Sunday, June 29, 2014

The 5-D Horizon

As a child, did you ever experience the feeling of being “the first” to walk upon fresh pristine snow after a good snowfall, or “the first” to place your footprints on an isolated part of a beach? The feeling of “first” left you with the sensation of being like a pioneer on expedition into the “unknown.” In the same way, dear Ones, you will again feel like a child-pioneer on expedition once more when the Energy of the Fifth Dimension’s New Horizon arrives on August 18, 2014. The Energy of August 18, 2014 is the maturation point of all previous Universal Events since Mother Earth’s entry into the Fifth Dimension on October 28, 2011. The previous Universal Events include God’s Presence Energy on August 13, 2012, Earth’s Pole Star realignment on June 29, 2013 that initiated the possibility of Creating in the New Reality, and the Activation Energy of the New Millennium on March 4, 2014. The Energy of August 18, 2014 will bring all of these previous Universal Events together and produce the Fifth Dimension’s full effect!

For you, dear Ones, the full effect of the Fifth Dimension’s Horizon will be as immediate as your Expressions of Love can manifest in order to Re-Create Mother Earth into the Fifth Dimension! For Man of Destiny Souls, however, the critical choice to participate in the New Horizon will be made from July 12 through August 6, 2014. If he or she should choose to proceed to learn with the Vibration of the Universe he or she will benefit and evolve in becoming a Co-Creator in Unity with God. If he or she shall choose not to move in this direction, there will be an extensive recycling and learning period available to learn and understand how Love is the main facet of the growth and expansion in the Universe. In this way, dear Ones, when your leadership role begins on February 7, 2015 you will not face hostility or agitation, though there will still be “static” due to Man of Destiny’s lack of trust and the lack of understanding what is Truly in his or her Heart and Soul.

The direct result of Man of Destiny’s lack of trust and understanding about what is in his or her Heart and Soul will cause an increase of confusion beginning on August 18, 201. The increase of confusion will be from the collapse of Man of Destiny’s world and all that is familiar in it nowadays – war and rumors of war, financial disparity, segregation and inequality amongst all people, and the control of Freewill. None of these issues exist in the Upper Dimensions of the Universe beginning from the Fifth Dimension upward! The reason these issues were allowed to exist in the Fourth Dimension and below is that, the lower Dimensions are designed for learning the experience of Love in all ways. Beginning at the Fifth Dimension however, Love is the ONLY way of doing all things with God and the Universe for God the Father and Mother of ALL Things is ever present!

Confusion will prevail for Man of Destiny Souls, some for a decade or less while others will take a century or more to adapt into the new Vibration of the Universe through several reincarnations. This will not be an issue to worry about, dear Ones, for your direct attention will be focused upon God Source and all the Love you have stored within your Heart and Soul to do the work you have come to do. The last week of July 2014 will be an internal adjustment for all Lightworker Souls to adapt into the Fifth Dimension’s Horizon. Even some Lightworker Souls will take a little while to recalibrate his or her frequency once more into the Universe but will be complete in less than three years. It is not that these ones of Light have forgotten who they are but the influence of man’s world caused many extraneous demands and this is difficult to release, even for the best of us.

The way Mother Earth will function in the Fifth Dimension’s Horizon from August 18, 2014 onward will be a pleasant surprise for all Lightworker Souls but for many Man of Destiny Souls it will be too shocking. Some will be more than just shocked and fall back into fear. But not to worry, dear Ones, for the Hand of God is ever present in the Fifth Dimension and will lend itself to all who will ask for assistance. With the arrival of Mother Earth into the Fifth Dimension’s Horizon you will once more feel like a child-pioneer on expedition and leaving your footprints in a New Reality! It has been a long and enduring process to stay balanced between the things we have always known as the Truth about Love and the things that we have had to do just to stay “functional” in the Earth’s Fourth Dimensional world. But thank God it’s over on August 18, 2014!