Friday, June 20, 2014

Expansion in 5-D

From July 17 through August 17, 2014 the Universal Energies will be sending out a new wave of Expansion Energy throughout the Eight Dimensions of the Universe. There will not be a single place or Soul that will not feel or experience its demonstration of Power. In the past, waves of Universal Expansion would enter into our Solar System intermittently and would usually take a number of years, a decade, or even a century or two before it would be fully integrated and absorbed by the masses, much like a generational effect. Because of Mother Earth’s itinerary and schedule with the Universe and the Fifth Dimension at this time, it will no longer be possible to ignore the Expansion Energy, dear Ones, as Mother Earth has been integrating into the Fifth Dimension since October 28, 2011. 

The Energy from July 17 through August 17, 2014 will be multilayered and moving swiftly and purposefully. Its main purpose will be to integrate and absorb all Souls, Man of Destiny and Lightworker Souls, to begin his or her Spiritual Purpose in the Fifth Dimension with God. In fact all choices for all Souls to integrate into the Fifth Dimension with Mother Earth and the Universe will be completed by August 6, 2014. For Man of Destiny Souls the choices will be to begin the Integration Process into the Fifth Dimension. The long term goal for every Man of Destiny Soul who chooses to integrate with the Universe will be to evolve into a Soul of Light, Love, and Harmony with the Universe. In this way he or she may contribute into the growth and expansion of Mother Earth and the Universe as a Co-Creator in Harmony with God! It will not be an overnight process but it will begin.

For Lightworker Souls it will not be a process of re-integrating back into the Fifth Dimension, dear Ones, for you were Created in the Sixth Dimension! So for you it will merely be a process of remembering and validating who you are! This way, it will be much easier for you to expand in your Heart and Soul with the increasing and expanding Universal Energies throughout the Universe. During this Time Period, the internal Time you spend in sleep or in the quiet moments of your inspirational thought will be assisting you throughout the “remembering and validating” period, as it is even now! From August 31, 2014 to February 2, 2015 every member of the Legion of Light will be in a state of readiness when all Lightworker Souls will be assembled into leadership positions by February 7, 2015

The process of “remembering and validating” for Lightworker Souls has been ongoing for a number of years now, but it became more vigorous since October 28, 2011 when Mother Earth entered into the Fifth Dimension. Last year from May 9 through August 20, 2013, for example, you were given a “boost” to assist your “remembering and validating” process. Its function was to assist you in absorbing the New Conscious Awareness needed to integrate your Spiritual Purpose into the Fifth Dimension. This year there is a similar “boosting” period from May 13 through August 18, 2014. The benefit you will receive once completed, will be full access to an Energy designed to validate Truth in all things and to strengthen your Spiritual Foundation for the Pathway you are about to begin with the Legion of Light in the springtime.

With Mother Earth’s process of Expansion in the Fifth Dimension, dear Ones, you will find that there will be an increasing need for Truth and Spiritual Wisdom about the way the Universe functions with Light, Love, and Harmony that you are aware of and know. Though in your own world of the present, it may feel like you are going through the “motions” of two steps forward and one step back, it is still progress that you are making! Maybe not as fast as you would like, but the fact is that you are already demonstrating your state of readiness when the New Reality arrives on August 18, 2014! As Time progresses through the springtime, dear Ones, your Spiritual skills and abilities will be rapidly developing and progressing as rapidly as the growth and expansion of the Universe is happening upon Earth. Consider this Time as the Time of Becoming who you Truly are within the Universe, not just upon Mother Earth!