Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Sanctification

Light, Love, and Harmony are the qualities that encompass All Things in the Universe and are qualities designed for Eternal use in bringing growth and expansion. The manifestation of Universal Light is the result of Love and Harmony blending together to Create Light. Love is the Creative Force while Harmony provides the Vibration that gives Light Form to All Things. Keeping this in mind, dear Ones, will expand your opportunity to Truly understand what will be happening after two Universal Events complete on November 10, 2014 and December 6, 2014, respectively. Both Events are designed to Sanctify the current Energy of Momentum upon Mother Earth with the Universal Energies. The end result will be that your own Creations of Love will align with the Harmony of the Universe and produce the Light and the Change everyone has been expecting in the past several years! 

The Change that is coming with the Energy of these two Universal Events is beyond the comprehension of most Souls upon Mother Earth. Only a Lightworker Soul, like you, will be able to understand the details within your Heart and Soul. Universal Light, Love, and Harmony are the qualities you are made of and being so endowed with the Universal Light, Love, and Harmony, dear Ones, you will be capable of likewise Creating qualities of Universal Light Forms in all you do! After being incognito upon Mother Earth for so long, it will feel somewhat strange at first, but as you familiarize yourself once more, it will be as easy as counting to three, “one, two, three!”

The first Universal Event will be the Sanctification of the New Millennium on November 9 and 10, 2014. The New Millennium’s Activation occurred on March 4, 2014 but has largely been hidden from sight due to the fact that it would have disturbed the sequence of Man of Destiny Souls’ learning. There is no place for an unwilling Soul in the New Millennium’s Energy. Thus the New Millennium’s energy could not be forced upon any Soul to get him or her to Change his or her attitude and judgments once the Change has been brought about! This would be counter to evolutional learning. It would be similar to trying to Change a child’s behavior by coaxing him or her with all the toys and desires he or she would want without consequences!

The second Universal Event is the Sanctification of the New Horizon that is presently revealing itself. There will be many Changes and adjustments for all Souls to make and continue to make just to stay on pace with the Momentum of the New Reality! Those who have prepared well will easily make the transition and advancements that only his or her Heart and Soul would know were coming. This Sanctification will be much longer for the New Horizon than the New Millennium’s due to the fact that the New Millennium is a 1000 year Event to assist Man of Destiny Souls in learning and Creating the possibilities of Love in God’s upper dimensions of the Universe. The New Horizon Energy is an umbrella event so to speak. It covers all future Universal events and is a permanent fixture in the Universe’s upper dimensions that is now available for all Souls with permission to Create with Love and assist God with the Growth and Expansion of the Universe!

From December 7, 2014 onward, the final stage of preparation for all future Time will be completed! The final act will be Peace, Love, and Harmony with God for every Soul upon Mother Earth! The appearance of the New Millennium will begin on December 30, 2014 when all Souls who willingly decided to become Co-Creators in Unity with God will be granted his or her request to enter into the Days of Peace, Love, and Harmony with God. The Man of Destiny Souls who decided back on July 12 through August 6, 2014 to venture on his or her own journeys will have until December 28, 2014 to change his or mind one last Time. Chances are however that they will not have a change of mind and will go on to a place of intensive learning about what Love is and what Love does in the Universe!

The movement into the days of Peace, Love, and Harmony with God will still take Mother Earth two and a half years to complete. Many Man of Destiny Souls will be in a state of confusion and trying to make sense of everything happening. The Man of Destiny Souls who will prosper in this movement will be those who will evolve and become Man of Light Souls, thereby, working to assist the expansion of the Legion of Light’s leadership upon Earth on February 7, 2015. For the remaining Man of Destiny Souls prosperity will come in a series of extensive learning – learning what is happening, learning through an identity crisis who he or she Truly is in the Universe, and learning how everyone’s Love and Joy matters in the New Horizon! Mother Earth’s movement into Peace, Love, and Harmony with God will not only be possible after the Sanctification Events but will be the Way of Mother Earth!