Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Beginning of the Beginning

When the Energy of August 18, 2014 arrives so will the opening of the Fifth Dimension’s New Horizon! All experiences upon Mother Earth will never be the same and thus, past experiences will no longer be valid. The most important thing to revere in these days will be your personal relationship with God. Some will think this to be a religious experience but it is not, rather it is the cornerstone of your Spiritual Relationship in Unity with God! From August 18, 2014 through February 7, 2015, when all Lightworkers within the Legion of Light take charge of Mother Earth’s progress within the Universe, you will be gaining Spiritual Experience to validate your relationship in Unity with God further than at any point of Time you have ever witnessed upon Mother Earth! This will come to serve you well, dear Ones, for within your Heart and Soul is the Universe’s Foundation and the Unlimited Love required to Re-Create the Universe upon the New Earth!

Man of Destiny Souls’ choice to participate in the New Horizon or not will be completed by August 6, 2014. The difference this will produce for those who will choose to participate in the Fifth Dimension’s New Horizon will be the learning, assimilating, and Spiritual Experience to eventually serve with Lovingness in the Status of Unity with God. For those who will choose not to participate, the pathways they will choose will lead them to be removed from any place of influence upon Earth along with the loss of his or her ability to Create in the New Horizon, for no one will be allowed to Create without Love in the Fifth Dimension! In this way, dear Ones, you will not be obstructed, hindered, or blocked in any way by Man of Destiny Souls who do not understand that the Beginning of the Beginning with God is a New Era beginning upon Mother Earth!

For those who will continue to believe that nothing has changed or who continue to follow the rules of the Third and Fourth Dimensions, a multitude of further examples for learning will occur to demonstrate that there is a New Era and rules in effect beginning upon Mother Earth! Watch the aftermath of the recent warlike activities begun during Man of Destiny’s Choice process from July 12 through August 6, 2014 to see where the “Instant Karma” effect will bring the lessons of Lovingness upon Mother Earth. These negative actions will be allowed to gain momentum, not because this will increase or empower Man of Destiny’s efforts to continue in Third and Fourth Dimensional fashion but in order that Man of Destiny Souls may learn with the Karmic Hand of the Universe!

The Karmic Hand of the Universe will begin in fullness on August 25, 2014 when the first Project of Man and Light will be set into motion for the Fifth Dimension’s New Horizon. For Lightworker Souls this will mean, dear Ones, you will be in the activation mode of whatever is in your Heart and Soul to do in Unity with God! Your greatest assistance will come from the Harmony Vibration of the Universe that will be increasing and expanding fourfold upon Mother Earth from August 19, 2014 through November 13, 2014. In particular, this wave of the Harmony Vibration will be serving to boost your output of Love in order to Create with the Eternal degree and magnitude of the Universe! So be wise in your efforts!

Man of Destiny’s contribution will be limited in the Project of Man and Light by the extent of his or her knowledge and understanding about the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe for now. So do not have high expectations but an understanding that Man of Destiny Souls will finally be initiating his or her contributions in earnestness towards his or her task in order to fulfill his or her learning status for being in Unity with God. As Man Of Destiny Souls will find out, once he or she strays from learning about his or her new responsibilities, all things of “importance” will fall apart and force him or her to start over once more for the effect of “Instant Karma” will serve immediate justice in all ways for those involved!

The Freedom you will begin to internally feel in the days to come, dear Ones, will be the direct result of your Spiritual Relationship in Unity with God and the Unlimited Love you have within your Heart and Soul to express it! And as your relationship with God rekindles itself once more you will also find that you will no longer have any imaginary restrictions, boundaries, or limits placed upon you by man’s control systems! For as you know and understand, you are an Unlimited Co-Creator in Unity with God and in the Beginning of the Beginning with God ALL Things are possible and REAL in every sense for the growth and expansion of Love in the Universe!