incognito in who they are and what they know and can do with the Spiritual Skillset each unique Lightworker Soul is endowed with. Most Lightworker Souls prefer to be in the background but you will find Lightworker Souls functioning in almost every public and private sector career and job category. The physical recognition of another Lightworker Soul is difficult at best, as maintaining “uniformity” in the world with Man of Destiny Souls provides no special physical demarcations such as “wings,” “halos,” or huge “space alien” eyes to distinguish a Lightworker Soul from a Man of Destiny Soul. As it is now, you can only tell an assumed Lightworker Soul by being in his or her presence and listening to the ranging depth of engaging conversation you will be drawn into. Beginning from February 3, 2015 until June 16, 2015, dear Ones, you yourself will be drawn into a Restoration of the Light process that will restore you into your magnificent glory with God in fullness!

The Restoration of the Light “process” is not Truly a “process” per se, as a process involves Time sequencing with timely internal decisions leading to a favorable outcome or event. Instead, the Restoration of the Light will be the sequencing of a single Event through Time, much like a snake would shed an old skin to reveal its new skin covering. In shedding your “old skin,” dear Ones, you will be revealing the Truth of who you are in the Universe with God. All of this will happen without the need of choosing to remain with your minimized Skillset and staying incognito or to have the Restoration of your Truest capabilities! It will just happen! The end result of the Restoration Sequence will serve to transform you from using 10% of your Spiritual Skillset to 100% of what you have to offer for Mother Earth’s Transition into the Fifth Dimension with God!

In leadership with the aggregate whole of the Legion of Light, dear Ones, you will be redefining all boundaries, limits, and parameters of thought and perceptions that involve God and Mother Earth in the New Fifth Dimension Universe. It will not be difficult for you, for you will simply be role modeling and demonstrating the Light, Love and Harmony that permeates the entire Universe upon Mother Earth! As for Man of Destiny Souls during the Restoration of the Light period from February 3, 2015 until June 16, 2015, the most important thing for him or her will be to prepare for his or her “in Unity with God” status. Currently, Man of Destiny Souls are still evolving to progress into Unity with God as Man of Light Souls, the highest status of Man of Destiny’s evolution for becoming like Lightworker Souls! In the next two years, dear Ones, all Souls upon Mother Earth will be in Unity with God for that is all Mother Earth will allow upon her!

The most difficult period of Mother Earth’s Transition into the Fifth Dimension will begin after you have been fully restored in all ways with the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe on June 16, 2015! Man of Destiny Souls will be given two more critical opportunities to progress with you, Mother Earth, and God into the Fifth Dimension. These opportunities to choose will occur from March 25 through March 27, 2015 and in a short series of last choices through June 15 until July 1, 2015. This will be Man of Destiny’s last opportunities to advance for what he or she has been destined from the beginning – to become a Co-Creator with God and Universe! This will not be an unmanageable issue for most Man of Destiny Souls but for the slowest of all evolving Man of Destiny Souls, the Reptilian Souls, it will be a difficulty to remove the “me, myself, and I” issue as his or her preferential priority. Until July 6, 2015 all anyone will be able to do is shrug one’s shoulders and let the choices go where they may, for the remaining Reptilian Souls will not be an interference with Mother Earth’s schedule with God and the Universe!