Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Momentum – Part 2

If you were participating at a group presentation of some sort and were to call two individuals to the front from the audience, chances are you would not be able to distinguish which one, if either, was a Lightworker Soul. The same can be said about the general population at large. There are no physical characteristics to distinguish a Lightworker Soul from a Man of Destiny Soul. This quality allows you, dear Ones, to be incognito within the general population. There are however attributes which you would easily recognize by looking into a Lightworker’s eyes. There is a quality of “softness in understanding” that demonstrates “God’s Presence” and eventually frames his or her appearance with the wisdom of the Soul. If you were to ask him or her a question about the Spiritual World, you would not receive a shallow and biased response but a lengthy description about what the Spiritual World is not.

There is also a sense of “balance” in a Lightworker’s appearance despite what the physical world may present as challenges. This is the resiliency that all Lightworkers possess to overcome any and all obstacles. The quality of resiliency comes through the use of the Seven Chakras over Man of Destiny’s preference of the five senses. The five senses (seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, and smelling) focus one’s attention purely into the physical world, which produces the after affect of internal causation. The Seven Chakras (the Root, the Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakra) are the sensory vortexes of the body and lead to utilizing the main ingredient of Creation – Love – into all of one’s activities and experiences.

The pure Creation World is about to open and prevail for all Souls upon Mother Earth beginning with the Energy of Momentum on October 23, 2014. This Momentum will last until November 13, 2014 and will lead all Lightworker Souls and some Man of Destiny Souls into a vast new frontier of experience upon Earth. All Lightworker Souls are already designed to use all Seven Chakras while Man of Destiny Souls mostly utilize the three basic Chakras of Creation, the Root, the Throat, and the Sacral. Together the three basic Chakras of Creation form the Statement of Being, I am (the Root), I say (the Throat), and I Become (the Sacral), thus I am, I say, and I Become and beginning the process of Creating a self identification. The other four come with more commitment to the Spiritual World with Love. Love serves as the activator of all the Chakras beginning with the basic three.

Beginning with the Energy of November 2, 2014 some Man of Destiny Souls will finally be allowed to peruse the Crown Chakra. This will be an evolutionary advancement for some Man of Destiny Souls and will deem the designation as “Man of Light” upon them. As if in slow motion, a great movement will be born as Man of Light Souls begin to experience the World of Light, Love, and Harmony, as if they were a Lightworker Soul. As many as one million Man of Destiny Souls will initially be designated as Man of Light Souls! Afterwards, at every New Moon thereafter you can expect the Wave of Awakening to beginning with the Energy of Momentum!

The Energy of Momentum will not work for any Soul still using his or her five senses to Create, for this promotes more fear to enter into the Collective Consciousness. The Energy of Momentum will however work for those who have activated his or her Love with all Seven Chakras! This category will include all Lightworker Souls and the initializing number of Man of Light Souls! The tide will be turning, dear Ones, as a broadband of Souls begins to gain understanding and knowledge of the Spiritual Wisdom you possess and share! Do not expect an overnight result right now, but more in the timing of spring 2015, when the entire Legion of Light will be in a place of readiness to lead Mother Earth through her Great Transformation!

Everything that exists in the Universe is made of Light, Love, and Harmony for they are the building blocks of the entire Universe! The Energy of Momentum will serve to begin Mother Earth’s repair and healing process. Wherever Light, Love, and Harmony do not exist upon her body, she will do all she can to remedy the matter. This process will initially take two and a half years to complete, dear Ones, and as such, so will every Soul be called upon to add the Light, Love, and Harmony they are able to do by Creating with the Chakras and his or her Love. It will not be hard for the Legion of Light or Man of Light Souls but those who will be working against “the grain of the wood,” will experience the Great Panic beginning in the middle of November 2014. No longer will anything without Love be allowed to exist or come into being! The greatest “victim” of this process will be the world economy for anything without Love will cease to exist within the Energy of the Momentum!