Sunday, June 1, 2014

July 2014

In the years to come Mother Earth will become a social replication of the upper Dimensions with God, or “heaven” as known in common religious terminology. In the upper Dimensions there really is no one in charge as everyone knows his or her own role within the whole and is a contributing member in Unity with God. “In Unity with God” simply means that a Soul is a corresponding and equivalent member in Light, Love, and Harmony with God in every way and manner. In the initial steps of transforming Mother Earth into a replication of “heaven” there will not be a single Lightworker leader emerging to lead the Legion of Light for all Lightworkers know there is only One who is in charge and that One is God! Things may now appear there is a long way to go to replicate “heaven” on Earth and even seem implausible at best and likely impossible. Especially when the influences of man’s currencies are introduced into the paradigm, questions such as building a financial base of support as well as supporters for the much needed changes against the system, even Lightworker Souls are in a place of questioning the timing and details about the Change.

There will not be anyone giving orders or anyone seeking permission to set a plan into motion, and the reason is that in conjunction with the Light, Love, and Harmony in your Heart and Soul, dear Ones, you will know it is Time to proceed into the Change. The month of July 2014 will serve as an integral part for every Soul’s timing in the New Reality being revealed. Even if you cannot see what is happening behind the scenes you can feel the difference in the Energy. On some days things will feel “secure” in all of your affairs. While the very next day you may feel internally “misaligned” without reason, causing doubt and hesitation in your day. This type of swinging like a pendulum in your internal feelings will come to an end but not just yet. Right now the doubt and hesitation you may be feeling from time to time are not of your doing, dear Ones, but God Source leading you to consider what is right for your Soul’s work in the days to come. 

There will be three significant events occurring during the month of July 2014. The first one concerns your Spiritual Purpose in Unity with God that will Activate from July 2 through July 14, 2014. This has been an ongoing endeavor for more than a year and is here just to remind your conscious awareness of who you are in the upper Dimensions of the Universe, dear Ones. In the Activation of your Spiritual Purpose in Unity with God, you will find that the choices you have been making for the past year are now influencing the Spiritual Pathway you are Creating in order to fulfill your work with God. For some Lightworker Souls the choices came easy and Created the opportunities they were seeking right away. For others the choices were hard and still have them seeking the opportunities to come to him or her. In both cases the object of waiting applies from being in place too early and the the lack of social support.

There are many Souls, Man of Destiny and Lightworker Souls, still waiting for someone or something to arise before first initializing action but the initialization will not occur externally but internally from the Heart and Soul! The second event in July 2014 will occur from July 12, 2014 through August 6, 2014. This will be a period of Time in which all Souls will choose and decide in which direction he or she will finally move into the emerging New Reality or exit from it totally. This will also be the Time when the Legion of Light will move into an active organizational space for the wait of all Souls’ decisions will be completed on August 6, 2014! Man of Destiny Souls will have just one last and final chance on December 28, 2014 to choose to enter into the New Reality where at that time a 180 degree turnaround will be demanded in order to proceed any further!

The third event to occur in July 2014 will begin on July 28, 2014 and will complete on August 31, 2014. This event will only be for Lightworker Souls and not include Man of Destiny Souls, who do not have Spiritual Experience with the Universe like you do, dear Ones. This event will be restoring your Power of Creation with the Universe once more through the Host of Heaven, God’s Home in the Universe. In this way all previous experience you had Creating in the upper Dimensions of the Universe will be returned to you! In your Heart and Soul, dear Ones, you have generated many wonderful contributions to the growth and expansion of the Universe. Some as subtle as plants, trees, and flowers to beautify planets similar to Mother Earth and some as massive as galaxies displaying the Power of God outright. Needless to say your Heart and Soul will be leading you in the return of demonstrating the possibilities that Creating with Love holds within you!

ALL Things in the Universe were Created as a result of the Eternal growth and expansion of Love throughout the Universe, initially by God the Father and Mother of ALL Things, and in a secondary wave by Lightworker Souls as direct extensions of the Light, Love, and Harmony in Unity with God and the Universe. Man of Destiny Souls became the tertiary factor for extending the growth and expansion of the Universe through his or her learning and evolving with Love in order to learn to Create through an evolutionary process. Thereby learning and building upon his or her experience to eventually become the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe. The month of July 2014 will serve as a great steppingstone of progress eventually leading to the Transformation of Mother Earth into a social replication of Heaven. By February 7, 2015 the Transformational Process will be moving at Godspeed and so will your Love, dear Ones!